Russian jet downed in Syria

Russian jet shot down- Full video:

Russians respond to terrorists for the shoot-down where “30 terrorists are killed.”

(To be clear, shooting down a military jet that is attacking you is most definitely not terrorism. I am not on the side of the Muslims but I am on the side of clarity and truth to the extent possible. And shooting at a military target, especially in defence is not terrorism even as Germans defending Berlin from Russian and American forces was not terrorism. And it doesn’t make me on their side to say that.)

Russian missiles strike area of Su-25 downing, killing at least 30 terrorists – MoD

(The last part of the video is the most interesting. For more on that, see this!)

(Not sure where this is in the Geneva convention. Probably somewhere in the chapter, “Exceptions to RoE for Muslims”)

(One wonders how much damage that did when the jet crashed)

Sandra had a look at this one. She said: “Its a guy very happy that they shot down a Russian jet”.

More RT:

A Russian Su-25 jet has crashed in Idlib province in north-western Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed, adding that it was probably shot down by MANPAD. The pilot ejected but was killed by militants on the ground.

Preliminary data showed <strong>the Su-25 plane was downed by a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD)</strong>, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The attack took place when the jet was flying over the Idlib de-escalation zone on Saturday. The pilot parachuted down into <strong>the area controlled by Al-Nusra terrorist group</strong>, the statement said. He was killed during a confrontation with the militants from an unspecified group.


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11 Replies to “Russian jet downed in Syria”

  1. Not sure where this is in the Geneva convention

    If their government hasn’t signed the Cnovention they don’t have to obey it, but if they haven’t signed it we don’t have to obey it when fighting them. That is in the Convention, a fact I wish more people knew. It would save us a lot of causalities.

    • That is in the Convention, a fact I wish more people knew. It would save us a lot of causalities.

      Yeah (in all sincerity), just nuking these worthless shites would save a lot of time and energy.

      Why they merit actual blood and treasure is beyond me. Glass and Windex™ these useless turds and get it over with. Then again, maybe that’s just my own weirdness…

      Go figure.

      • Also since they aren’t wearing uniforms and are sheltering behind civilians they have no rights under the Convention. We can legally use any kind of enhanced interrogation and it is legal under international law. We can even decide to take no prisoners and it will be legal under international law.

        The left will prevent us from doing any of the above for a few more years but it will be legal once we start.

  2. Syria: Russian missiles strike area of Su-25 downing, killing at least 30 militants –

    Russian airstrikes hit Jabhat al-Nusra targets, Saturday, in the area of Idlib province where a Russian Su-25 aircraft had crashed earlier in the day, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

    The Defence Ministry added that according to radio intercepts, more than 30 Jabhat al-Nusra fighters were killed in the strikes.

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