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5 Replies to “More Trudeau corruption and follow up obfuscation”

  1. Dear Mr. Trudeau,

    Thank you for your lucid and insightful responses. You are a wellspring of wisdom and light in a dark and troubled world. Please watch the following video in its entirety. Not only does it summarize many Canadians’ feeling towards you, but also offers to you an important culture which you have overlooked in your quest for deep multiculturalism. These people are proof positive of your conviction that no single tradition or culture is above another. If I am not mistaken, I believe your great father spent some time in their humble service studying their mysticism.

    On a possible down note, however, it may not come as a surprise if it is discovered that their society, alone, is responsible for the excessive greenhouse gases driving climate change! Surely you would get the Nobel prize for saving the planet if only you could somehow introduce to them ACT (Advanced Cork Technology). Or, conversely, employ their cultural tradition in the battle against “Extreme” Islam, as it was originally devised.

    Either way these people clearly have much to teach Canadians, and we will rely on you, Dear Leader, to translate their deepest secrets as they are trumpetted herein.


    Dr. Sissy Wackhorse, PhD


    • OT/ Johnny – you were right – Caucasus trolls were right-
      Dead Russians, huge numbers of bodies are coming back-
      Not just the dregs of mercenaries, but relatively normal Russians dying in Syria.
      Russians around here are going, “Afghanistan! Again! Why are we dying for the Euphrates?”
      People are furious at Putin. “Just as bad as Brezhnev!”

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