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6 Replies to “Worthy of Stephen Pinker, on Neo-Lysenkoism”

  1. Excellent, especially the background story about Lysenko.

    At the 20:15 mark:
    “The bottom line is this – There has never been any means of describing reality that has been more successful than science.”

    Physical reality, that is. And even there, we have a lot of junk masquerading as science. Hello David Suzuki. Hello IPCC. Hello Bill Nye (the, er, “Science Guy”).

    • Too right, johnhenry!

      The bottom line is this … There has never been any means of describing reality that has been more successful than by way of science.

      I realize that this must seem altogether redundant, but isn’t this the way it’s always been done?!? Science and objective reality are permanently inextricable. Those who think otherwise are the eternal enemies of (Western) civilization.

      Then again, maybe that’s just me…

      However, when Nye seeks to disambiguate the phases of matter and then bumbles on about the “gas in our cars”, is where he deserves unrelenting torture. How this loon dares to conflate pumpable automotive gasoline fuel with a vapor-phase element is something that whips and chains are barely capable of addressing in ninety minutes or less.

      Last, but not least, is your prompt dismissal of Suzuki and Nye. Rarely does a sentence or two deliver so much refreshment (even here at Vlad Tepes Blog). I realize we’ve already dissected Nye but, speaking as a person with lifelong dedication to scientific endeavor, seeing this pair of fraternal techno-twins dispatched with such … er, dispatch … was a genuine pleasure.

      I’ve not seen your name around here for several moons, so I’ll take the liberty of welcoming you aboard, johnhenry.

      This website needs exactly the sort of of offhand and derisive commentary that you just managed to provide.

      Thanking you now and in advance,


      • Your kind welcome is appreciated, NR. My first time here was last week when I read on another site: “The must-read Vlad Tepes blog posted a lengthy but fascinating interview recently…”, which prompted me to have a peek, and I’m glad I did.

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