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9 Replies to “Update on important BS HC case”

  1. I think you’re wrong here, Ezra. If this gentleman has let out the property to tenants they are entitled to ask him to observe the rules of the house.

    Taking your shoes off is no big deal, and it’s disappointing your subscribers think it’s worth paying lawyers to fight for someone’s right not to in someone else’s home.

    Or maybe I haven’t understood something?

    • This is Not about taking one’s shoes off. The property belonged to the Landlord, the filthy muslims were renters who had been evicted if I remember the article I’d read last year.

      The filthy muslims Refused to cooperate when the property owner wanted to show the apartment to New Potential Tenants. They balked, dragged their feet & made a stink about moving out. Their only goal was to cause trouble for the Christian Landlord, make a false cry of islamophobia so they could do their part to advance islam against the infidels while making big bucks to reward themselves for being (gag) good little muzzies.

      Found the article. See link below:

      Christian slapped with $12,000 ‘Shariah fine’ for not removing shoes

      • Thank-you for clarifying that.

        I ask people to remove their shoes at the door, have a basket of slippers nearby, plus paper shoe-covers for those who prefer not to remove their outdoor footwear.

        PTrump has the same set-up in all his private residences. That’s just a custom in some families. Certain professionals are not allowed to remove their shoes – like the police, for example. No big deal.

        • My son teaches foreign students. Many times he gets gifts when they leave. One student from Switzerland gave him a hanging thing that contained several sets of slippers of different sizes. They were made of felt and had the Swiss flag on the uppers.
          Wish I could send them to you Yucki. Our floors are too cold for felt slippers.

        • You’re welcome, yucki!! 🙂

          I don’t have a problem with taking my shoes off in other people’s homes because they don’t want dirt tracked in, my sister does that. With these muslims it was just to cause trouble. If I remember the article correctly or maybe I read this in another article. They lied when they said mosques made people take their shoes off. Some gave out the disposable booties but people weren’t forced to take their shoes off or wear the booties because people were seen walking around inside the mosque with their shoes on.

          It was muslims doing what they do best: causing trouble, & doing what their sharia law allows: for them to take advantage of the non-muslim landlord.

          I didn’t know that about President Trump. Thanks for that interesting bit of information!! 🙂

  2. Oh, thank-you Babs~
    I have all sorts – Isotoners are good – stretchy, with leather soles.
    Shoe-covers are non-slippery and disposable – prevent contamination and preserve evidence at crime scenes!

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