Hamburg Dad: Turkish Classmate Stabbed My 12 Year Old Son, School Did Nothing

This Hamburg Dad had enough and is calling out the school for doing nothing. An original translation from Bild:

Classmate (12) stabs Luca (12)

Stabbing-victim Luca (12, name changed) at the scene of the attack. To this day, he feels scared and embarrassed. Photo: Sybill Schneider

By Sören Haberland
April 08., 2018 – 23:21 CET
Hamburg – School is out, and on their way home from the district school, Luca (12, name changed) and a friend quickly go to the kiosk. But they get attacked. The attacker demands their phones and money, then stabs his victims with a knife.

The attacker is still a child too!
Luca can’t forget the scenes how his Turkish classmate Ahmed (12, name changed) threatened him: “He held a jackknife to my chest. When I did not hand over my phone, he immediately stabbed me. I got stabbed in the groin, four times.”

The smart phone in his pocket halted the knife. Luca’s buddy fends off stabs to his chest with his bare hands. In the end, the perpetrator makes the boys lie down, kicks them, and collects their mobile phones.

Luca’s father Toni (45) immediately alerts the police. Eight officers search the perpetrator’s apartment the same day, and find the weapon of the deed. Police confirm the incident to Bild. A spokesman: “Investigations are still ongoing.”

And the school? “They did nothing at all! They are shitting their pants”, laments father Toni. The under-aged offender was suspended from school for eleven days, but returned to a parallel class, and his school yard ban is not monitored.

Father Toni (45) is fighting for his son’s right to attend school happily and safely. Photo: Sybil Schneider

Ahmed is no unknown quantity. Just a week before the deed, he allegedly showed up on the schoolyard with a realistic-looking gun and threatened to shoot teachers. And this was allegedly not the first time he caused trouble.

Almost two months after the deed, the school finally reacts. Ahmed was suspended and attends a different school now. It is a relief for Luca. But the problem is only relocated.

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  1. Cause and effect must not be confused. The lured Muslims naturally try to continue to live out their sick prehistoric unculture and ultimately to establish it here. Is this her fault? Of course not.

    The real culprits are at party headquarters, educational institutions and the media. They are the apologists of utopian “multiculturalism”, which will provide further sacrifices and evil blood.


    Hitler was a phenomenon that fell on fertile ground. A militaristic, imperialistic, chauvinistic time.

    Today we have an individualistic, masochistic, narcissistic time, on whose soil Merkel and her corrupt consorts fall.

    People have been persuaded that egosimus and ignorance are “cool” when they are cleverly sold as “humanism”.

      • FDR made the agreement to let the Soviets take Berlin, General I. D. White had the lead elements across the elb and was getting ready to liberate/conquer Berlin when he was ordered to hold in place. No amount of communist lies can change that.

        The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki won the war, it wasn’t until after the second bomb was dropped that Russia declared war on Japan so they could seize some of the Northern Japanese Islands. Islands they refuse to return.

        WWII started because Hitler wanted to seize more land and because he wanted to wipe out communism as a rival Marxist philosophy to Fascism. The only man Stalin ever trusted was Hitler which tells you a lot about Stalin. However the Soviet seizing of the Eastern Half of Poland at the beginning of the war does give some validity to the statement that Soviet agression started the war.

        I would advise not watching anymore of the propaganda videos of Peter Kuznick

      • Don’t forget that during the early days of the German Invasion of the Soviet Union entire Soviet armies shot their political officers and went over to the Germans under the idea that the Germans couldn’t possibly be as bad and Stalin. This is a fact that isn’t taught much in the west and I doubt if it is taught at all in Russia.

        • ow that today there is a tendency among white Americans to speak sacrosanct about Hitler fascism. Google “Hitler was right”. Whereby “right” is to be understood in two senses of the word.

          Hitler was neither right nor left, but an authoritarian seducer who got the full approval of his sheep. “Democrats” can only dream of it. What we all experience today is a consequence, even if Hitler was only a consequence of a consequence.

    • This guy sounds like he studied history with my Russki – in the Soviet Union. That’s just what they were taught. They knew the news of the day was fake, but they swallowed revised “history” hook, line, and sinker.

      What’s this guy’s excuse?

  3. There is a connection between Berlin Wall and Trump’s Wall. Since Germany is the centre of Europe, the majority of which makes up America, we will see how this centre develops. If it becomes “multicultural” (Berlin is it already), it will be an indicator for all the whites in the world of what lies ahead of them.

    The madness started unnoticed much earlier. Roger Waters, whose father died in the war against Germany, wrote “The Wall”: “Teachers leave them kids alone”. But that was already 10 years after the catastrophic 1968, when the lunatics began to assert themselves. First we taken Manhattan, than we take Berlin.

  4. The pure madness is: If America watches with one eye how Europe goes down in Islam, it will also go to America’s head. In this respect, one actually wonders which “strategists” behind the “globalists” believe that their own world would not be changed by their shameful actions? Either these forces are so short-sighted that they do not want to understand the extent of their actions, or they have have in reality no “American-European” background.

    • The globalist want the entire world changed, they are egotistical enough to think they can use the Islamic Invasion to destroy the West and then defeat the Moslems and use what is left of Western Civilization to take over the world and create their one world socialist government. All of the leftist governments in Europe are working together and with the leftist Canadian government and the leftists in the US.

      They are trying to create the communist dictatorship that the Soviets failed to achieve.

    • Ever notice:
      No Skin in the Game

      One reality about Europe’s current political leadership is summarized here:

      • Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, has no children.
      • German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.
      • Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has no children
      • British Prime Minister Theresa May has no children.
      • Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
      • Holland’s Mark Rutte,
      • Sweden’s Stefan Löfven,
      • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, and
      • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, all have no children.
      • Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has no children.

      • Because they (these “globalist” leaders) were to be among the privileged survivors of the nuclear war that Hillary was going to provoke against Putin, which would kill most of the world’s population. That 500 Million would emerge from the bunkers with the whole earth to occupy, and would benefit from the AI, robotic revolution, and the medical cures that have been deliberately suppressed. I have no evidence for this particular conjecture; I am guessing that many of the childless leaders may have expected to be rejuvenated or cloned as youngsters again.

        • Correction: I meant above that I have no evidence for the final sentence.
          The first two sentences can be readily inferred from evidence that is open source.

    • Nigel, the “globalists” are evil fuckers doing all this deliberately for their benefit.
      That’s the real unvarnished truth.
      Now, if you take that as the real truth, then you can understand the “Why?” better.
      Because they are evil, and benefit from evil increasing.

      And if true evil exists, then true Good will also exist to balance it. So make a choice (which you have of course)of which side you and your soul stand on, and get to it!

  5. America hasn’t learned either. Hamburg: Doesn’t that remind us of something? To the inconspicuous “Islamists” who studied at the “Technical University” in Hamburg-Harburg until they steered aircraft into the World Trade Center?

    Who is crazy now if they continue to take in these “endangerers” (“Gefährder”) and “sleepers”? What consequences has Europe and America collected in 20 to 30 years of the fight against “terrorism”?

    Those that invaders continue to advance, while the occupiers retreat further and further. Now even in public markets, where heavily armed policemen have to protect children’s parties and set up “Merkel-Lego” weighing tons, which costs hard working taxpayers a lot of money.

        • Nigel, don’t answer but I get the impression you are in Germany. I am also on the European landmass.
          If you are in Germany where it is more difficult to say stuff in public because of the lack of protection for freedom of speech, then you have to drop clues about current affairs to colleagues, or make pointed jokes to compatriot strangers. Pegida or AfD or Identiaire Europa could be good places to meet genuine patriots. But still, be careful. I have run afoul of the speech codes recently, and the consequences are not negligible.
          Anyway, good luck kamerad, Germany like Sweden has a large play-away team in the stadium that is ready to help. You ain’t alone at all.

  6. Blaming Muslims for this is like blaming vultures for dead elephants with their tusks sawed off.
    These outrages are entirely self-inflicted by deranged European leadership elected and appointed to office by democratic processes.
    Europeans vote the progressive party line to signal their virtue, then complain when their kin wind up dead or maimed and their cities become uninhabitable by native Europeans.
    International borders used to keep these problems out of your country.
    Then you voted to throw open the borders so you would not be called names.
    Live with it.

    • You know, I really hate comments like these.

      Who ever it is you are speaking to DOES NOT POST HERE on this blog. I happen to live in Europe and I didn’t vote for this shit.

      This topic is not limited to Europe and if you were honest about it you’d have to admit that if Trump wasn’t elected – the U.S. would have continued down the same progressive road as Europe. Progressive politics is a plague that effect all western politics.

      As far as not blaming Muslims and your stupid analogy – the Muslims are the poachers who are employed by the dealers (global elite) to do the dirty work. BOTH are equally responsible and act with specific goals/agenda in mind. Vultures would just be those who earn a living from what ever chaos either of these parties create. For example, there is a whole “refugee” industry that has sprouted here in Germany since 2015.

      So what fantastic country are you posting from Brane Pilot?

      • I never voted for a winner before this election.
        Every ballot initiative, referendum, candidate I voted for lost. Not my fault, Massachusetts.

        Our divinely inspired Founding Fathers set up the Republic’s Electoral College. That’s what saved us. A miracle, not a recipe. Whether it can be sustained is an open question.

        My intuition tells me Pres. John Adams, Pres. Thom Jefferson, and Uncle Ben Franklin wouldn’t stand for what we’re witnessing. A populace continuously degenerating, degradation the intent of the scheming predators who’ve seized power.

        They were horrified by Moslem pirates, fanatics of incomprehensible cruelty. They fought the barbarians, put that threat to our infant Republic down. They prevailed then, we can do no less if we are to survive.

        I took my Revolutionary War Swords out of the bank vault today. Every year I loan them to the Minutemen who reenact the Battle of Lexington Green, April 1775, on the third Monday every April.

        The Swords bear witness to American Exceptionalism, a City on a Hill, the new Jerusalem. A compact valid only as long we live the message of the eternal Jerusalem.

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