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15 Replies to “Italian Psychiatrist crushes the Islamic Postmodern culture which is destroying the West”

  1. What a great Italian! What a great speaker! This speech is remarkable in its brevity and completeness. However the revolution he wants launched from Rome has already left from eastern stations. It isn’t the first time Rome stood by idly to watch the Muslims invade Europe, only to let easterners be fodder despite pleas for help. Regardless, let history teach them to act now on the words of this valiant man. Better late than never.

    From the Magyar Garden
    A honey bee buzzed by
    Heavy with sweet pollen
    He heaved a happy sigh:
    “They fertilize with blood, I think,
    And irrigate with tears
    They’ve grown their darkdeep flowers
    For a thousand or more years.”
    Just then another bee
    Flew by the other way
    And bid the panting parting bee
    A sunnyfine Good Day
    “Any tips, old pal,
    To a garden neverbeen?
    I heard about it from a friend
    But it I’ve never seen.”
    The laden bee then paused for thought
    — To measure up his words
    “They plant their hearts right in the dirt
    On the very day they die
    And when they sprout they shoot right up
    As flowers to the sky
    The lilies are atomic
    They detonate with joy
    The roses hide great secrets in their folds and pleated ploys.”
    And then this little bee
    So vivid on his treasure
    Lowered down his voice
    To whisper for safe measure
    “There’s something you should know, dear bee,
    About the Magyar garden
    There are two vines so intertwined
    At war, it seems, forever.
    The one you must beware of
    Has a fragrance made in heaven
    It’s rich and sings of Paradise
    Out of Six it is a Seven!
    It conjures fields of flowers
    Extending out of sight
    With not a single fence
    To hamper you your flight.”
    And then the bee just stopped and swallowed
    –Afraid to speak so free
    Then grabbed his courage by the throat
    –Out of necessity.
    “The other vine it clings so tight Around the pretty one
    Its scent is nothing quite as sweet
    Quite plain, in fact, not fun.
    It’s stalk is thick just like a brick
    The wood it winds like iron
    Around-around the pretty one
    A gripping deathly spire.”
    “But what is this?” The other bee
    Interrupted suddenly
    “We bees must chase the sweetest smells
    –Our duty to the world
    Where sweetness lays we fertilize
    Hence make the whole thing turn.
    You put your back to Virtue, friend,
    –You seem to have it wrong
    Collectively we save the world
    Together we are strong.”
    And then the bee so weighted down
    With nectar that he faltered
    Tried one last time to set things straight
    Just words, he knew, did matter.
    “There is no honey in a lie
    No sugar in a song
    The wooded stalk gives only Truth
    It’s flowers are so strong
    They are not flashy in their colours
    Not brilliant not at all
    But the honey that their pollen gives
    Runs thick with golden brawn
    Conversely, now, the other one
    –Althought it seems so sweet
    Makes honey just like water
    — So thin and oh-so weak
    It kills you with its kindness
    –Its Sophistry of Scent
    But bid you I Adieu, right now,
    For I am almost spent.”
    With that the Magyar Garden bee
    Went off now on his own
    The other bee just shook his head
    He watched the truth fly home
    Then landed on a post did he
    To rest his weary wings
    Then puffed his chest to make a speech
    On higher, noble things:
    “I stand here on this post
    A modern bee, of sorts
    And beg to you all other bees
    To heed my words the most–”
    But suddenly a wind came up
    A tornado from the east
    And blew the bee right off his post
    –Right off his “modern” speech
    He did not have the strength to rise
    Now felt himself so hollow
    The Magyar Garden bee, he wished,
    He’d had the strength to follow.

    • Yes the revolution he wants has started he needs to start pushing that revolution in Italy. Of course he may be tailoring his statements to his audience to get around any prejudices they have.

        • If is is half as intelligent as he sounds he will put Italy on the road out of this mess.

          I don’t know how much US history you know but during his life time Ben Franklin’s enemies considered him a buffoon, to a very large extent he helped them think this because it let him lead them around by the nose without their knowing it.

          When someone who sounds very intelligent misses or seems to ignore an important point consider why they may be doing this.

        • I LOVE the poem, Johnny!

          Magyar-Bee won’t convince those Roman-bees intoxicated on the ‘Sophistry of Scent’. Its garden is rugged, tended with blood and tears for a 1000 years. Substance, endurance.

          Italy’s been paying off tardish terrorists since the ’70s. Magyar pays no ransom, no Danegeld (Cosa Nostra -geld).

          Soft communism was seductive, Hungary knew the hard stuff.
          No “bonismo” (Gutmenschen). Responsibility, that’s not what Bergoglio’s peddling.

  2. Thanks Yucki. I really appreciate that. Also there is in there the postmodernism reference and it’s hollowness (which gets blown away by the east wind), fields without fences (borders), the allusion to the rich, fragrant vine that says nice things (Soros), and the earnest, thicker vine entwined around it (Orban).There is the one bee’s fear to speak freely, the “collective” reference, and other things. Maybe Copywriter is right, but from my end I cant find much superfluous to these ideas expressed. Anyhow thanks again. You’re a great reader.

  3. His speech is great – about saving western culture. I just wished he had mention Christ and Christianity somewhere in there. Not just culture.

  4. Slumbering Europe begins to awaken.

    Sadly, it will probably require some rather rude awakenings to rouse enough people in time to save European civilization. This definitely is going to get a lot uglier before it ever begins to get better.

    Most of all, there must emerge the will to exceed the violence and barbarity that has been dropped into their midst. Without any ability to go these savages one better at their own vicious games, Europe will be just so much low hanging fruit waiting to be picked.

    • Make families, have babies and love them. Fully human people.
      Skin in the game for a future worth living.
      Otherwise it’s all just death: something worth dying for // killing for – just flip-sides of nihilism.

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