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  1. Islamic scholar facing rape charges to undergo medical evaluation

    A French court on Thursday ordered a medical evaluation to determine if Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan can stay in prison after he was handed preliminary rape charges in cases alleged by women who sought his counsel.

    Ramadan was placed under investigation on February 2 for an alleged rape resulting from a 2009 encounter and for the alleged rape of a vulnerable person in a 2012 case. Both women filed the complaints last year.

    Ramadan, in custody since January 31, denies any wrongdoing.

    Ramadan had sought to buy some time before the judge ordered him kept in detention, saying after being charged that he wanted to postpone the required “debate” before any decision on remaining in jail. The tactic apparently didn’t work.

    Ramadan, 55, is on leave from Britain’s Oxford University, where he is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies. He travels frequently and has written numerous books on Islam and the integration of Muslims in Europe.

    It was not known how long he could remain locked up. Under French law, the order to hold him in “provisional detention” can last one year and include two consecutive six-month renewals thereafter. However, a suspect’s time in custody can be cut short at any time if a judge agrees detention is no longer warranted.

    He is being investigated by French authorities because the rapes are alleged to have taken place in Paris and Lyon.

    The judicial official said that in ordering Ramadan to remain in jail, the judge was either weighing the well-being of the women behind the case or assuring that the scholar does not leave France while the investigation is in progress

    The preliminary charges filed on 2 February can be dropped at the end of the probe, or turn into regular charges if the suspect is indicted and sent to trial.


    Tariq Ramadan’s Wife Speaks About Rape Accusations for First Time

    Rabat- For the first time since rape accusations surfaced against him, Tariq Ramadan’s wife spoke out and claimed that her husband is a “victim of a media’s lynching.”
    In a video posted on the Facebook page “For the Liberation of Tariq Ramadan”, Iman Ramadan said that “he had full confidence in justice and unfortunately justice wronged him.”

    She indicated that since he was still being held by police investigators in Paris, his family has been prevented from visiting him or calling him by phone. “I’m not sure right now that he’s receiving a fair and just treatment.”
    In the opinion of his wife, Ramadan was targeted by the media. “It is enough to just read the press or turn on the TV and think that he’s guilty,” adding that she thinks that “he is unfortunately a victim of this media lynching and political pressure exerted against him.”

    “There are so many lies at this point that it became unbearable,” his wife said. “ I am torn between reading what the press says about him and hide in my bubble waiting justice to be served.”

    French police arrested Tariq Ramadan on January 31, after two women filed complaints against him last year, accusing him of rape. The police continue to hold him as “part of a preliminary inquiry” into the rape and assault allegations.

    The Oxford professor denies the allegations, claiming that they are part of a”campaign of lies launched by [his] adversaries.”

    Ramadan was accused of rape by author and former Salafi Henda Ayari, who accused him of raping her in 2012 when both attended a congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France. Another woman stepped forward shortly thereafter and claimed she was raped by the Swiss scholar in a French hotel in 2009.

    • Tariq Ramadan – Rape accusation in the US

      Rabia Chaudry on facebook

      Today I referred a Muslim victim of Tariq Ramadan to a federal prosecutor in the US. I am guessing there will be more. I am sharing this so others don’t think they are alone.

      This is not a vast international conspiracy. This is also not how people are wrongfully convicted. Wrongfully convicted people are not accused of multiple similar crimes in different countries. In fact they usually have completely clean records other than one accusation that ends up being false.

      I don’t know much about the French legal system other than it seems to have a lower evidentiary threshold than the US. The standard is not beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard is an intimate conviction, ie jurors impressions based on the evidence. I also don’t know if that there is a plea process but if there is one it might be better for him than a trial in which the witnesses confront him and testify – imagine a jury reacting to that.

      I know this is hard on our community, but it does not serve us to bury our heads in the sand. He will likely serve time in prison, and it will likely be a just result.


      France: Court orders medical evaluation to assess if Ramadan can stay in prison

    • Court orders medical tests as Tariq Ramadan reveals ‘multiple sclerosis’ diagnosis

      According to his lawyers, the 55-year-old Swiss national’s health has been seriously degraded during his 12 days in a Paris jail

      Tariq Ramadan, the prominent Islamic scholar who has been remanded in custody in France since February 3 charged with two alleged rapes, will face a medical evaluation to decide if he is to remain in prison after it was claimed by his camp that he was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

      According to his lawyers, the 55-year-old Swiss national’s health has been seriously degraded during his 12 days in a Paris jail. After the tests, the Court of Appeal in the French capital will make a ruling on whether to release him or not on February 22.

      The revelation of the diagnosis of Mr Ramadan’s previously unknown condition on Wednesday has been seen in some quarters as being part of <strong
      an explicit media strategy by his supporters. At the same time that the medical news was shared, a video was released of his wife, Iman Ramadan, in which she claimed that her husband had “had full confidence in justice and unfortunately [had] justice wronged him.”

      She claimed that his family have not been allowed to visit or communicate with him by phone, she said. “I’m not sure right now that he’s receiving a fair and just treatment.”

      “It is enough to just read the press or turn on the TV and think that he’s guilty … he is unfortunately a victim of this media lynching and political pressure exerted against him.

      “There are so many lies at this point that it became unbearable,” she continued. “I am torn between reading what the press says about him and hide in my bubble waiting justice to be served.”

      The French newspaper Liberation claimed that the release of the two new pieces of information showed “a diabolically efficient sense of timing by Mr Ramadan’s supporters.”

      It also noted that the intervention by Mrs Ramadan had been a “surprise” because she had previously hidden “in the shadows” and had not made any statement about the case.

      Mr Ramadan, who is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was accused by two women of having raped them; one, author Henda Ayari, claimed that she was assaulted at a congress of the Union of Islamic Organisations of France in 2012.

      Another unnamed woman said she was attacked in 2009 at a hotel. Mr Ramadan, a senior research fellow at Oxford’s St Antony’s College, filed a complaint of slander against Ms Ayari after she made the accusations against him last year. Mr Ramadan was arrested in late January before being charged and taken into custody.

      More than 43,000 people have signed a petition pledging their support for Mr Ramadan, which says the accusations are “invested in a smear campaign which is the continuation of the demonisation efforts that have been aimed at him since the beginning of his intellectual and militant commitment in 1990.”

      • Well that is a change! Whatever happened to mental disease or recurrent temporary insanity (yes, I know)? There must be 1000s of leftist psychiatrists out there itching to clear him.

  2. Lying About Gun Violence With Statistics
    Fake numbers for fake news.
    February 16, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Every time a Muslim terrorist shoots, stabs, bombs or runs over Americans, the default response is, “Let’s not jump to any conclusions”. That’s swiftly followed by media spin pieces claiming that the majority of terrorist attacks are really committed by white male Republicans and the Amish based on math so bad that even the world’s crookedest bookie wouldn’t go near it. And anyone who argues that the pattern of Islamic terror attacks is a call for common sense migration reform is regarded as a racist and a coward who wants to destroy the Constitution by blowing a handful of attacks out of proportion.

    (And do you know how many people are hit by lightning or stung by killer bees every year.)

    And whenever a suburban shooting happens, especially in a school, it becomes a clarion call to dismantle the 2nd Amendment. And that’s also backed by some of the world’s worst statistics.

    The worst gun violence statistics trolls work for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. Bloomberg had bought Gracie Mansion out of the pocket change in his sofa cushion. But buying the office of mayor of New York City was a lot easier than his plans to buy the White House. Everytown was supposed to be a match for the NRA. But while the NRA represents gun owners, Everytown represents a lefty billionaire. And Bloomberg’s gun control trolls spent years dressing in drag to hide that simple fact.

  3. DAG Rod Rosenstein: Russian Interference Didn’t Affect Election Outcome
    February 16, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    In a shocking turn of events, Mueller decided to actually do his job of investigating Russian election tampering instead of charging Trump associates over anything and everything else.

    And there’s a distinct shortage of good news here for CNN and the Washington Post.

    This “information warfare” by the Russians didn’t affect the outcome of the presidential election, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told reporters… The indictment cites no instances of Russians coordinating directly with the Trump campaign.

    So the Russians didn’t determine the outcome of the election with $100K in Facebook ads? I’m shocked.

  4. “Shocking MONTAGE – Three Students Speak of Multiple Shooters at Parkland, FL”
    PNN News and Ministry Network – February 16, 2018

  5. The Progressives’ Legacy: Debt, Deficit, and Entitlements
    The high cost of rejecting human nature and simple mathematics.

    Last week Senator Rand Paul briefly shut the government down in protest of the $500 billion spending bill recently signed by the president. This latest binge will by 2027 increase to $800 billion the already $300 billion we currently spend on servicing the $20 trillion national debt. And that projected increase assumes interest rates at 3.5%. The debt-driving deficits are again approaching $1 trillion a year, meaning the debt will continue to expand beyond 100% of GDP, reaching $30 trillion in a decade.

    But like Troy’s Cassandra, who for ten years accurately predicted the city’s destruction, Senator Paul was no more successful at alerting people to the coming calamity. Nor are any of the other fiscal hawks likely to do so either. The majority of citizens and politicians have no interest in our looming fiscal disaster, for they have become used to thinking that entitlements are “rights.”

    The fiscal problem is one of simple mathematics. We spend much more than we take in from tax-paying citizens, which leads to more and more borrowing to make up the shortfall. And we have made promises to the people––Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid––that we have not funded adequately, and that now account for nearly two-thirds of the annual budget. Social Security alone has unfunded liabilities of about $34 trillion, and that’s not as bad as Medicare’s $49 trillion. Worse yet, every day 10,000 Baby Boomers retire, meaning the beneficiaries will continue to expand. And right behind the Boomers are the 66 million Millennials. We’re looking at decades and decades of relentlessly increasing expenditures and the borrowing required to pay for them.

  6. The Attack on Academia?
    An assault from within.
    February 16, 2018
    Jack Kerwick

    Aaron Barlow—a professor of “cultural studies” at the City University of New York and the executive editor of Academe Blog, of Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)—recently referenced in a blog post of his to one of my Front Page Magazine articles on academic corruption.

    His comments are telling. The critics of Big Academia couldn’t have asked for a better respondent to our critiques than Barlow.

    To hear Barlow tell it, far from controlling our academic institutions, he and his colleagues constitute an embattled class, the subject of a relentless barrage of legal and social attacks.

    Because the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case regarding the constitutionally questionable union practice of coercing members to contribute “agency fees” even on those occasions when members disagree with the causes to which their labor monopolies plan on deploying their dues, Barlow sides with a fellow Academe contributor who claims that this amounts to a legal “attack” on “social justice and fairness for all employees.”

    And who is behind this coordinated attack? Among others, the nefarious…Koch brothers.

    It isn’t just legally that academics find themselves under “attack.” Socially, on “social media,” academics, particularly those who “attempt to assert their own rights to free expression,” are under assault as well.

  7. ACLU Sues to Legalize Killing Down’s Syndrome Babies
    February 16, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    The ACLU does have an interesting definition of civil rights. It doesn’t cover uploading a Mohammed video to YouTube, but does cover killing disabled babies. This is what happens when you take your ethical worldview from ISIS and the USSR.

    Media Narrative 1: Evil Republicans want to cripple the ADA

    Media Narrative 2: Killing disabled people is our constitutional right

    ACLU Sues To Halt ‘Unconstitutional’ Down Syndrome Abortion Law In Ohio – NPR

    I’m not a great scholar of history, but I don’t recall Thomas Jefferson fighting to secure the right to kill disabled babies. I think that might have been Hitler. But it’s only natural that the national socialists of the ACLU would choose Hitler’s constitution over the American one.

  8. Majority of Mass Shootings in Dem Districts
    February 16, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Hands up, don’t shoot.

    But the numbers still illustrate the grim reality of America: Gun violence knows few boundaries.

    That Congress has failed to move legislation in response to persistence of mass shootings is not because they are only taking place in areas represented by Democrats. Indeed, about 55 percent of the mass shootings in 2017 occurred in Democratic districts, which tend to include more urban areas, while 45 percent were in Republican districts.

    It knows some boundaries.

  9. Trump Stares Down Putin In Syria
    But the left still desperately clings to the discredited Russia collusion narrative.

    On February 7, a large pro-Assad force of battalion-sized strength, equipped with tanks, rocket launchers and artillery approached a base housing U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the Deir-Ezzor region, and opened fire. The force was approximately 5 miles east of the so-called de-confliction line before mounting the attack. The offensive represented an attempt by the Russian-backed regime of Bashar Assad to secure areas that are currently not under regime control.

    United States military advisers operate alongside the SDF, which was initially formed primarily to fight ISIS. The defeat of ISIS has made this anti-Assad force useful as a bulwark against Iranian expansion in Syria. After warnings to disengage went unheeded, the U.S. responded with overwhelming force to break up the attack. Air power and artillery were used to good effect. The force immediately turned tail and ran off without further interference by U.S. fighters.

    According to U.S. sources, at least 100 pro-regime soldiers were killed and an additional 200 to 300 were injured. This wasn’t the first time the U.S. employed military force to thwart regime aggression in Syria. In June 2017, a U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian Su-22 after the latter dropped bombs on SDF positions, and U.S. airpower had been employed in the past to breakup menacing Syrian convoys approaching the de-confliction line. Moreover, just one week after the Deir-Ezzor engagement, a U.S. unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) blasted a Russian-made T-72 battle tank operating near Al Tabiyeh in Syria. The tank had been firing on SDF positions. The fate of its crew and their respective nationalities were not known.

  10. “It comes after the diving champion, 23, and his filmmaker partner, 43, confirmed the happy news with Valentine’s Day Instagram photos on Wednesday.

    Tom shared a picture of the couple cosying up for the camera while holding an ultrasound scan, before Dustin shared a similar photo along with the caption: ‘A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours.’

    The ultrasound picture suggests the couple are using a surrogate mother to become parents, rather than adopting. It is not known who the surrogate mother is.

    The baby’s development suggests the ultrasound picture was taken around the 20-week mark, meaning the couple are probably expecting to become fathers at the start of the summer.”

    Fatherfakes and Motherless.
    The inhumanity of the overun
    Inseminate for trophies
    Making animals out of them.
    Communism blinds heart-sight
    Islam crushes soul
    The LGBTQ Idolizers
    Rip the Tree of Life whole.

    “Millionaire gay dad Barrie Drewitt-Barlow is threatening to put a stop to his 18-year-old son’s £7,000-a-month allowance in a bid to stop him spending ‘£50,000 on nights out’ and bringing home ‘eight girls every weekend’.”

    Cannot form a normal relationship.

    • To deny a child a mother
      Denies them the truth of love
      To deny a child a father
      Denies them the love of truth
      To deny this goes on further
      Denies them a life of youth

      • To deny a child a mother
        Denies them the truth of love
        To deny a child a father
        Denies them the love of truth
        To deny this goes on further
        Denies them a life of youth

        … One of your very best, ever, Perfectchild. (Short and, necessarily, bittersweet.)

        Please take this as of some of the the very best praise I have to offer (to you or anyone else). As in “bank-like depositing”. A shelf of similar records would have little else to offer. So articulate and beautiful…

        Full stop, end of line.

        Here is one of my first-ever poems:

        Each morning finds a single soul asleep within my bed.
        My arms reach out for fading dreams that tell what isn’t said

        As each day dawns upon a world that never touches me
        I spend a day of waiting for a life that will not be.

        As each day spreads across a world that never contacts me,
        I spend another daytime waiting for a life that will not be.

        And each night as I sob in pain to stop my my own heartbreak,
        My bed holds but a single soul that prays for death to take.”

  11. Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic Cleansing

    by Guy Millière
    February 16, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Friday, January 12, 2018. Sarcelles. A city in the northern suburbs of Paris. A 15-year-old girl returns from high school. She wears a necklace with a star of David and a Jewish school uniform. A man attacks her with a knife, slashes her face, and runs away. She will be disfigured the rest of her life.

    January 29, again in Sarcelles, an 8-year-old boy wearing a Jewish skullcap is kicked and punched by two teenagers.

    A year earlier, in February, 2017, in Bondy, two young Jews wearing Jewish skullcaps were severely beaten with sticks and metal poles. One of the Jews had his fingers cut with a hacksaw.

    Before that, in Marseilles, a Jewish teacher was attacked with a machete by a high school student who said he wanted to “decapitate a Jew”. The teacher used the Torah he was carrying to protect himself. He survived but was seriously injured.

    In France, anti-Semitic attacks have been multiplying.

    Most are committed in broad daylight; Jews know they have to be street-smart. Some attackers break into Jewish homes.

    In September 2017, Roger Pinto, president of Siona, a leading pro-Israel organization in France, was beaten and held for hours by people who forced open his door.

  12. Japan accepted just 20 asylum seekers last year despite almost 20,000 applications (independent, Feb 16, 2018)

    “Japan has been accused of turning its back on asylum seekers, after it emerged that it accepted just 20 applications from a record 19,628 last year.

    This is even less than 2016, despite the number of applicants continuing to rise. Then, 28 were successful from the 11,000 that applied for asylum.

    For some time, asylum seekers with valid visas were able to work in Japan while their applications for refugee status were reviewed.

    But the country’s justice ministry, which oversees refugee recognition, has said people were taking advantage of the system.

    Claiming people were applying for asylum just so they could work in the country, it changed the rules in January.

    The alterations meant that only those considered to be bona-fide refugees were allowed to work…”

    • Good for them! Most Asian countries would do the same or even less. Note how no one complains about the oil rich Arab states taking none.

  13. Yemeni man pleads guilty in U.S. to trying to join Islamic State (reuters, Feb 16, 2018);

    “A Yemen-born New York City resident on Friday pleaded guilty to attempting to provide support to Islamic State, admitting that he tried to join the organization and urged someone else to join too.

    Mohamed Rafik Naji entered his plea to one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization at a hearing before U.S. District Judge Frederic Block in Brooklyn. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

    “I travelled to Yemen in 2015 to join ISIS and I encouraged another person to join,” Naji said at the hearing, using a common acronym for Islamic State. He said he did not actually join the organization.

    Naji said at the hearing that he was born in Yemen, and that he was 38 or 39 years old. Block noted that Naji was a legal permanent resident of the United States, and faced deportation as a result of his guilty plea.

    Naji was arrested in New York in November 2016…”

  14. Exclusive – Haiti president says many aid organizations hid misconduct (reuters, Feb 16, 2018);

    “Haiti’s president said on Friday that sexual misconduct by staff of British charity Oxfam was only the tip of an “iceberg” and called for investigations into Doctors Without Borders and other aid organizations which came to the country after its 2010 earthquake…”

    • Even though it gets less press than the Islamic State, al-Qaeda represents a constant and growing threat.

      Considering that al-Qaeda inflicted the most strategically and economically harmful terrorist attack upon American soil (far exceeding Japan’s Pearl Harbor atrocity), exactly why is it that al-Qaeda gets such a free pass from the Propaganda Media Press?

      Admittedly, the lot of these scum-suckers hate America and would like nothing more than a gander at the USA being raped while it has, for the several past decades, found everyone else in attendance averting their gaze (gays?!?) and simply sniggering*.

      * Imperative Politically Corrected Update: Snigger = Singroe.

      This supreme hypocrisy cannot persist. Keep ridiculing Western values and see what happens when those same troops just as quickly re-calibrate their internal standards over to something less-respecting of Islam or Muslims (or Chicoms).

      It’s already happening. All that matters is how soon Western people purchase the proverbial clue and no longer prioritize Muslim values.

      It is supremely disheartening to meet so few people who still agree that America remains the world’s beacon for liberty and freedom. While these random encounters gladden my heart, their infrequency continues to burden my soul.

      Yet one more reason why contributing to Vlad Tepes Blog is such a privilege.

      • The Propaganda Press reported on the destruction of al Qaeda and it will take a major attack by them to admit they were wrong. To them bin Laden was the driving force behind al Qaeda and they will never accept that others who believe the same way will step up and rebuild the organization. We have to fight the idea and make the Moslems decide not to fight us, Pork Burials etc, if we don’t do this the war will last forever.

    • Maybe the UN should hire the mercenaries who cleaned up Nigeria (temporarily until the new muslim president terminated their job an let Boko harem back in). No chance as they are far too effective.

      • The UN is a debating society, they have no Armed Forces of their own and we don’t want them to have any, if they get their own Army of Mercenaries they will get the idea that they can use force against everyone. As long as the UN Forces have to come from the member states they can’t be used against us without our permission.

        Plus we don’t need to give the OIC another military force to play with.

  15. New Austrian Foreign Minister Slams Merkel for Migrant Crisis, Demands Orban-Style Border Protection (breitbart, Feb 16, 2018)

    “Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her decision in 2015 to welcome migrants, saying it was a “pull factor”, and praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for working to secure the European border…”

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