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20 Replies to “The Genocide that may not be named”

  1. Where is the voice of non-communist South African blacks? Is there such a voice? Is it too afraid to speak?

    For all of the fake sensitivity and false empathy being pushed by every half-baked, half-witted, public teat-sucking, over-educated, jealous, passive aggressive commie ding-bat over the last 50 years where has it got us? These phonies are creating a world far more heartless and unfair than anything the white conservative western patriarchy could have ever imagined, with life becoming cheaper by the second. (I’m not only speaking of South Africa now.)

    The most frightening thing is the ludicrous lies used to justify genocide. And who will record these war crimes if no one outside South Africa will admit to them? And after it is all done the butchers will emigrate to a western country because–you guessed it–life is no good under communism!

  2. FYI: When the white government gave up control of South Africa the rand was at par with the US dollar in the exchanges, now it is worth 8 cents US.

    The White Genocide is planned for the entire world, we have University Professors calling for the murder of all Whites in the US, we have the European nations placing the lives of the European well below the feelings of the Islamic Invaders. In South Africa we are seeing the future of Europe and North America unless we start fighting back.

    • We have our own students in Canada hating the color of their White skin. They don’t know that Caucasians are a minority on the planet. I’ve had discussions with some students that are with Black guys and they actually want the White race to disappear.

      RE South Africa: They’re eradicating their own food source. How dumb can they be?

      • Why do you think so many black nations are unable to feed themselves, almost all of them use to export food, now they have to import food.

  3. Doesn’t everyone remember that people of color can’t be racist? Therefore, how can they possibly commit genocide? Be sure to ignore that whole Hutu and Tutsi kerfuffle.

    If anything, (predominantly White) Liberal media feels so much guilt-by-extension over Apartheid that they are immobilized by their own self-loathing and too busy excusing whatever Black revenge motive to notice any genocide.

    Just in case anyone forgot:

    • Elie Wiesel said you should always believe the threats of your enemies against the promises of your friends.
      If someone says he wants to kill me, I take it dead seriously. Always.
      No figure of speech, transient ‘passion’, or mitigating circumstance.
      No kidding.

      • If someone says he wants to kill me, I take it dead seriously. Always.
        No figure of speech, transient ‘passion’, or mitigating circumstance.
        No kidding.

        Too right, yucki!

        Your reasoning is what I always have used to explain why—whenever the IRG or Hezbollah leads those “Death to America” chants—capping Khamenei or Nasrallah seems like the only logical thing to do.

        Especially if they can be given a .50 caliber third eye in the midst of squealing their anti-American hatred before several hundred thousand people.

        Hell, I’d subscribe to any cable channel which carried that footage.

        You go, girl!

  4. Looks like soon Mexico will be voting in a Marxist Government, so it makes yo ownder how long it’ll take till Mexico resembles Venezuela.

  5. It now looks like South Africa is trying very hard to mimic Zimbabwe. Although they will never beat Mugabwe’s record of turning the 3rd richest country in Africa and the breadbasket for the southern half of Africa into a basket case in ten years. But they may well do it with 25 as SA is virtually bankrupt already. Capetown is very close to running out of potable water despite being warned of this 25 years ago. the list is endless. They have stolen their foreign reserves, nationalised industries and now they want the white farms as well so within 10-20 years they will be on the famine list also. It is very hard not to generalize about Africans when you see the absolutely corrupt incompetence that almost EVERY African country shows. Ever wondered why Lagos has so many old locomotives? Dig it up and find out. Travel African airlines at your own risk. I spent 5 years there trying to help them and I learned quick smart to sleep with a gun but it still did not save me. The most disastrous the west ever did in Africa was famine relief and neonatal child care as now instead of 2 out of 8 surviving, all 8 do now and 6 of them have no family home to hope for and less inclination to work.

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