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  1. It’s gone to Trump for review. He has five days to release or not to release it.
    Tomorrow is Trump’s State of the Union Address. I really doubt he wants the memo to overtake his achievements, for now. In a few days, we’ll have the memo.

  2. Gowdy: Recovered FBI texts show the ‘fix was in’

    Video time point – 04:40

    “Well, you would think that Democrats, at some point, it would occur to them that most FBI agents aren’t Liberal, they’re probably Conservative … I’d be willing to bet money on that.

    So, if you allow the FBI to let their agents make decisions on the basis of their political beliefs maybe that’s going to hurt Democrats at some point. Maybe all of us have a real interest in clean and ethical government. But they don’t seem to have an interest in that right now.

    These concerns have been a recurring theme (in Conservative politics) for over a decade.

    SIDEBAR: One more time, I am obliged to refer readers to the Yuri Bezmenov interview where he criticizes Liberals for their unwillingness to recognize how persecution can, just as easily, be turned back upon themselves.

    The thought that restrictive policies might only be applied to one particular political party (and not the other), is repugnant, not to mention, indicative of narrow-minded idiocy and shortsightedness which can only lead to oppression of Democrats and Republicans alike.

    Yet, Liberals (especially), seem utterly immune to the consequences of this sort of partisan bias, which has reared its ugly head in the FBI and DOJ.

    The notion of harsh prison terms being a potential part of this equation is gratifying beyond all measure. Yet, somehow, so many of Hillary’s co-conspirators were willing to overlook this in their haste to get one of the most corrupt presidential candidates in all of American history ushered into the Oval Office.


    (If the video does not render, please see the following post.)

    • Don’t let Gowdy fool you: he’s deep cover for deepest state. His strutting makes me sick.
      Knows all the formulae, all the prosecutorial mannerisms. He’ll scold an evil criminal so it looks like “something’s being done”. But that’s the end of it, the fix is always in. Remember Lois Lerner, remember Benghazi.
      If something pans out this time, it’ll be in spite of this phony.

      • Scolding is all Gowdy can legally do, Congress can’t prosecute anyone for the crimes uncovered, all they can do is send a recommendation to the Justice Department recommending prosecution.

        With the FBI and the Justice Department undergoing a house cleaning we may see some of the crimes he has uncovered prosecuted.

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