Hamas at home, Huma Abdi’didit, London mayor’s thought police guidelines: Links 2, January 3, 2018

1. Clare Lopez on Hamas

2. Why was there not serious investigation of Huma Abedin?

3. It appears that the German women with the sign objecting to rape and murder was arrested for the sign.

Original post to which, MissPiggy answered above:

4. Selective enforcement of thought control in modern London England:

5. ?

6. Real moral clarity and leadership

7. So it looks like we may finally know where Canada kneels on the Iranian protests and surprise surprise surprise, its right where Obama would have.

Liberal MP declares Islamic Regime an “Elected Government” amidst Nation Wide Protests

In the last week, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in the largest and most radical nationwide protests since the revolution of 1979. While the protest were sparked by the high cost of living and widespread unemployment, the protests quickly spread throughout the country’s many major cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Rashd, Mashad, Esfehan and Bukan and quickly became anti-government.


While the world witnessed large anti-government protests in Iran both in 1999 and 2009, the current protests are significantly different, not only in scale, but also in its radical demand for the overthrow of the Islamic Regime. Some of the most popular slogans have been “death to Rouhani” the current reformist president, “death to Khamenei” the un-elected Supreme Leader, “death to the Islamic Regime” “No more Islamic Regime” and “Freedom, independence, Iranian Republic.”

(Click through for the Canadian Liberal MP response)

Thank you Xanthippa, EB., NorseRadish, M., Richard, MissPiggy and many more. In fact, this is another spectacular day in the Reader’s Links comments.

After all:

Crooked Hillary’s home in Chappaqua is on fire. – The Left is supporting Steve Bannon. – Dow hits another record high because of Trump. – Manafort Sues DOJ & Mueller. – Chelsea Clinton wishes the Church of Satan a Happy New Year. – It’s only 3 Days into 2018.

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