British thought police increase the pressure on the rational: Links 1, April 9, 2018

1. Thomas Viktor thread about The raid of President Trump’s Lawyer.

As always, Thomas is well worth the read.

Also raid on his home:

2. Just in case the English need a reason to preserve their country and culture…

3. Top 10 @The Rebel.Media

4. We’re Not the Thought Police
That being said, what are you thinking?

To read Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch website regularly is to get an unsettling daily dose of real-life Islam-related horrors. But on April 4, Robert posted a half-hour audio that was even more disturbing than the bulk of his usual offerings.


The audio records the visit by a couple of British police officers to the home of a British subject who had apparently been reported to the authorities for posting anti-Islam comments on social media. The householder in question greeted the cops with surprising – perhaps nervous? – cheeriness, and for a half hour he earnestly,

willingly, and good-humoredly answered their indefensibly intrusive and insulting questions about his opinions. Among them: What were his political beliefs? What did he think of Islam? Did he hate Muslims? Was he a racist? Was he a Nazi? 


It quickly became clear that this man – whose name we never learn, unless I missed something – is anything but a racist or Nazi or hater of any kind. On the contrary, he is a thoughtful citizen who, after considerable study, has come to some sensible conclusions about Islam. He made it clear that, unlike his visitors, he had read the Koran, had acquainted himself with the major specifics of the life of Muhammed, and knew the basics of Islamic theology. He was, it emerged, a strong opponent of Islam for precisely the right reasons, including (as he mentioned) the fact that it commands believers to do harm to infidels, Jews, and gays. 

There are, as always, a lot of people to thank today. Xanthippa, Richard, M., Oz-Rita, Ava Lon, who went through all the material on the odd communist conflict with the police in France, and briefed me, and Ill update soon on that, Wrath of Khan, Michelle, Johnny U., and many more I have lost track of,

Thank you all for your vigilance, There will be more tonight.


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6 Replies to “British thought police increase the pressure on the rational: Links 1, April 9, 2018”

  1. 1/ Wictor: He’s good when he’s good.
    About the Middle East: Take him with a lotta salt. He’s so engaging, it’s hard not to follow him down the rabbit hole.
    Just don’t.
    He takes a position, then sifts a mash of videos for “evidence” that looks like proof-positive. Except that he knows none of the regional languages, mixes up logos and names, and plenty more.

      • It’s like what Eeyore wrote about Jordan Peterson on Islam: Best not run for President. If you’re great in some area, that doesn’t mean you’re an authority on everything.
        Wictor is so sure of himself, knows the elements necessary to prove a point. So readers are easily misled when he reaches beyond his stretch.

  2. When the police enter your house and ask about your political opinion, then you deal with political police. This is teocratic/political police. Romania, Ceausescu, secret security forces.

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