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10 Replies to “NAFRI gang attacks French policewoman on NYE”

  1. Can you believe that most of the French People, especially those with university educations, actually want to bring millions of guys just like this into their country? They had their opportunity to vote Le Pen, but they chose the left, so they know what they are doing. Do French people like riots or something? Do they like seeing their police officers beat up by howling baboons shouting, “Start the fire! Start the fire!”. Would somebody tell me why the educated people want to fill our streets with wild rampaging animals like this?

    • As far as I can tell they think (or what passes for thought in their bodies) that if you just don’t go around the invaders you will never have any trouble. You get the same reaction among the left in the states when talking about the gangs, they say don’t go around them and you will have no problems. These people normally live far away from the areas that have trouble and don’t understand that most people can’t just pack up and move anytime they want.

  2. What they need is to get a couple of hundred people with combat gear and go on a search and destroy sweep through that no go zone. Make that a couple of thousand.

  3. German TV reporter interviews migrants and tries to understand why they act irresponsibly with fireworks. Answer: It is just fun and completely normal.

    • If I wanted to make the German people rise up in a violent right-wing backlash I would do exactly what Angela Merkel has been doing. Why is Angela Merkel trying to ignite a civil war inside Germany? What motivation could she possibly have, other than the onset of complete insanity?

      • She has the same goal of all leftist, the destruction of western civilization. Civil wars during a hostile invasion is their current tactic.

  4. I will tell you why they did not use their weapons, simple the mob was too far gone and they were already in a difficult position being isolated and surrounded with no backup. A couple of pistols would not have saved them at that point and shooting a couple would have meant them being killed by enraged protesters. That is why the man waved his gun but did not fire it.

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