Trump Tweet

This is the single best decision in terms of a change of administration one could possibly have hoped for.

Congratulations to both Mr. Bolton and President Trump.

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    • DJT is entering into another phase of his foreign policy strategy. He needs major strong individuals, people he knows won’t leak info. Bolton is a perfect fit.

    • Thank you, Charles!! 🙂 Going to pass this link on. A friend of mine who is non-active military told me the other day about a massive influx of troops moving through the base near her home & that the bombing range had been in use with daily practice. She said this buildup and maneuvers are the likes of not seen since preparing for Iraqi Freedom.

      Another friend told me she’d heard the same thing from another source. No way to tell if its just a practice maneuver or whether something big is possibly going down in the near future.

      Perhaps this China thing could be the something big that leads to WW3. I hope not. All we can do is Pray, wait, & see.

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