The face of a jihadi

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  1. Ot- the supposed massacre of Russian soldiers in Syria by American and Kurd forces is now downplayed by the Russians from hundreds to not more than five.

    A paramilitary force of, indeed, hundreds of paid Russian soldiers was wiped out after a telephone call to Russian military leaders denied the existance of this force in the area. Warnings by the Americans that all would be killed did not change the Russian response. Only until most had been wiped out did the Russians request a cease fire to gather dead and wounded. “You should have told the truth when we asked you the first time,” was the response to the Russians. “Now we kill everyone.”

    This is the story now on Russian social media, according to my Russian contact. Yucki, I wonder if yours would agree.

    The Russians did not want to admit to the existance of their paramilitaries. Putin is ruthless. The attached is “Pravda”.

    • Putin’s media is selective, often fake. But Russian social media is seething with Caucasus tards. Mostly women, I hear. Tards vs. bots.

      The one constant is – duh – Putin is ruthless.

      So who knows?
      _Very few are “Russian soldiers”. That’s a _smear_.
      – – MERCS serving in tard-land – Russian ex-cons, strays from the hinterland, hardened killers from misc. dirty little wars. Those now in Syria are as vicious as the animals they’re after. Not expected home, not eagerly, anyway. Their families will be compensated generously.

        • Thank-you. I left you an =>update<= on the other page.

          If Russian soldiers [all noble and handsome] are "thrown away, just meat" – as my Russki puts it – men who volunteer to fight "animals" [far-flung tards] are "dead, rotten meat".

          It's been assumed that these are small numbers, "a handful here, half-dozen there".

          But now it seems LOTS of bodies are coming from SYRIA! Not Russian-speaking, Christian-tolerating Latakia, but far to the East where there's NO Russian interest whatsoever.

          Lies! worse than Donbass! hounds of hell!

          Putin will have to stage a distraction, maybe a staged "terrorist atrocity". Grim.

  2. The remorseless smile on that killer’s face is just one of many reasons why Islam’s days are numbered. The cheerful slaughter of innocent human life is not something that the civilized world will tolerate for long.

    • Until someone has the cojones to finish such as this creature and then give it a pork cremation it will NEVER cease. Ruthless violence can ONLY be defeated by greater ruthless violence unfettered by morality. If you wish to keep your morals and your virtues you must be prepared to fight for them and a brief look at history proves that sheer ruthlessness is the only winner. If we win, we can return to our “morality”. Islam wins it will never have existed.

      • If we win, we can return to our “morality”. [If] Islam wins it will never have existed.

        Too right, Michelle!

        The West defeated Nazis and Imperialist Japanese without creating Concentration Camps or raping Nanking. Those attempting to draw a comparison to California’s WW II-era forced relocation and incarceration camps would be well-advised to piss off right away.

        It’s difficult to imagine that America will need to go through another “loss-of-innocence” like the one it experienced right after WW II and Viet Nam. Clearly, this traumatic event is in the pipeline. How sad.

        Again, Michelle, either we pull up our collective socks and plant a boot in Islam’s groin-like-area, or accept “too-little too-late” as an excuse.

  3. The same ignorant idiots cry about the nukes used in Japan (those 2 saved near 18 million lives) as well as the internment camps and most do not even know that many of the Japanese males from those camps volunteered to serve in the US army and did so in Italy and won more decorations than any other unit. I have to disagree with Peterson on one thing: most leftists are incredibly ignorant and yet cannot be called stupid. Their brainwashing has just been so effective.

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