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14 Replies to “Documentary on Jordan Peterson by a former Channel4 employee”

  1. Western society is in an existential crisis. It is more complicated than Left vs Right. The very intersection of ideas and types of people–for the good of society–is illustrated by this documentary precisely because of who made it. The maker documents his own Red Pill birth.

    Leave it to western civilization to prove its dynamism again and again, and consequently its superior ability to advance humanity. It’s unimaginable for me that such a documentary could ever come from China or Iran or Russia. Those societies don’t ask such hard questions of themselves, nor do they beg for ruthless honesty. Hysterical, bitchy women beg for honesty but then are angry when they are confronted by it. Weakened, lost men kill 17 to scratch an itch. The analysis provided in this film of “The Interview” shows us more the societal forces at play behind whatever Peterson and Newman said. There are shadows and light, and the shadows ARE light.

    I will posit that after the revolution, if we survive it, we will know that female rage needed to emerge. The proof of the need was simply that it did. Male femininity, sadly, emerged not as a requirement, but as a result of misdirected female aggression–the settling of accounts with men is mistaken by most women to be a historical issue rather than a biological one.

    Where does this leave us but right back to Peterson’s repeated claim: shut-up with the Rights bullshit until you’ve got the Responsibility side covered. Stand up and be counted, men. Stop acting like men, women. You’re both doing a lousy impersonation.

    It is difficult to see this chaos sorted peacefully.

    The enemy is our man-like woman and woman-like man. The enemy is the base Muslim male and the base leftist tyrant. They fit well together, and better still when they smell blood.

    Understanding the difference between empathy and understanding is more important now. Woman demand that men feel everything and this is destructive nonsense. Too much empathy and people take on the others’ sickness. Knowledge keeps us strong and aware and sympathetic without the weakness derived by absorbing all feeling. Doctors learn this quickly.

    The red-pilled world looks on and scratches it’s head. We sit here and read and read to understand, while time and again we find the answers were viscerally understood. We felt the truth before we learned it.

    Western men must be men to fight savage men. Let western men learn and be sympathetic, but not too empathetic lest they lose themselves, and their heads.

    And let the lesson be over right now.

    • Very good, the massive weakness in Western Society was created by the left but they aren’t the only ones to blame. All of us who stood aside and let the damage be done because that was easier then fighting are to blame. Now we must man up and fight for all we hold dear, it is probably too late to save Western Civilization/Western Society but it isn’t too late to save Western Freedom.

      Recently Vermont has gone from one of states voting for feedom to one voting for the Dems but their motto still reads: Live Free or Die this motto is one we all need to take to heart. Life is not so precious that slavery is a price to pay to enjoy life. Live Free or Die.

        • No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

          I didn’t think of that one or I would have used it.

          I did think of one by General Sheridan (Union Army Civil War) but couldn’t figure how to fit it in the article. Thw Quote is “A soldier who won’t F–K won’t fight.” It fits t he discussion but as I said I could figure how to use it. Maybe Perfect Child can think of a way. The quote is sometimes attributed to Patton.

          • “A soldier who won’t fuck – won’t fight!”
            Kicked out of shit so the killing’s alright
            Opens the craw to the crudest delight
            Feels nothing of cost to the crow in mid-flight.

            On speculation:
            The little nation states of Eastern Europe freed themselves from Soviet Communism. This is why the Europe Union does not want nation states. Russia and China forcibly moved millions of ethnicities to Diversity their Socialist People’s blocs to be under the single State control. This is what the European Elite, and Soros-Oligarchs seem to be doing hand in hand with immigrants altering towns and cities.

            Independent, the UK would be a fortress against Socialism, yet again.

            So then, the UK cannot have afford a civil war. That would be the very Class War Revolution the Marxists had be working for, for decades. They will invite Russia and China in as Peacekeepers.

            America does not need a war. They just need to follow and uphold their Constitution.

            Canada may benefit – if America joins in and extends their country north to become evenmore land that values freedom of speech.

            Islam presents as being used as dog-bating the West, to catch the bear. The Swamp may, after all, have attacked the Twin Towers to create the purest Islam there is. Democide is by far the greatest killer of humanity whenever civil servants are given, for matters of natinal security, the powers to be able to do so. A lot of wannabe intellectuals.

      • Yes but Richard, in fairness, we’ve all been learning as we going. Did you that article EB posted last week about the German and how the horrors creep up? It’s always a pretty impossible situation even with the Vlads and the Petersons of the world.

  2. The proper males set against the feminized landscape (Trump) appear stark and ugly. Feminized males set against a feminized landscape (Trudeau) blend right in.

  3. It also makes sense that the likes of Merkel would see fit to supplant weakened white men with “masculine” Arab men. Why not?

    The reason “why not” is because the Muslim male is not a proper male. He is intellectually neutered by his own tyranny.

    Isn’t all of this the drum PerfectChild has been banging on forever? PC?

    Sometimes I can’t be told. I have to figure it out myself.

  4. More than “intellectually neutered”, he is typically afraid of his own shadow: the violence and quickness to anger are a smokescreen to hide the profound inner lack of confidence and the sense of inadequacy that they feel. Witness too, the muslim males’ neurotic and obsessive need to control and dominate women – this is about a fundamental and powerful FEAR of women, surely.

    • Given the prevalence of homosexual pedophilia in the Arabicized culture he is also trying to prove to himself that he is a man not a dancing boy.

    • The Socialist fears the Naughty Step
      Which is later called “Isolation”
      Excommunication follows next
      Then ‘framed’ incarceration.

      The Muslim fears the Honor-Belt
      Their “Yes Boss” domination
      Apostacy and Shirk are dealt
      As head-chops for the Nation.

      These broken minds to see without
      Can’t hold an intuition
      Hate Crimes said for having doubt
      Blasphemes for having vision.

      So instead, must have no thought
      Submission and Surrender
      A least-resistance pride is bought
      To act the Super Gender.

      These portrait lives of you-not-you
      Are moribund and faint
      And infants born of little hew
      Evolve a Sex-Complaint.

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