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2 Replies to “Germany: “Southern men” attempt to rob Man in wheelchair”

  1. Germany: “Southern men” attempt to rob Man in wheelchair

    Attacking the crippled, halt, and lame … What further indication do Europeans need when it comes to the EU’s wholesale importation of such predatory parasites?!?

    It is an ancient superstition—remember; being superstitious is bad luck—that robbing the blind (or other significantly disadvantaged persons) is supremely bad karma.

    NOTE: As a scientific person, I believe in neither luck (i.e., you make your own “luck”) nor “karma”. Nonetheless, those who prey upon the crippled, halt, and lame represent, at best, life-forms lower than single-cell slime mold (and well-enough deserve similar treatment).

    To continue: That Socialist termites like Merkel (et al) have welcomed these marauding pillagers into civilized Western society merits far more than just the unimaginably tormented afterlife that so many might wish upon these anti-Western goons.

    A more immediate fate would seem to merit substantial consideration.

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