Tariq Ramadan

First, a Facebook post from Rabia Chaudry:

Today I referred a Muslim victim of Tariq Ramadan to a federal prosecutor in the US. I am guessing there will be more. I am sharing this so others don’t think they are alone.

This is not a vast international conspiracy. This is also not how people are wrongfully convicted. Wrongfully convicted people are not accused of multiple similar crimes in different countries. In fact they usually have completely clean records other than one accusation that ends up being false.

I don’t know much about the French legal system other than it seems to have a lower evidentiary threshold than the US. The standard is not beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard is an intimate conviction, ie jurors impressions based on the evidence. I also don’t know if that there is a plea process but if there is one it might be better for him than a trial in which the witnesses confront him and testify – imagine a jury reacting to that.

I know this is hard on our community, but it does not serve us to bury our heads in the sand. He will likely serve time in prison, and it will likely be a just result.


A French court on Thursday ordered a medical evaluation to determine if Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan can stay in prison after he was handed preliminary rape charges in cases alleged by women who sought his counsel.

Ramadan was placed under investigation on February 2 for an alleged rape resulting from a 2009 encounter and for the alleged rape of a vulnerable person in a 2012 case. Both women filed the complaints last year.


Ramadan, in custody since January 31, denies any wrongdoing.


Ramadan had sought to buy some time before the judge ordered him kept in detention, saying after being charged that he wanted to postpone the required “debate” before any decision on remaining in jail. The tactic apparently didn’t work.


Ramadan, 55, is on leave from Britain’s Oxford University, where he is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies. He travels frequently and has written numerous books on Islam and the integration of Muslims in Europe.

And this:

It has also come to my attention that around the point in time where all the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood’s troubles started, he had levelled some criticisms at Turkey’s dictatorial prime-minister and president, Erdogan.

Its possible, but by no means certain, that the Ikwan (Muslim Brotherhood) now that they have hitched their caboose to Turkey’s engine, may not take Kindly to Ramadan’s criticisms given how sensitive the Turkish Caliph is to criticism. It fits well, but we don’t know if that is why suddenly lots of Muslim women have come forward with these accusations for sure.

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