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15 Replies to “Brad Johnson on President Trump’s cabinet moves, and the geopolitics of Iran, NORK”

    • “Three ministers from the Norwegian government presented on Friday a proposal to ban face-covering garments at schools, daycares and other educational institutions.
      The proposal was presented by ministers from each of the three parties in the coalition government – Finance Minister Siv Jensen (Progress), Minister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative) and Minister of Education Iselin Nybø (Liberal).”

      Three disabilities. Egos unable to deal with the moment of reality. Progress (neurotic females running ahead), Conservative, (dimmi males running behind), and Liberal (Inverts reimagining it).
      Their photograph fits them to a tee.

      Islam prowels among them; these with their brave solutions to allow veils in some places and not others.

  1. Thank you Mr. Johnson. –One of your most informative interviews yet. Your swamp-draining methodology makes perfect sense, and the President must follow it to restore confidence.

    I have always thought the Deep State definition also included the Military-Industrial complex identified by President Eisenhower in his famous final speech. While the need for reliable arms manufacturers is clear, the idea that the creation of war for the creation of profits for such entities, and not for the benefit of the nation, is a cynical spook which must also be rooted out. It’s a big subject but it is also an elephant in the room. It is a subject that envelopes the way America sees itself in the world. For instance, does the average American realize that much of the last hundred years of history has revolved around the machinations of his dollar? Does he understand the profound advantage one has when one’s currency occupies such a position, and what happens when this is lost? Does he know that world reserve currencies don’t last much more than 100 years before they become overextended, debased, debt-ridden chits that other countries ultimately turn their backs on? Does he see the irony in the election of a billionaire at a time in history when some experts expect the fall of the USD (United States dollar) is nigh? In this respect does he understand that the enemy to his freedom marches on three legs, not two? Yes, the subject of this blog is the threat to freedom that leftism and Islam represent. But who sees that most Islamic invaders entering the West slide out of their “shit-hole” countries on hard oil money, only then to float magically on wonderful Keynesian-financed benefits? Is this not the real reason why opportunistic Muslim false refugee claimants have no interest in staying in places like Hungary? –Because that is not yet a debt-fueled paradise? And where there are exceptions to greasy tards such as Afghanistan, it is because the long arm of Keynes has reached in with deficit war financing and essentially plucked them out with a self-destructive immigration policy. Yes, debt is now money, and it is as much a clear and present danger to the average American as the next jihadi. Think about this expression “debt is money” for a moment. In all of the relativistic moral inversions you have ever heard, and of all the clever slight-of-language ever uttered by a progressive politician, does “Debt is Money” not resonate at the very peak of sophistry?

    Indeed, the enemy’s third leg is arguably our greatest threat. The rise and threat of Postmodernism could never have happened without debt by Keynes. Or will we one day use the acronym DBK–Death By Keynes–to explain what, and how, the planet’s greatest nation succumbed to foreign and domestic enemies?

    I think there is a reason for Trump. His unique composite of attributes is too conspicuous to ignore. His understanding of media, his comfort with conflict, and his understanding of gold (I hope), make him uniquely qualified for this time. Comes the time comes the man, as they say. And on the subject of timely human resources, perhaps the President should consider hiring analysts of the caliber of Stephen Coughlin.

    On your next interview with VTB please talk about elephants.


    • As I have said before the Dollar wasn’t the worlds reserve currency until after WWII not that the 30 years that would give us is any comfort.

      No the average person in the US and Canada don’t see the coming economic collapse which will probably be caused by WWIII combined with massive civil wars in all Western nations. Read the article March for Our Lives: Khmer Rouge, or just Astro Turf?By J.E. Dyer March 25, 2018 https://libertyunyielding.com/2018/03/25/march-lives-khmer-rouge-just-astro-turf/
      and take a good hard look at the picture at the start of the article https://libertyunyielding.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/David-Hogg-raised-fist-725×375.jpg
      if that isn’t the face of a fanatic I don’t know what is. The big question is will he gain enough followers to create an American Cultural Revolution or Khmer Rouge?

      Another question is if he does succeed in starting the revolution he wants will it spread to Canada?

      Next what will be happening in the other flashpoints around the world if/when the US explodes in civil war?

    • I have always thought the Deep State definition also included the Military-Industrial complex identified by President Eisenhower in his famous final speech.
      Absolutely. Not only in the US of A.

      Though the “average American” hasn’t a clue, he or she is nonetheless enveloped in free-floating anxiety. “Follow the Money,” says Johnny the detective. Not a bad idea.

      Stephan Coughlin should be in charge of overhauling the training materials for the intelligence community and law enforcement. For starters.

  2. I was surprised when Mr. Johnson said there were many mosques in North Korea. I took a quick tour around the internet and found nothing to back that up. At best it is said that a few embassies of Islamic countries have small mosques inside their compounds for their employees. One site estimated that there are fewer than 3,000 Muslims in NK and, while the NK constitution grants “religious practice” the reality is that the majority religion is the worship of the ruling dynasty.
    Does anyone know anything different?

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