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    • Just thinking out loud here…

      When I watched it I had a similar sense of it. But in fact, there comes a moment where it has nothing to do with left V right. Other than in the sense that by definition, government dictating aspects of your life and culture is left.

      So ultimately, all government oppression is and must be leftist. Right means rights of the individual and the state’s mission is to protect those rights. There is no where like that except the US by design and clearly thats receding into a history that will be washed clean of those ideas at breakneck speed.

      However it does sort of seem that it was made by a leftist 1960s mentality about how the fascist right would create this particular dystopia.

      But really at the end of the day the plan is, foment division that is so problematic people beg for a state solution and then implement it and you have communism/fascism/postmodernism totalitarianism.

      This was really well documented by Hayek in The Road to Serfdom.

      So individual issues like selling or smoking marijuana and similar things which from a libertarian PoV, (Libertarianism being what could accurately be called ‘Far right wing’ in that it is the opposite of any form of collectivism) are mere tools of the ambitions of tyrants.

      It does stimulate a lot of thoughts though. I will watch it again.

      And again, it does have a kind of 1960s flash back, anti Nixon kind of feel to it so I get your meaning. But at the Soros, Obama, Merkel, EU, UN level, they don’t give a crap about any of that. Mere means to an end.

      • I see where you are coming from, the 1960s flashback was what got me and I didn’t stop to think about the rest. You are making sense with what you are seeing in the video.

  1. Schools now have legal aid clinics, food distribution centers, and clothing drop-off’s.
    #2 that was a new phrase for me … http://strongkids.uoregon.edu/researchPDFs/Kramer2010.pdf Social and Emotional Learning in the Kindergarten Classroom: Evaluation of the Strong Start Curriculum – Results suggest that Strong Start can be an effective program for increasing prosocial behaviors among kindergarten students. Both teacher and parent ratings of students indicated a statistically significant increase in prosocial behaviors following implementation of the ten Strong Start.

  2. http://www.apushreview.com/new-ap-curriculum/period-reviews-in-10-minutes/
    Great Society and the Supreme Court
    Liberalism – using the government to promote social wellbeing
    Reached its zenith under the Great Society
    Sought to:
    End discrimination (Civil Rights Act of ’64, V.R. Act of ’65)
    Eliminate poverty – food stamps, Medicaid
    Fix other social issues – education
    Supreme Court in the 1960s – promoted individual freedoms
    Griswold v. Connecticut – established “Right to Privacy”
    Helped inspire a conservative movement (more in period 9)
    People on the left felt liberals did NOT go far enough to change society racially and economically
    Black Panthers, SDS
    Immigration and Environmentalism
    Immigration Act of 1965:
    Reversed the quota system from the 1920s (1921 and 1924)
    Favored immigration from Asia and Latin America (traditionally underrepresented groups)
    Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring:
    Brought awareness to environmental problems
    Helped lead to the creation of the EPA, Clean Air Act, etc.

  3. Poor, poor Papa. He could not smoke, nor sell weed anymore, and he would cry.

    “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of poor Papa without laughing.”

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