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10 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on Lord Pearson’s remarks concerning muslim rape gangs”

  1. Western governments are WELL AWARE of the Islamic doctrine but are also aware of how easily moslems are triggered. The cowards are too afraid to deal with the issue. (Excellent interview with Lord Pearson, I admire him greatly).

    • You are right in saying that they know, you are wrong in saying they aren’t doing anything because they are cowards. The far left is in control of most political parties in the West and their goal is to establish a one world socialist government! To do this they have to destroy Western Civilization and Islam is the weapon they are using to destroy Civilization. They think that after civilization has fallen they can use the people that remain to then destroy Islam. I think they are wrong, if they succeed in destroying the west (which is different then destroying Western Civilization, which is probably on its last legs) they will be the ones destroyed, not Islam.

  2. Outstanding interview with Robinson and Pearson at their best.

    The fact that frank discussions like this one about Islam are essentially forbidden, points toward a serious loss of Free Speech. Freedom of expression is one of the first things that’s taken away by a tyranny. The guns are usually next.

    Britain is at least half-way there with the guns, so this muzzling of free speech represents a major leap in (very intrusive) state control.

  3. This interview is special. It’s not two “outsiders” talking, but a member of the privileged ruling class on one side. Maybe the British class system compounds the problem. Elsewhere, political correctness poisons the free-flowing waters. In Britain an element of snobbery kicks in, as it is said, with a reluctance to “look down there.” If I’m wrong someone correct me on this, but once the riots begin there will be plenty of hand wringing to understand the dynamics and the why’s of it all, while Commoners at VTB watch the slo-mo trainwreck in real time.

    The British privileged will continue to hear and see no evil right up until it bites them hard on the ass.

    Speaking truth to power even when you are part of the power is courageous.


    • Maybe the British class system compounds the problem.

      First off, great observations, Johnnyu. Britain’s deeply embedded class system definitely magnifies all of these issues. The limeys come “pre-divided” and, therefore, ready to conquer.

      To a lesser extent, America has the same problem but more commonly based along ethnic or racial lines.

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