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6 Replies to “President Trump suggests Huma Abedin should be jailed”

      • The left has been fighting having any plans to handle the causalities of a major nuclear strike on the US. The fact that the same preparations would save lives in other disasters never occurs to them.

    • I’m no sucker. Calls for investigations – even show-dog investigations – leave me cold. Grand juries, criminal charges, handcuffs, and perp-walks. Nothing less for this Deplorable.
      PT is just throwing chunks of raw meat to the dogs, or changing the subject, or doing something else.

  1. I would like to hear someone ask exactly who thought that it was OK to give Huma Secretary of State-level security clearance despite knowing that she is a Muslim Brotherhood Princess. I would like to hear Trey Goudy ask someone point blank, “On what basis did you recommend a top security clearance to an obviously compromised individual like Huma Abedin?

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