Viktor Orban gives a stunning speech, worthy to the end

There are a few things that really caught my eye, but the one I want to talk about, is that PM Orban pointed out that Europe’s only truly Nazi party, Hungary’s Jobbik, actually said:

“The only hope for Europe’s future is Islam”.

This shows how today’s Nazis are no different than the original generation. Allied with any and all antisemites above all else. And to see Islam as a “hope for Europe’s future” is, to say the least, revealing.

Much thanks to Gates of Vienna for the editing and CrossWare for the translation.

Below the fold, a complete transcript of the excerpts we translated:

If they say to somebody today, “Hungary”, he will think of Budapest, [Lake] Balaton, the gorgeous Hungarian women, goulash and good wines. If they say “Hungarian politics”, then we can be sure that he thinks of Fidesz [Young Democrats] …the more refined ones think of Fidesz-KDNP [Young Democrats-Christian Democratic Party]; that is understandable, because twice we won with two-thirds, and we were able to govern the country without coalition constraints.

Hungary became well-appreciated. Our recognition and influence is more widespread than could be expected based on our size and economic strength. To what might we owe this result? Primarily to the fact that the Fidesz and KDNP over the last eight years suspended political correctness. We deep-sixed the Euro-blah-blah, the liberal artsy-craftsy, the empty doubletalk. We sent the muzzle back to Brussels and the leash to the IMF.

Look around at the Europe of coalition constraints and liberal dictates. In Budapest, plain speech is in fashion. Unequivocal words and sentences. In Budapest we want to say what we think, and we want to do what we say. This is a great luxury in today’s European politics, and we Hungarians are frolicking in it, but it would be nice if less of the water would splatter onto the bank.

Ladies and gentlemen, concerning Hungarian politics here and abroad, we [Fidesz] bring to mind that it was not free. The Fidesz was established thirty years ago. We have a long road behind us, hard battles, perseverance, fidelity, camaraderie. Fidelity and service toward Hungary, unity and camaraderie for each other. Moreover, every Hungarian knows us, recognizes us. They know we are not blowing smoke. We do not get carried away with the temptation to be hyperbolical. What we say, we think through seriously. What we undertake, we earnestly attempt. But we work hard, and at the end we make it happen; we usually reach our goals. If it had not already been reserved, I could say, “We are the calm force”. [MDF slogan, first government after Communism]

We are ourselves, and we do not sell a pig in a poke. We are anti-Communists and patriots; we passionately love Hungary and we are ready to do anything for her. This is what differentiates us from the other political parties.

But it is most absurd that a national party [Jobbik] — which has seen better days — came up with a slogan in these baneful and migrant-cursed times, that “Islam is the last hope of humanity”. Well, the chin drops, and we can’t believe our ears, someone should pinch us — if we are dreaming, we could wake up. But no, all is in vain. That is the present Hungarian reality and today’s selection; these are the ones registered as candidates for governing. In a manly and firm way, I can only say: Hungary deserves better!

No wonder, then, that the mood in the country is not for government-changing, but for opposition-changing. For the strength of a sentence, let’s take them seriously and let’s state it; we are the ones who think: Europe’s last hope is Christianity! Today when… …today when — today when the European PEOPLE talk about Christianity — this distinction is important — they think of their culture and their way of life. That is why in Hungary, based on research and analysis, 78% of people want us to preserve our Christian culture and Christian heritage.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, when we think about the future and the election that lies ahead, it is worth noticing how much it has multiplied the number of analyses, prognoses and prophecies discussing the future of Europe in dark tones. Because of the migration, in the sky of Europe, dark clouds are gathering, say the pundits. Dark prophecies have always existed. That is the usual music accompanying European politics. What is worrisome in the present ones is that in their essence, they are mathematical. They speak of numbers, quantifiable changes, and numbers always have weight, even if they are only estimates. Based on the estimates, the rate of migration will accelerate in European countries to the west of us.

About France and the Netherlands I prefer to say nothing, but the birthrate of [native] Germans in most major cities is decreasing. Because the migrants always take over the major cities first. In Bavaria, for example, nowadays they spend more money on migrants, for immigration and integration, than for the economy, environmental protection, and state healthcare budgets combined! When I was in Vienna, I also heard that in this school year, the school data surprised everybody. For those just starting school, the number of Muslim children soared. This is the future that has already become the present there.

Based on NATO reports — it looks like the soldiers have not yet let them be censored — by 2020 around 60 million people will begin their march towards Europe. There is also agreement that Africa will manifest a level of power exceeding all previous expectations. By 2050, their population will double and become more than 2.5 billion. They will have ten times more young people than Europe.

Two paths lie ahead for Africa. One of them is to repeat the achievements that China, India, Indonesia or Vietnam have already shown in Asia, to the amazement of the entire world. By other means, perhaps, but they may fight their way out of poverty, set their economies on the path of growth, and slowly take leadership of the world economy. Their success would remind us that it is not history that shapes demography, but demography that shapes history. About this lesson — like a class raconteur — we Hungarians could tell a lot of stories.

The other possibility is that Africa is not capable of setting foot on the path of Asian-style development, and will not be able to create humane circumstances for their young people. If they let these hundreds of millions strong youthful crowd make their way North, then Europe will be soon under terrible pressure. Moreover, most of the immigrants will be arriving from the world of Islam. If everything continues as it is today, Europe’s largest cities will have an unequivocal Muslim majority, and London will not be a cuckoo’s egg, but the first swallow [not an exception, but first of many]. Our culture, our identity and our nations, as we know them today — if everything continues — will cease to exist; our worst nightmares will come true. The West will fall, while Europe does not even realize it is being invaded.

Would they be right, those who say civilizations do not get murdered, but commit suicide? Many believe that if this is to come about, it will happen a long time from now. Those who think in such a fashion, I believe, are mistaken. The analysis looks ahead to 2050, and those who are my age will have arrived in their eighties. So we will be able to see with our own eyes what direction the future of the West took. Not to mention our children and grandchildren.

And here, my dear friends, I must speak about the debate between Western and Central Europe. It looks like the each of the two parts of Europe has taken a different developmental direction in its turn. Democracy, the rule of law, the market economy naturally remain common to them. But the bases on which all of these are built, well, more and more they will differ from each other. Today we cannot yet talk about the politicians, but now everybody else can see it. In Western Europe they have become migrant-accepting countries, the ancient great European nations. The transformation of the cultural base, the receding of Christian culture within the population, the Islamization of major cities, is moving ahead day by day, and I have to admit I cannot see those political forces that could or would want to — horribile dictu — reverse the processes. From my point of view, it does not matter whether this is the weakness of liberal democracies, or the payback for the earlier colonial period and the slavery of the past, or the result of subversive actions by the Soros Empires, the profit-hungry activists. The fact remains a fact. Whatever the root of these reasons that transformed Europe into a migration zone, it became a mixed-race land, and started down a developmental path radically different from that of Central Europe.

This is bad news for us! Because this means that Islamic civilization — which has always thought of it as a duty to convert Europe, as they say, “to the one true faith” — in the future not only from the south, but from the west, too, will knock on the door of Central Europe. With the building of the fence, the legal and physical border defense, and with our policeman’s exemplary resistance — with the leadership of Sándor Pintér — we successfully defended our southern borders. We prevented… …We prevented the Islamic world from flooding us from the south.

In that direction we are the last Latin or western-type Christian country. We are standing firmly on our feet. Our defense lines are capable of interdicting even the largest flood of migration. Moreover, Orthodox Christianity also bravely and intently fights in the heartlands. Our acknowledgment to Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. No matter how absurd… …No matter how absurd it is, the danger that threatens us is from the west nowadays. This danger is held over our heads by politicians from Brussels, Berlin and Paris. They want to force us to adopt their policies, the policies that made them migrant-accepting countries, and opened the gates for the decline of Christian culture, and for the expansion of Islam. They want us to accept migrants, too, and also become mixed-race countries.

Earlier they said the reason they expect this from us is because the foreign is beautiful. Mixed-race is better, and a real European never defends such antediluvian medieval ideas as his nation and his religion. Those voices today are perhaps a bit quieter. Now the most fashionable song is that the reason why we need to become like them is out of solidarity. We must say clearly that we have solidarity with those European peoples and leaders who want to save their homeland and their Christian culture, and NOT those who want to overstep that. We NEVER show solidarity with those European leaders who want to push Europe into a post-Christian, post-national era.

Respected ladies and gentlemen! Clearly and unambiguously  we must state that the fight we undertake we do not consider hopeless. Indeed, we think we are winning. The V4 [Visegrad Four] countries are steady; Orthodoxy is persevering. It seems that the Croatians are also coming to their senses. Austria just turned in a patriotic and Christian direction. In Bavaria, with the leadership of the CSU, intellectual and political resistance is building — hopefully not too late yet — And we await — await the Italian election results, and with them the change, the common sense, the Italian national and cultural consciousness, and Silvio Berlusconi coming back to a governing position. Forza Italia!

And now remember from those European politicians — our colleagues — who in past years bit us, but in the end their teeth broke on us. Reading a short roster: Faymann and Kern, Austrian Chancellors; Renzi, Italian Prime Minister; Milanovi?, the inglorious PM of the Croatians; and of course Martin Schulz, who manically wanted to be everything, and finally became nothing! The way I see it, the list is not closed; there is some space for rent in there.

Respected ladies and gentlemen! All of this gives us some reason for hope. After all, it feels great if one’s work is not in vain. But the situation does not give us an excuse to become cocky. The opposing forces, the networks of George Soros and the international bureaucrats bought by him, have not yet given up. There are still those who sniff out the smell of money, see a weakening Europe, and with it the business opportunity of weakening the Euro. There are those who do not want to give up their [cushy] jobs and service pay, provided for them by the globalist elite. And here are the special kinds of European ideological intellectuals, who constantly want to experiment with Europe’s transformation. A well-developed instance of this last one: Hungarian Soros organization activists who said, I quote: “From everywhere, almost always such people [migrants] who come here, are better than the local population.” For awhile I simply did not understand this. For awhile I did not understand why would someone say such obvious poppycock. Because it is obvious that we Hungarians, compared to the migrants, are more qualified, better educated, better suited for work. Obvious!

In the days after that, one of the chief ideologists of the Soros network, the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the European Council, gossiped that secretly, years ago, they announced the program to breed Soros-type humans, as they called it — I hope I can pronounce it correctly — the “Homo Sorosicus”, in Hungarian: the Soros type of human. And I figured out that looking at it from that angle, we natives, who have our own homeland, our own culture, our own religion, which we insist on tooth and nail, well, we, from the Soros-types’ point of view, we natives are hopeless and untransformable individuals. From their point of view, indeed the migrants are better source material. It shows the Hungarian people’s generosity and tolerance that they can live their lives unharmed and cheerfully among us, those who are working on the execution of this plan.

But of course, we will not allow this to happen, with our hands lying in our laps. We are not sheep who would stand idly and peacefully while we meet our fate. Naturally we will fight if it is necessary; we will use ever-stronger legal weapons. As a first step, we have the Stop Soros law… dealing with migration and migrants, which will be tied into national security permission, funds sent for migrant-friendly NGOs and fake civilian organizations will be redirected for border defense — order a full financial audit, and those who do not give up their dangerous plans, will be banned, no matter how powerful or how rich they are.

And we will fight in the international arena, too. Tomorrow I will hand over to the President of the European Council — presently the Bulgarian Prime Minister — a proposal for a European law which could achieve the airtight defense of the European borders. This is what is important — I mean the border defense, and not the mandatory quota. If we close the borders and nobody can enter without permission, there will be nobody to distribute. And those who permit migrants to enter their country: keep them and take care of them! Of course it can never be that someone gets to pick out the best and distribute the rest here.

I must also bring your attention, that in the meantime a new place has opened for debate. The United Nations, the UN decided, that at the end of this year, it will bring to conclusion a major international treaty about migration. They put the treaty proposal up for debate. The United States has already left the conference table, because they thought the proposal was hopelessly migrant-sided and against border defense. Our self-confidence is in better shape, so we decided that for now we will stay at the conference table and change the text of the prepared proposal. What does the UN want? This is a beautiful job for our friend Péter Szijjártó [Foreign Minister]. What does the UN want? The UN wants us to accept “that migration and helping migration are favorable to the growth of the economy and wealth.” I quoted this! Seen from Europe, this is an obvious stupidity. This is as if someone were to say: “The flu epidemic is good, because it is favorable for people’s health and well-being.”

According to the UN, safe and regulated migration routes must be created in Europe. According to the UN, it is the duty of every European to help migrants arriving in their land to settle and to find jobs. Respected ladies and gentlemen! We understand that 80% of the countries in the UN are migrant-exporting countries. But this is not why we created the United Nations, so they could turn against us, and try to force things on us which could ruin us. The UN also states that we must abolish physical and legal barriers that serve to block migrants moving across borders. We can hold our heads up high; this is about us — they addressed it to us.

Interestingly, such suggestions usually come from people who are defended by bodyguards, driven around in armored cars, have a tall fence around their house, and a security system to look after their safety 24/7. We would suggest that instead they should first remove the gates, demolish their fence, and send away their guards. I suggest that we only continue the debate if the experiment succeeds and they are still alive. If the experiment somehow fails. we will willingly provide them refuge in Hungary.

Respected ladies and gentlemen! Obviously all of these are nonsense, incomprehensible; why do they see us as stark staring mad, that we would accept this and execute it…? We must tell them straight: Hungary is not a country of disturbed minds! We understand that the organizations of George Soros are not only nestled in Brussels and Budapest, but in New York at the UN. We understand that they spend a lot of money to force acceptance of migration on a worldwide scale. We can see that Soros is not only in conflict with us, but with the Brits, with President Trump, and with Israel, too. And the topic is everywhere the same: immigration and the acceptance of migrants.

But this will not work! We are not alone. And we will fight together to curb and stop Soros’ plan, introduced in Brussels and in the UN, and when we have enough allies — and we can have enough allies — I am sure in the end we will succeed!

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  1. Hungary’s minority Nazi party sees Europe’s future in Islam. Scary and stupid.

    Canada’s majority ruling party sees the same for Canada. Scary and real.

  2. The question I have as a Canadian is, are there enough Canadians in this country that have any knowledge of how the Current government is working with George Soros to destroy our beautiful country and culture?? It is my opinion that a majority of Canadians don’t know what is going on and don’t seem to care !! The leader of our country, without authority is bringing 10’s of thousands of people into our country illegally across our boarder with the USA. These people are not fleeing the USA ! They are entering the US from the Middle East and mostly North Africa on Visitors Visas. As soon as they arrive in the USA they make their way to the Canadian boarder. These people are not refugees, they are migrants paid for by Soros !! The MSM in Canada is doing everything they can to hide what is happening from the people !!

  3. David, go to the Montreal or Toronto airport and just watch the arrivals. It tells the tale. No return tickets, extended families and every worldly belonging. Plane after plane. Week after week. Year after year.

  4. s this steering ?? Free robbery and deceived 2/3 choice! Thick skin and no lie! Every word is a lie !! a Hungarian retired !!

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