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  1. The moral bankruptcy of the Left has never looked so Right. History rhymes and 1971 happens to be one of my favourite years. It was the last year when a dollar was worth, arguably, a dollar before the closing of the gold window (circa Aug. 14, 1971). It was the last year before emission controls required catalytic converters in North American vehicles, thereby diminishing horsepower, and my father drove a Lincoln Continental. Now there was a car. (Heaviest mass-produced car of Its era.) I like the year so much I bought a ’71 Belair just because it’s like driving your sofa down the highway.

    If I had a nickel for every time I thought we were entering a replay of the political upheaval of the 1960s I would, well, be driving a ’71 Belair. This time, though, we take no prisoners. There won’t be the hippy-dippies who still linger in your neighborhood. You went to school with them and they’re as clueless today as they were back then. Just old now. It is the same but different. Now it is the readers of this site who have become the counter-culture, and it has probably been years since any here have come close to smoking a joint. Maybe alot more innocent idealism has been jettisoned over these cynical Clinton and Obama years than we realize. 1971’s debt default at the gold window will be repeated very soon. The big reset is nigh.

    I am always hopeful. My father gave me his wonderful example to follow, and still does at 90 years old. He is blind and deaf and still lives alone and still tries to charm his secretary. (Watch out for Hungarian men, ladies.)

    Dig this little documentary, crazy cats (to borrow from the lingo of the day.) The use of the term “Fascism” is sprayed like bullets at a Yemeni wedding. If the black leather jacket fits, it must be a radical right-wing cop…or something. Duh.

    Anyhow here’s a great little documentary on Dirty Harry:


    • Dirty Harry applies as much today as it did then.

      We are moving into a future where we have a minimum of 2 sets of internal enemies who are determined to destroy the US, 1 of these enemies have training camps for terrorists and guerilla fighters within 50 miles or closer to the Texas Border. The people patrolling the border find Islamic prayer mats in the desert, mats that were left behind because they heard the patrols coming. We have external enemies who are tied to our internal enemies. We are watching the world fall apart and we are returning to the norm of history, that norm is WAR the leftist are about to discover why the Second Amendment was written and the people of Europe are about to discover how ingenious people can be when their lives are threatened. There is a video on youtube by a German that tells you how to convert a legal air rifle into a CO2 powered arrow launcher, he claims this is legal under the current German law.

      The world is changing for good or ill it is changing because the left decided to destroy civilization so they could take over, it is changing because technology has broken the left’s monopoly on journalism. The world is changing because people are tired of the left telling them how to live their lives. And the world is changing because the left in their arrogance have let the barbarians into the gates of civilization. People are slowly reacting to this and discovering that civilized people can learn to live in a barbaric culture and once they learn this they will dominate the barbarian culture.

      Welcome to the dystopian future that is going to be wilder and weirder then the dystopian novels that were written to warn us about the dangers of the far left.

      • Thanks Richard. I thought this little documentary was very interesting. Eastwood built a career on stoic morality plays reflecting the moral dilemmas of what is, perhaps, history’s most dynamic society. And you hit it on the head when you say (paraphrasing) the Left simply cannot resist telling us what to think. Buzz off, says I.

        • You used less words then I did, thanks for the complement. Most of the stuff I post is stream of consciousness and really needs to be rewritten to have better grammer.

      • War is a constant; disease another.
        Drought, famine, and regular epidemics have contained pressures on resources from time immemorial.

        Guess we outsmarted Mother Nature, huh?!

        Boko Haram is just another iteration of savages kidnapping and enslaving other savages. Taliban-like bandits have been a feature of life forever within the tangled clans in the mountains across southwest Asia.

        Tribal wars between Stone Age peoples somehow became “a duty to protect”. We’re tossed into a distant set piece – say invasive, marauding Bengali Muslims who’ve out-populated the carrying capacity of their traditional territory.

        We’re served visions of endearing young humanoids in distress, visions manipulated by agents and agencies we’re not meant to understand.

        Some shadowy impresario demands we play our part in sorting things out. “Our” part?

        Wait: Weren’t missionaries bearing the Good News and enlightenment to the wretched of the earth the Original Sinners of the West?

        None of this is organic, and most of it does more harm than good.
        See the wisdom of benign neglect in a couple of articles, originally linked by the sober realist, our own Norse Radish:

        Let Africa Sink

        “For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid!”

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