Looking at non-Marxist (non-BS) science and history, and why Canada is collapsing

This starts out well, and gets progressively better up to the half hour mark where I am at the moment, but I thought I would share it with you all hoping the rest is as good.


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5 Replies to “Looking at non-Marxist (non-BS) science and history, and why Canada is collapsing”

      • Not if its cloned cheese.

        I still don’t get why its against Kosher rules to mix chicken and dairy. Its not like chickens are mammals and they don’t feed their young milk. Not eating chicken with vomit I get.

  1. I can tell you that in Quebec , there will be a wave of anything except the liberal Trudeau on next election. Illegal immigration they can’t take it anymore

    Just like the Marxist/Communist Obama helped give victory to D.J Trump, Trudeau, the Communist will help elect a normal Canadian citizen. As American We can only hope for the Canadians (still under British rules) !

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