AfD lays it out, Geert in Hungary, ANOTHER PIG FARM BURNS!!! Links 2, Jan 29, 2018

1. Here at vlad we have done posts on fires on pig farms in Ontario before. Also peculiar bureaucratic issues with abattoirs that deal with pig slaughter that causes them to be closed. How odd. And now this:

Nearly 4,000 pigs die in southwestern Ontario barn 

JARVIS, Ont. – Provincial police say thousands of pigs have died in a large barn in southwestern Ontario caught fire early Monday morning.


They say firefighters were called to the Jarvis, Ont., fire at about 1 a.m., where they found a barn fully engulfed in flames.

Police say that while firefighters were there, a second barn close to the first caught fire.

(This is the second major fire at a pig farm this winter that I know about and in the past few years, well there has been quite a few. At some point I will try and do another post with a list of them. If any people reading have the time and skill to research pig farm fires and abattoir issues in Ontario in the past 5 years or so, please leave your links under this post to be added to the growing list.)

2. Great moment with the AfD in German Parliament. Reason, fact and logic might be returning in increments to chambers of legislatures in the West.

3. Wonderful interview with Geert Wilders on Hungarian Radio.

Thank you Anton, Stephanie, and all who helped with these items. More to come!

UPDATE: EB sent in this directly relevant item from Rebel Media:


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