Pro-life activist in Ottawa passes away during heart procedure in Ottawa

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about an interesting man who had been advocating for women to not kill their babies. He had been arrested and charged for stating his opinion on multiple occasions within a non-free-speech bubble created around what Cyril Winter referred to as, “an abortuarium”, and I went and interviewed him because of the freedom of speech implications of his treatment by the Ottawa/Canadian authorities.

The article on his passing is here, and the interview we did not that long ago is below.

I can attest that this was a gentle, and very reasonable and measured man.

He in no way, appeared to be fanatical, or unreasonable in his views or manners whatsoever. Although opponents of his where startlingly harsh and rude about him and his views.

I am sorry I didn’t spend more time with him.



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  1. Eerory,
    You remember President Reagan was shot . In the pre op area he asked to the surgeon before he was put to sleep: « I hope the surgeon is a Republican ». Most people who work in hospital are uninformed. Night shifts, emergency, saving lives , death…Family under a lot of emotions. Unfortunately, if you watch TV in the ER or in your patient room ,they will know you are not a liberal.

    I am a Christian,I have a cross around my neck I will do everything to save a « life ». I treated all my patients with
    Kindness and the same . Often, Christians patients hold my hands…they know. God is in control ; and I am his soldier.

    For several days could not assess your website…God bless you Eerory. I have a big smile in my face writing this post. Once I was a Christian Canadian. Now I am a American Christian. I realized than being a Christian, there are no borders. ??????

    • That quip by President Reagan was the best, wasn’t it? Completely off the cuff with no help from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel or Bill Maher, or even Carson, who (God bless him) remained as apolitical as possible whilst on the screen.

      I don’t know that most people who work in hospitals are uninformed. I think it’s more a case of hospital staff in present times being cowed into silence. My father (an agnostic) was chief of staff at our local hospital back in the 1960s, and he was also on the hospital abortion committee. You will recall that, back then, abortions needed the approval of a medical committee. If memory serves (I also worked at that hospital) no abortions, or precious few, were approved by our committee; and I’m 99% certain my father never voted in favour, not even in cases of rape.

      I remember he had a human embryo preserved in alcohol hidden in his study, which he came by during his student days in Kingston or in Ottawa. I think looking at it from time to time – as he and I both did – made him (and me) very reluctant to countenance the taking of life in the womb.

  2. @ Eeyore: “…I am sorry I didn’t spend more time with him.”

    I think that the gentleman appreciated the courtesy you showed him and the time you gave to him to record this interview, after all the attacks he was obviously getting from different quarters. So I think you are entitled to be happy about the time you did spend with him.

    For some, not obviously related reasons, I am reminded of the comment by an Australian author who said: “…We are all dying with our sentences unfinished”.

    2 random thoughts:

    i) I had thought that the “insertion of stents” is a rather minor and safe intervention these days ?

    ii) The heart condition from which Cyril Winter suffered could not have been improved by him being schlepped before the Courts by Canada’s Freedom-of-speech killers…

      • Hmmmmm….

        the increase of this rate would be steep in Merkel’s Germany, where “Doctors” in white coats have just gone onto the streets of Munich, protesting against PEGIDA and defaming AfD,(Alternative für Deutschland) . I’m just translating this video – but before it’s ready, whatever you do, do not divulge that you are a conservative patriot, or allahla-forbid an Islam-critic, when you are anyway near a knife of these “doctors” ….
        ^^^Soon to be sub-titled.

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