Allah allah oxen free free free free (£60.00)

One has to suspect that even this guy knows he is a fraud. Notice the use of a PA system with extra reverb and slap-back echo for the sake of the person immediately next to him.

Does he think that Djinn are scared of discount audio effects? At one point he even sort of jams with himself at the rate of the slap-back.

And why does he even need a PA? She is RIGHT FREAKING there!

The imam charges £60.00 per jam session.


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  1. The imam exorcist is totally convinced he can help her. And the muslima in a bag is too. They are “good” muslims who accept that jinns exist as a species allah made. You cannot be a muslim and not believe in the existence of jinns. There’s even a chapter in the Koran titled Al Jinn which explains what they are.

    Jinns according to allah are like smokeless fire-beings (the islamic explanation of high energy particle physics. 🙂 and can change their appearance if they want. Jinns can be good or bad and have names. Bad jinns are responsible for bad things happening to you in life, and along with “inshalla” allah’s will, contributes to muslims having no personal responsibility for their behavior.

    Islam is an ideology with the lowest level of consciousness in the current catalogue of human belief systems. It has doctrinal foundational blocks that are pure superstition and functions at the level of master/slave (muslims are encouraged to be slaves of allah). Since the ideology is perfect and eternal, it is frozen and can’t move on to a higher level.

    • I believe that the only way to turn a bad Djinn into a good Djinn, is to infuse them with “Tonix” and place them in a circle around the group afflicted. This is said to be the origin of the phrase, “Djinn and Tonix all around”.

      • Djinn and Tonix, got it, thanks. Am always learning something new on this site.

        Seriously these superstitions could be an achilles heel in the muslim invasion. Maybe a political activist graphic artist like the one in LA could create something to freak them out.

        • Arresting the conmen won’t do anything, the Moslems will think and say we did it because they are Moslems. Getting a good illusionist to do something to make them think the Jinn are after them for being in the West might do something.

        • In fact they are. One of the movies I keep trying to get everyone to watch, is The Real Glory, about US help for the peasants in the Philippines, defending themselves from constant jihad attacks.

          Check out the scene where they threaten to bury a jihadi in a pig skin.

          Go to 46 minutes in if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

          • I have the movie burned on a couple of DVDs.

            I can’t remember the title by the British Illusionist Maskualine (sp?) used his skill as a stage magacine to talk the Dervish into refusing to fight against the Brits in WWII. Given the static nature of the Islamic/Arabic culture I doubt if they have lost their belief in magic and their fear of magicians.

      • It is also possible to substitute some Demerara (light or dark)…
        Wait for it!
        Djinn Rummy.

        In the Deep South, there is also the Cotton Djinn.

  2. Does he think that Djinn are scared of discount audio effects? At one point he even sort of jams with himself at the rate of the slap-back.

    Since when have self-satisfied martinets even been sated with their own personal power?!? Face the question squarely, Eeyore.

    Whatever self-echoing reverberations involved are merely vocal reinforcements of the insecurity that Islam imposes upon every idiotic “believer” who is foolish enough to submit.

    These “exorcisims” have all the credibility of Blatty’s (a more apt appellation cannot be imagined) own screenplay.

    After all, what degree of intestinal fortitude is required to violently confront a woman who is shrouded in the equivalent of a military body bag?!?

    In short, these stupid pr!cks flaccid phallic appendages are well-beyond all Western redemption (any arguments?). Then again, Justine Trudeau continues to furnish otherwise near-infinite proof against this proposition. What’s an ethical soul to do?!? [squawk!]

      • Djinn are really afraid of reverb it seems. I know that once or twice when I spent an evening with Djinn, the next morning everything felt like it was super loud and had reverb. So maybe that’s what that is all about. Warning the djinn what the morning would be like.

        • ISLAM Questions and Answers

          Q- How can a person conceal himself from the jinn when in the toilet?

          A- It is known that the jinn can see people, but people cannot see the jinn.

          […]Because the shayaateen (devils) are evil, they like to frequent dirty places.

          […]Hence the shayaateen frequent the places where humans relieve themselves, and they want to do them harm.

          The Prophet ( has told us what we should do so that Allaah will protect us from the evil of the shayaateen when we enter the toilet. That is that before entering the place, the Muslim should say, “Bismillaah, Allaahumma inni a’oodhu bika min al-khubthi wa’l-khabaa’ith (In the name of Allaah, O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from evil and from the male and female devils).”

          […] “A screen will be placed between the eyes of the jinn and the ‘awrah of the sons of Adam when one of them enters the toilet, if he says ‘Bismillaah

          […]The word hushoosh, translated here as toilets, refers to places where people relieve themselves, and it includes the “water closets” that are in people’s houses.


          Article from Al Roqya Healing website

          The basmallah (saying bismillah…in the name of Allah) is vital for Muslims before engaging in any act which could potentially harm or kill the jinn – bismillah is like an order – they have been warned, and so if any harms befalls upon them, it is what their own hands have earned. If a person says bismillah before an act the jinn can hear it, and they will not ignore it.

          It is very important for a person to say bismillah before doing these things mentioned. It gives the jinn a chance to get away. Allah ) has given humans the authority to wander the earth by His permission, so when they say bismillah the jinn must obey the command. The bismillah acts as a barrier between the human and jinn.

          A jinn will accompany or possess a human being for various reasons, some of the reasons are as follows;</strong


          When a jinn possesses a human being for revenge, it is usually because the human has caused harm to it, or the jinn thinks the person has intentionally caused it harm.


          When the jinn possess a human for revenge it usually due to one of the following reasons:

          i) Pouring boiling water:

          Boiling water can cause harm to the jinn or even kill them. If a person for example pours boiling water down the drain or sink and does not say bismillah before they pour the water, a jinn could be sleeping there, perhaps a baby, or a young jinn and they will be killed or harmed, and the family, or tribe of the jinn will want to take revenge.

          ii) Urinating in places where jinn reside:

          The jinn reside in places where human beings do not frequently visit, and tend to take control of these areas and make them their homes. For example, insect holes, caves or woodlands.

          If a jinn is sleeping or sitting with his family by a bush for example, and a human comes and urinates there, where the jinn resides, and he doesn’t say bismillah beforehand, the jinn can take control of him, since they feel that he has caused them harm, so the effect will be that they will cause him harm in return. I have personally seen this happen where a brother came to me, I read roqya for him, and the jinn had explained that he had taken control of this person because of his actions in a park.

          iii) Harming animals that have jinn in them:

          Jinn can take the form of animals, Jinn can live in animals and so if a person harms an animal, particularly at night, these can be jinn and they can harm you back. Shaykh al-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, said: The jinn may appear in human and animal form, so they may appear as snakes and scorpions etc or in the form of camels, cattle, sheep, horses, mules and donkeys, or in the form of birds, or in the form of humans, as the Shaytaan came to Quraysh in the form of Suraaqah ibn Maalik ibn Ju’sham when they wanted to set out for Badr. (Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 19/44.)

          iv) Shouting out loud, wailing, singing or reciting Qur’an in the toilet:

          This is something I have had experience with. A brother who came to me for roqya had been speaking to himself in the toilet. Slowly he went into conversation with the Shayateen, saying he was stronger than them, and that they couldn’t do anything to him. The Jinn possessed him, and he was to blame, because he was the one who told the jinn to present themselves.

          v) Jumping from a high place without saying bismillah:

          If a person says bismillah before an act, the jinn can hear it, and they will not ignore it. Sometimes a characteristic of the jinn is that they are arrogant, so it doesn’t matter to them if they see you, they think you can see them, but deep down they know you cannot. In turn they let you harm them, nudge or touch them and then they will touch you back. That evening you will not sleep all night, tossing and turning until they have had enough, then they will go back to their family – if they don’t like to possess humans, they want to live freely in the wilderness, settle and travel the way they want to. Whereas there are some jinn that want to live a material life, and to be in a human and that’s when they enter them.

          vii) Throwing stones or objects in the wilderness without saying bismillah:
          If a person throws something it can hit and can harm the jinn. The person should always start with bismillah before he does this.

          viii) Reading books on magic and calling upon the jinn to present themselves:

          This can cause harm. I have seen this happen. The person may get attacked and harmed, played with or possessed. This is the result of playing with Shaytaan, which is why it is forbidden for us to read these books.

          ix) Spraying insect killer without saying bismillah:

          As mentioned jinn can take the form of insects and animals, and so if a person uses insect killer without saying bismillah they can kill the jinn.

          x)Indirect Revenge

          This happens when a person is doing their Adhkaar, reciting Qur’an, staying away from haram to the best of their ability and is obedient to Allah azza wa jal, the jinn does not have anyway to attack the intended target, except through a those closest to him/her, for example the husband or wife etc.

          xi) One who turns away from the remembrance of Allah

          A jinn will oppress a human being who is heedless of the remembrance of Allah.
          We have to remember the jinn are not without intelligence, they have intellect. They will plan and wait until a person is exposed or a member of the family is also exposed. A person must always be calling upon Allah to help and protect him/her, which is why the morning and evening remembrance of Allah (Adhkaar) is so important as this does not render a person exposed to such vigilance on the part of the attacking jinn.

          And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful – We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion. (43:36)

          xii) Lustful desire

          Al Jinn al aashiq is not a new expression or understanding.
          Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said the possession of man by jinn can be out of sexual desire, evil notions, or even love just as it is with humans which is Fahsha’a, i.e. immorality and bad conduct which is forbidden, that is if the two have agreed on the act. However if only the jinn is doing this out of their will it is oppression.
          The one who is committing this crime must be informed of there actions and they will be judged according to Allah and His messenger’s laws which were sent for man and jinn.

          Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said taking pleasure in something or someone is to get what they want from the person or thing as what they wish or desire. This falls under all types of pleasure. The jinn will bring thing for them to please man, an image or money, take revenge on someone through murder, and in return they require man to obey the jinn by making them do acts of shirk, such as sujood to the jinn or another object or taking pleasure in them.

          And [mention, O Muhammad], the Day when He will gather them together [and say], “O company of jinn, you have [misled] many of mankind.” And their allies among mankind will say, “Our Lord, some of us made use of others, and we have [now] reached our term, which you appointed for us.” He will say, “The Fire is your residence, wherein you will abide eternally, except for what Allah wills. Indeed, your Lord is Wise and Knowing.” [6:128]

          xiii) Sihr

          The jinn accompany the one who has been bewitched to accomplish his goal. A person who visits a Saahir can be possessed.

          xiv) Zaar

          Zaar is a trance ceremony that uses drumming and dancing to cure an illness thought to be caused by a demon, it is prohibited by Islam as a pagan practice.
          The participants will form a circle and dance until they start losing control of their bodies and the jinn will enter them. Even if one is not taking part, but is present they can be possessed because they are not in a gathering of the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, but a gathering of the remembrance of Shaytaan.
          In most places that are gatherings of Shaytaan, the possibility arises for a person to be possessed. I have had experiences where patients have been raving, staying out late, listening to loud music, dancing, taking drugs and drinking alcohol and all types of Al Munkar and Al Fahsha’ (disobedience and all shamelessness) will be there, so this is a time when the Shayateen jinn will be there and can possess a human being.

          And Allah knows best.

          ~ Al Roqya Healing ~

        • I never have liked Djinn that much, Scotch and Tequila have been my tipple, I remember one night in the Army when me and a Tex/Mex finished off 2 bottles of the latter. Next day the evil spirits punished me for my lack of good sense.

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