THE Memo itself:

1. Yeah we are all pretty sick of the memo. Show me the damn memo or shut up about it. But this is pretty good. If they don’t release the memo today, we here at VTB would need a pretty compelling reason to post more on it.

2. This is alleged to be THE Memo itself:

Click the link to download the whole pdf.

Here is a link right to the White House server.

Here is THE WHOLE MEMO for Download:

former US Ambassador, Alan Keyes on the memo.

Frank Gaffney was undersecretary of defence for Ronald Raegan


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  1. reuters – Trump escalates fight over Russia probe, approves release of secret memo

    […]The document has become a flashpoint in a battle between Republicans and Democrats over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal probe into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election. Mueller is also believed to be investigating any attempts to impede his probe.

    […]The memo, criticized by the FBI as incomplete and slammed by Democrats as an attempt to undermine Mueller’s probe, purports to show that the investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia was driven by political bias.

    […]Democrats said the memo cherry picks information.

    “The selective release and politicization of classified information sets a terrible precedent and will do long-term damage to the Intelligence Community and our law enforcement agencies,” Democrats on the House intelligence panel said in a statement on Friday.

    The Democrats said they hoped to release their own memo responding to the allegations on Feb. 5.

    Dems warn Trump: Firing Mueller, Rosenstein would spark ‘constitutional crisis’

    Democratic leadership on Friday issued a warning to President Trump that using a controversial GOP memo to fire special counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would create a “constitutional crisis” not seen since the Nixon administration.

    “We write to inform you that we would consider such an unwarranted action as an attempt to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation. Firing Rod Rosenstein, [Department of Justice] Leadership, or Bob Mueller could result in a constitutional crisis of the kind not seen since the Saturday Night Massacre,” Democrats wrote in the letter to Trump.

    In addition to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the second- and third-ranking members of Democratic leadership in both chambers, as well as top Democrats on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees in both chambers signed the letter.

    The House Intelligence Committee on Friday released a previously classified memo accusing senior officials at the Department of Justice of inappropriately using a piece of opposition research into then-candidate Trump to obtain surveillance warrants on transition team members as part of the federal investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

    The release came roughly an hour after the White House said Trump signed off on the memo’s release without redactions despite fierce objection from the FBI, which argued it contained “material omissions.”

    Democrats argue the memo is meant to undercut Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election and potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign by using “cherry-picked” facts that lack context.

    “The decision to release a partisan and misleading memo … was a transparent attempt to discredit the hard-working men and women of law enforcement who are investigating Russia’s interference with our Presidential election and that nation’s ties to your campaign,” Democratic leadership said in the letter to Trump.

    They added that they are “alarmed by reports that you may intend to use this misleading document as a pretext to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in an effort to corruptly influence or impede Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation.”

    The memo has sparked a wave of speculation that Trump could try to use it as a basis for firing Mueller or Rosenstein, a Trump-appointed official who named Mueller to be special counsel after the president fired then-FBI Director James Comey in May.

    The White House and its allies have downplayed reports that Trump could fire Mueller, though The New York Times reported late last week that he wanted to fire him in June but backed off after White House counsel Donald McGahn threatened to quit.

    Trump declined to say on Friday if he had confidence in Rosenstein, telling reporters: “You figure that one out.”

  2. Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting speaks to Fox News

    In an exclusive interview with Fox’s Catherine Herridge via Skype, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya shares new details about her brief June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the president’s son Donald Trump, Jr. and others. Find out why she was in New York City that day.

    You’ll also hear how she knows Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson and what she really thinks of the Trump dossier.

    ( 27 min 55

  3. VICE News – How The Nunes Memo Is A Danger To Democracy

    There seems to be some real parallels between Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre and Trump’s alleged desire to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller. Many in Congress seem to think their job is to protect the president.

  4. There are a lot of people who should be running for cover right now, I say should be because only one (McCabe ) is publicly doing this. While there is nothing in the memo that hasn’t been made public before this is the first time a Branch of the Government has released a document that says they have backup on these statements that can be used in court. As was stated in one of the Tweets this memo proves high crimes and misdemeanors enough was brought out in the memo to prove that the Obama Administration (probably at his orders, but he will more then likely say he didn’t know) used the US Federal Law Enforcement departments and the Intelligence agencies to spy on a Presidential Candidate to try and ensure that that person didn’t win the election. When he did win the only way they had and now have to remain out of prison is to carry out a quiet or violent coup to replace the duely elected President with someone who would accept their attack on the rule of law and on the Constitution. We are now waiting for the next evidence to come out and for the Justice Department to act on the evidence that has already come to light. While we are waiting the internal enemies of freedom are busy deciding if they will continue to fight their quiet coup, surrender to the police or turn their militias (BLM,BAMN, antifa, etc) loose to try and make the US ungovernable. My bet is a combination of one and three.

    • The Dems are going to keep pushing until the rest of the documents are declassified and released. Then they will discover that they have committed political suicide.

    • Yes it does affect the Mueller investigation, the people who deliberately lied to a Judge to get a FISA warrant are the people Mueller chose to investigate they allegations that were put forward by the Dossier. These two facts taints the entire Mueller investigation, and taints them to the extent that if the IG doesn’t come back with a recommendation of prosecution against a lot of people involved in the investigation we will be forced to lobby vigorously until a Special Counsel is appointed to investigate Meuller, the FBI, the DOJ and Mueller. We will need someone like Larry Klayman or Rudy G. to run the investigation, and we will need investigators with a lot of courage to do the investigating. They will be going up against people who are willing to kill to achieve their political goals and will blackmail or kill investigators who get too close to putting them in the pen.

  5. The Memo Reveals the Coup against America
    The memo has been released, now it’s time to release everything.
    February 2, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    The Democrats and the media spent a week lying to the American people about the “memo.”

    The memo was full of “classified information” and releasing” it would expose “our spying methods.” By “our,” they didn’t mean American spying methods. They meant Obama’s spying methods.

    A former White House Ethics Lawyer claimed that the Nunes memo would undermine “national security.” On MSNBC, Senator Chris Van Hollen threatened that if the memo is released, the FBI and DOJ “will refuse to share information with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.”

    Senator Cory Booker howled that releasing the memo was “treasonous” and might be “revealing sources and methods” and even “endangering fellow Americans in the intelligence community.”

    The memo isn’t treasonous. It reveals a treasonous effort by the Democrats to use our intelligence agencies to rig an election and overturn the will of the voters.

    The only two “sources” 16 are Christopher Steele, who was funded by the Clinton campaign, and a Yahoo News article, that were used to obtain a FISA warrant against a Trump associate. That Yahoo story came from Michael Isikoff, the reporter who knew about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky but suppressed it. It was based on more leaks from Steele which the FBI and DOJ chose to ignore. Steele’s identity was already well known. The only new source revealed is Yahoo News.

  6. CNN – Rep. Schiff: Nunes memo “cherry-picks” information

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer the Nunes memo is “deeply misleading” by omitting information, and calls for the release of the Democrats’ memo.

  7. the gateway pundit BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee to Release Memo on FBI, Christopher Steele and Russia Dossier

    The Senate Judiciary Committee also has a memo on Steele, the dossier and the FBI, and is working to get it declassified.”[…]

    Another document — an eight-page criminal referral filed with the Justice Department by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — is also part of the GOP case.

    While the FBI has been protesting the release of the Nunes memo, it has been working behind the scenes to vet a version of the Grassley-Graham memo, which is expected to be released in redacted form soon. The FBI is also seeking redactions to the Nunes memo, though it is not clear the White House or congressional Republicans will agree to them.

    On January 5th, Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a letter to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding they investigate if Christopher Steele lied to federal authorities.

    The letter was the first criminal referral from Congress.

    It is being reported that several memos will be released and the worst is yet to come.

    the gateway pundit – GOP Rep. To Seek CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of FBI, DOJ Officials over “TREASON” in FISA Memo

    In a letter published Friday, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) announced he will seek the criminal prosecution of FBI and Justice Department officials in response to the “treason,” laid out in the recently released FISA abuse memo.

    “The FBI knowingly took false information from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign and then used it to smear Donald Trump in order to hurt his campaign,” wrote Gosar.

    “The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason,” Gosar continued.

    Gosar revealed he would seek “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation.”

    Under the U.S. constitution, the FBI and Justice Department officials could be put to death if found guilty of treason.

  8. MoA- Memo: Democrats Made Up Evidence Enabled Eavesdropping On Trump Campaign

    Over the last month political enemies of U.S. President Trump and the FBI and Justice Department have desperately tried to prevent the publishing of a memo written by the Republican controlled House Intelligence Committee.[…]

    […]If the above memo proves to be correct one can conclude that a Democratic front organization created “evidence” that was then used by the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to get FISA warrants to spy on someone with intimate contacts into the Trump campaign.

    The Democrats as well as the FBI have done their utmost to keep this secret.[…]

    Getting a FISA warrant on Carter Page meant that all his communication with the Trump campaign was effectively under surveillance of the Obama administration. While Page was no longer an official member of the campaign at the time of the warrant it is likely that he had kept contact. All internal communication that Page had access to was thereby also accessible for at least some people who tried to prevent a Trump election victory.

    One must wonder if the FISA warrant and eavesdropping on Page was the only one related to the Trump campaign.

    One may (like me) dislike Trump and the Republican party and all they stand for. But this looks like an extremely dirty play by the Democrats and by the Obama administration far outside of any decency and fairness. The Steele dossier is obviously made up partisan nonsense. To the use it for such a FISA warrant was against the most basic rules of a democratic system. It probably broke several laws.

    There are still many questions: What was, exactly, the result of the surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign? Who was getting these results – officially and unofficially? How were they used?

    I am pretty sure now that more heads of those involved will role. Some of the people who arranged the scheme, and some of those who tried to cover it up, may go to jail.

    If Trump and the Republicans play this right they have practically won the next elections.

  9. Nunes memo questions role of Trump dossier in FBI probe

    The memo makes the case that the secret national security court was kept in the dark by the FBI and DOJ when they sought and secured a surveillance warrant for the Trump campaign and Carter Page;

    Catherine Herridge goes in-depth for ‘Special Report.’

  10. CNN – WH deputy press secy: We welcome Dem memo info

    ( 11 min 40 )

    White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah tells CNN’s Erin Burnett he expects Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to continue on in his role and that no changes are expected in the Department of Justice.

  11. DOJ needs to be investigated by special counsel: Rep. Jordan

    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on the Democratic version of the FISA memo and the history behind the intelligence memo and Trump dossier.

  12. All Americans should be concerned with FISA memo: Rep. Gaetz

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on the released Republican FISA memo and the anti-Trump dossier.

  13. Dem congressman: Memo slams FBI to protect Trump

    Tucker takes on Rep. Eric Swalwell, who says the Devin Nunes-authored memo is will to sacrifice the reputation of the FBI for politics. But why did the left try so hard to keep the memo from becoming public?

  14. BREITBART – Maher: ‘All the Republicans These Days Are Treasonous Rats’

    On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated Republicans are “treasonous rats” and are patriots of Russia.

    Maher said, “[F]orget Groundhog Day, the only large, ratlike creature I’m concerned about is Devin Nunes. This guy — his memo got released today. Of course, it’s not fair to single him out, all the Republicans these days are treasonous rats.”

    He later added, “Republicans, they did not like what the FBI was finding out about Trump. So, like the true patriots they are, of Russia, they attacked the FBI and the Justice Department because they’re biased. Yes, because they’re in law enforcement, and the Trump crime family commits crimes. So, that’s what they are supposed to do. It’s like saying the exterminator is biased against the termites.”
    White House official responds to attacks regarding FISA memo

  15. While it would be wrong to call the entire Memogate “boring”. Nonetheless, it is difficult to avoid the adjective “unsurprising”.

    The 0bama administration’s penchant for corruption was apparent from its earliest days. At the very least, his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize merely for not being Bush 2.0 was a strong indicator of this individual’s willingness to tolerate blatant falsehood.

    A pair of examples:

    Cathy Zoi, 0bama’s assistant secretary of energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy, at that time was married to Robin Roy, who owns options on at least 120,000 shares of Serious Materials, a (supposedly) leading manufacturer of energy-efficient windows.

    Despite how much larger window manufacturers like Andersen and Pella (both billion dollar corporations) offer the exact same fenestration accouterments—without managing to misstate their products’ ability to reduce energy consumption—Serious Materials posted such blatantly false claims as how “consumers could cut their home energy bills by 40% to 50% with replacement windows alone (it’s really more like 7% to 15%, according to Consumer Reports)“.

    Please note how, with annual sales of $20–$50 million, Serious Materials does not even appear on the 2016 list of Top 100 North American window manufacturers.

    Yet, mysteriously enough, this puny company magically qualified for a $500,000 stimulus tax credit and was given a shout-out by 0bama in a March 2009 speech.

    But wait, there’s (much) more!

    Let’s examine Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, a key “bundler” (of smaller donations)—which amounted to between $50,000 and $100,000 for 0bama’s first run at the Oval Office.

    From: The Solyndra Scandal Charity, Tax Loopholes, and Billionaire George Kaiser

    But last fall Kaiser began attracting the media’s attention, and since then he has become a central figure in the escalating Solyndra scandal. Kaiser was the largest shareholder in Solyndra, the bankrupt solar panel company that got a $535 million Energy Department loan guarantee through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as “the stimulus.” The government must now assume Solyndra’s debt, which will likely never be repaid.

    Congress is exploring why the doomed loan was made and if it’s connected to the fact that Kaiser—listed by Forbes as the 31st richest person in the United States, and whose foundation owned one-third of Solyndra—raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama in the 2008 presidential race. It’s been suggested that Kaiser, ever seeking a boost for his hometown, may have used his political contributions to help secure the construction of a Solyndra plant in Tulsa. (Tulsa World, Oct. 2, 2011) Government documents suggest the White House exerted pressure to rush approval of the loan guarantee in 2009 despite evidence that the company was failing.

    With a 36 percent stake, that made Kaiser’s foundation the largest investor.

    In an exceedingly rare instance of wise governance by Bush 2.0, his advisers persuaded him to deny any government funding to Solyndra. This only lends a greater degree of suspicion with regard to why 0bama green-lighted this venture with such unbecoming haste.

    Particularly sad is that Solyndra’s original concept was somewhat innovative. Instead of flat panels, their solar cells were tubular so that they could intercept sunlight at angles approaching 45 degrees. Incidentally (so to speak), the downside to this form factor was that it required custom-designed CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) reactors to coat the interiors of these tubular modules. When push came to shove (i.e., bankruptcy), these astronomically expensive and task-specific coating systems had, literally, ZERO resale value. After all, who else was mass-producing tubular solar cells?!?

    Secondly, with the relative popularity of “snow roof coatings” (i.e., the bright white polymer top-coat on many large warehouses and even some residential homes), the Solyndra arrays were able to intercept light reflected back up to the underside of these same tubular cells. However, this seemingly inventive approach to energy harvesting suffered from how rain and dew tended to “wash” particulate matter (i.e., dust) to the tube’s underside, thereby obstructing incoming light reflected by the roof. Additionally, there also was a discouraging up-front cost of snow coating the roof before any installation could begin.

    Nonetheless, there was trouble from the beginning. Despite widespread industrial property vacancies in the Fremont, California area where Solyndra was based, they opted to do a “ground-up” construction of their fabrication facility. Known (for its extravagance) among local developers as “The Taj Mahal”, their factory featured such costly amenities as digital temperature controls for employee showers. In fact, this one project consumed most of the $535M DOE loan.

    Of far greater consequence was Solyndra’s voluntary and fatal overstatement (curiously similar to that of Serious Materials) with respect to their solar arrays’ energy conversion efficiency rates. Their design used CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) coatings—more commonly known as “amorphous thin film” technology—as opposed to the more common and much higher (+18%) efficiency of polycrystalline wafer, thin-film flat panel configurations.

    They misrepresented their product’s energy conversion rates (sometimes quoted in the double-digit range of over 10%) even as they languished in the 6%–8% realm. This caused their $3–$6 dollar per Watt product cost to falter badly against Red China’s (admittedly, heavily subsidized) dollar per Watt sale price.

    Additionally, Solyndra’s business model was based upon expectations of continuing high prices for polysilicon—whose recent shortage had caused a global near-panic (to the point where Communist China encouraged ruinous, domestic overproduction)—the prices for which immediately plummeted due to that same oversupply.

    Even the most raw marketing greenhorn could have predicted which corner of the profit–and–loss graph Solyndra’s revenues were headed for. Yet, somehow, 0bama and his crew of financial high-technology geniuses managed to shell out over half-a-BILLION dollars to this overspending and unproven venture.

    Finally, George Kaiser was brazen enough to request that his investments were recompensed before Solyndra’s asset liquidation was assigned over to government receivership. This was a shameless attempt to circumvent federal law which requires that recovered monies are first directed to the public coffers.

    The foregoing summaries are just two examples of the pervasive corruption that 0bama countenanced during his (earliest) time in office. I will leave it to your own imaginations just how much such a mare’s nest of filthy cronyism permeated this past administration.

    However appropriate the term may be (and no thanks to 0bama), “deep state” doesn’t even come close to limning out the depth of deceit and anti-Constitutional intrigue that continues to plague America’s federal government.

    To close, all patriotic Americans can only heave a gigantic sigh of relief that 0bama 2.0 Hillary Clinton was denied any seat in the Oval Office. The prospect of this hyper-ventilating, 0bama-clone, Socialist assuming executive authority over the United States is enough to make any sane person’s blood run cold.

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