Chinese, Quebec and general Canadian community unite to oppose Trudeau and Islamic favouritism

It will take some time to tell the story of what took place today on Parliament hill. Several friends of this site attended a major demonstration in Ottawa, organized by members of the Chinese community to object to the Trudeau government plus the Canadian government-media complex’s treatment, of the Hijab Hoax orchestrated, in this author’s opinion, to justify turning Motion 103, into bill 103, making criticism of Islam a criminal offence.

ANTIFA of course showed up to scream Nazi and racist at Chinese people who were there to protest, in their own words, (which will be posted as soon as I can edit and upload the massive amount of video I was sent) Trudeau’s divisive policies setting Canadians against Canadians.

The irony of Antifa knows no boundaries at all.

ANTIFA protesting against refugees and immigrants while pretending to be for refugees and immigrants[/caption

The Chinese community were very clear about exactly what has upset them:

There will be a lot more posted on this shortly. But for the moment it needs to be understood that no where is there a more patriotic group of Canadians than was on Parliament hill today. Quebec’s La Meute along with the Storm Alliance, The Proud Boys, and a few other groups I did not even know about in full lock step solidarity with this excellent group of Chinese Canadians in what, to the best of my knowledge, was an unprecedented display of solidarity.

So in a way, Trudeau has managed to bring Canadians together like no one before him.

Out of sheer disgust for him.

Some of the videos of the event:

For anyone wondering what the term, “fake News” means, read this absurd Soviet level propaganda from the Ottawa Citizen claiming that the Chinese group, none of the speakers of which could speak English without a Chinese accent, were “anti-Immigrant” while simultaneously calling the thuggish Marxist groups there as “anti-fascist’.

London Ontario spokesperson:

One of the ways you can spot fake news is by the formula. One example that is glaringly consistent, is to call people who are against mass immigration at the population replacement level, or illegal immigration over and above legal vetted immigration, or against importing people hostile to our cultures and then telling them not to integrate while financing them with taxes collected from those working in these countries, and calling them “anti-immigrant” etc. Quite consistent. Much like calling people who don’t like being raped, “Anti-sex”.

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  1. Anti-communist Chinese have had enough. This is oxygen. The Trudeau/Green alliance needs electoral non-white opposition to gain traction with pliable neutrals.

  2. The white man is no longer allowed to speak for himself,all of his fears for the future of his children,his place in society,his love of his country,can only be legitimate ,if they are expressed by a negro ,chink ,or a wog.if you wanted to be a second class citizen,congratulations you have made it.

    • “The white man is no longer allowed to speak for himself,…”

      Certainly this is the UK Government position life they are white, male, straight and Christian. (That order from genes to birth, from infancy to childhood). Their pressure of hate and blame is not hidden, but open from themselves and the mainstream media.

      “….all of his fears for the future of his children,his place in society,”

      A father who actually loves the next generation to become free and independent.

      “…his love of his country,can only be legitimate ,if they are expressed by a negro ,chink ,or a wog.”

      The white man’s position seen through prism of all those hold themselves to the lowest standard of beasthoods. (The preferential identity-status they gladly call each other by – these inverted prideful).

      But are we going to let their sickness control us by intimidation and false accusations? Are we going to defend these non-whites, women, Muslims and LGBTQ+ disturbed, of what happened to them – being Unionized by Socialist governments to have without permission or election Representatives and Stakeholders fostered upon them?

      Otherwise, this is the same state of utter demoraliation of Germans that got a messiah elected in 1933 Germany.

      The bankers once again will profit from war and the aftermath of loans for regeneration. They will be shifting their toxic assets with a huge sigh of relief.

      Positive Discrimination has kept talented non-whites down. Only the mediocre rose over the last forty year due to their skin color. We have a whole generation missing. No Louis Armstrong, no Quincy Jones. Having it easy, corrupts.

      Senior-position males have had to role over for a pseudo-intellectual females. Those institions have failed.

      The question should be – “why don’t non-whites, females and LGBTQ+ protest to be free from their plantation lives?”

      I would be on the streets if someone selected my physical form for advance and promotion. For through this, I would have thrown away my talent. And I certainly don’t want some Socialist pointing at me, “you didn’t make that!” because the Marxist would be true. And when evil stands in the place of truth, welcome to Hell.

      So all around you, you can help the sick free their chains. Get to know them. Be a witness. Depression and dispondency has no place here.

  3. I didn’t realize until I read the Citizen piece what was going on. When the Toronto hijab hoax perpetrator was called “Asian” I thought they were referring to the usual Pakistani Muslim, or some other non-oriental version, such as the kind of reference that’s been normalized by the British sex-grooming propaganda machine. It used to be that when i heard the term Asian I automatically conjured Chinese, but msm doublespeak has effectively obscured this reflex, and obscured the truth of Pakistani male involvement. It is their lie of omission to refer to Muslims simply as Asian.

    So even though the hoax didn’t involve any culprit other than the hoaxer, the Chinese have now taken ownership of the “Asian” label. Clearly, the root of it is that the Chinese now don’t want to be confused with other Asian elements of society (which can only be the Muslim variety.) They’ve been inadvertently mobilized by a hoax designed to boost m103 legislation. It goes to show just how cynical the Redgreens in Canada are when they believe they can tell such massive lies and get away with it. But why not? Look at how well this linguistic slight-of-hand has worked in England? Why haven’t British Chinese taken ownership for the same reason? Which leads me to ask: will Chinese-Americans continue to allow false Chinese references to Muslim crimes as the frequency of these crimes elevates? In fact I’m amazed the Asian lie has been perpetuated for so long.

    This business of linguistic licence used by the Redgreens has to be watched. Let’s be honest. Chinese-Canadians have mobilized politically now only because they were used in a scam and are pissed-off by it. It is a fair question to ask how long would it have taken the Chinese to get involved otherwise? When mosques are replacing Chinatown? This questioning is important in the greater context of countering linguistic weaponization.

    All other examples of leftist linguistic licence (or weaponization) must be rooted out to dry in the sun. I’m amazed by Orwell’s wisdom each and every day.

    The next time an act of jihad takes place in the U.S., and msm refers to the suspect as Asian, turn to all of your Chinese acquaintances and ask them why THEIR people did such a horrible thing. Maybe you’ll have just mobilized a massive demographic to the cause.

    • Let’s not forget that the Chinese people were the ones who constructed the railroad here. They always worked hard and participated in the Canadian economy.

    • I haven’t heard tards referred to as “Asian” much in the US.
      My immediate neighborhood is almost half East Asian. They can be assertive when it counts – housing associations are tard-free, for example. Probably a combination of participation in local politics (exclusively local, more’s the pity) and quiet payoffs.

  4. Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen Chinese demonstrating like this – it just doesn’t seem to be a “normal” thing for Chinese to do. Which makes me think that they’re pissed off BEYOND anything normal. I fully agree with them, of course. Brings me no end of joy to hear people saying all of this with a Chinese accent!

    “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.”
    ? Napoléon Bonaparte

    Maybe he was on to something!

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