Russians did interfere. Equally for Clinton

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3 Replies to “Russians did interfere. Equally for Clinton”

  1. Obama seriously interfered in the last Israel election, and nobody is talking about it.
    Obama interfered in France’s last election, and nobody is talking about it.

    This list of suddenly indicted small Russian fish is smoke and mirrors to deflect from other serious issues that would hurt the Obama executive re the FISA warrants.

    There is no extradition treaty between Russia and USA. Indict people without the possibility of questioning them. How convenient!

    • He has spent many millions and found no crime by the Trump people, no collusion and no way to tie Russia to them, this is how he justifies his existence and the continuing existence of his investigation.

  2. The Clinton campaign, DNC, DoJ and FBI colluded with Christopher Steel (a foreigner) to try to stop Trump being elected; Steel admitted his own prejudice against Trump. So when are they to be indicted?

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