New Year’s Eve Germany: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot

An original translation from Braunschweiger Zeitung:

12-Year-Old Girl Badly Wounded By Bullet Shots in Silvester Night

SALZGITTER The girl is not in critical condition. Police arrest three suspects in Thiede.
January 1, 2018

Several People Celebrated New Year with gunshots. A 12-year-old girl was shot.  Photo: Foto: Rudolf Karliczek

A 12-year-old girl was gravely wounded in the Salzgitter district of Thiede, when several men fired indiscriminately with handguns in Silvester night. The child was hit in the upper body and underwent emergency surgery in a Wolfenbüttel hospital. According to Salzgitter police spokesman Matthias Pintak, the girl is not in critical condition.

Police only learnt about the wound by a gun in hospital. “The full police force went into action immediately”, said Pintak. With the help of witnesses, his colleagues swiftly determined three suspects who were lingering near the crime scene, and immediately arrested them. “Their involvement in the crime is currently under investigation and is not yet finally determined”, says Pintak. The area around Diesterwegstraße, where the crime happened, is still widely cordoned off around noontime. Police went in with track hounds searching for ammunition. According to information that our newspaper has obtained, on the street, in the cordoned-off area around a sports bar, more than 20 brass were found. Neighbours told our newspaper that there shortly before midnight, “firing in all directions” started. Some projectiles appear to have hit a house.

It has not yet finally been determined which types of guns were used. It is also still unclear if all of the three suspects were involved in the crime, and who of them used an armed weapon. “We are still investigating into whether the three suspects will appear before the committing magistrate” says Pintak. Not much is known about the identity of the three men. One of them is 65 years old.

New Year’s Eve 2016-2017 in Thiede already made nationwide headlines. Two voluntary firemen (33 and 28 years old) who were off-duty rushed to support their colleagues near the station house, and were beaten up. One of the two men still suffers from the after-effects. Unknown people had, among others, broken his ankle multiple times. The perpetrators were never apprehended, prosecution closed the case in May.

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  1. 41 REPORTED SEXUAL ASSAULTS IN North Rhine-Westphalia –

    The North Rhine-Westphalian police officers had a lot of work on New Year’s Eve 2017/18.

    The Police were called in the period from Sunday, 31.12.2017, 19:00 h to Monday, 01.01.2018, 06:00 h, 4300 deployments which is more than the previous year (3800).

    While major clashes and offenses from large groups of people could be prevented, the officers had to intervene on many smaller occasions.

    According to current circulars from the county police, the number of ordinary offenses increased from 372 in the previous year to 465, while the number of serious injuries decreased from 187 to 172.

    The number of pickpocketing dropped from 38 to 18, it came as in the previous year to 12 robberies.

    The police took 41 sexual assault charges including sex offenses, up from 25 in the previous year. The number of cases of sexual, personal injury and / or property offenses from groups of three or more fell by more than half of 38 to 16 offenses.

    The police also filed 363 complaints for property damage, compared to 395 in the previous year.

    234 people were injured by foreign influence on New Year’s Eve celebrations (previous year: 251).

    In the various missions, 25 police officers were also injured (previous year: 33). Police arrested 31 people (54 in the previous year) and 290 were detained (297 in the previous year).

    In addition, the police issued 1489 enforced evictions, in the previous year there were 746. About 5,700 police officers were in NRW at the turn of the year in action, the police showed a lot of presence, especially at the big celebrations in the cities along the Rhine, Ruhr and Westphalia. Forces of the North Rhine-Westphalian police authorities supported the deployment on site and were also on standby to respond to any situation.

    “Individual cases” on New Year’s Eve from all over Germany:

  2. New Year´s Eve in Thuringia –

    In a dispute between foreigners and Germans in the city center of Arnstadt (Ilm district) a participant was seriously injured. The man was attacked New Year’s Eve from a group of foreigners with a broken glass bottle, as the police announced on Monday.
    One serious and two slightly injured.

    Victim was so badly that he had to be operated. Two of the other attacked Germans suffered lighter cuts and bruises. Police are looking for witnesses.

  3. Attempted Murder in Baden-Baden, Germany –
    A 30-year-old was attacked on the way home yesterday (New Year´s Eve) by a group of men and stabbed with a knife. Walking on a footpath near the Oos river, the group came from the direction of a playground. The victim was able to find help and was admitted to a hospital and it now in intensive care.


    In Dusseldorf, where the police are so satisfied with the conditions during New Year´s Eve celebrations, a “man” has deliberately driven his car into a bouncer of a nightclub and seriously injured him.

    A tattered red carpet leads to the back entrance of a club in the center of Düsseldorf. Here is where an unknown motorist intentionally drove into security guards/bouncers on early New Year’s morning against 5.30 clock. Tracks show that he had turned his car for this purpose three times on the road driving into the people.


    Crew of an ambulance threatened with firearms(GUNS)

    During New Year´s Eve celebration in Berlin, police confiscated two weapons(firearms), 8 police and 60 emergency vehicles have been attacked.

    Reported to public per TV teletext:

    In Berlin-Neukölln, of all places, in a stronghold of migrants, people write warning signs for everyone on the wall, quote, “They do not have so many prisons to imprison us all”

    • During New Year´s Eve celebration in Berlin, police confiscated two weapons (firearms), 8 police and 60 emergency vehicles have been attacked.

      As I have mentioned elsewhere:

      What a great idea! Go ahead and threaten emergency services personnel and see what happens when they finally decide that your postal code is a place that they no longer wish to provide with whatever “full spectrum” of services (timely or otherwise).

      Can these “immigrant” morons get any stupider? Don’t answer that!


    In Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, unknown people have seriously damaged a historic well in the city center on New Year’s Eve. They put a firework on the Borwin Fountain and blew it up, the police said. Almost half of the upper drainage basin had been blown off, a spokesman said. “There was really explosive power behind it.” The damage estimates the police to tens of thousands of euros.

    Pictures of damages:

    • In Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, unknown people have seriously damaged a historic well in the city center on New Year’s Eve.

      Once again, like with whatever openly masturbating sub-morons elsewhere in Germany, THESE SCHEISSKOPFS KNOW BLOODY-WELL WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

      Does anyone here honestly think that people in the perpetrators’ village of origin would allow vandalism of a critical water source to go unpunished? Hell no!

      Just like any publicly masturbating cretin, these worthless sacks of ambulatory excrement would be thrown down the nearest mine shaft without a backward glance.

      These scumbags know exactly what they’re doing and are all-too aware of just how offensive their acts are. There is no possible way that even the dimmest (judicial) bench-warmer can pretend how such an act is not totally anti-social.

      Track back just a century or two and those who willingly vandalized a village’s prime water source (or just masturbated in public) would quickly have found themselves on the wrong end of a tightly wrapped hemp necktie.

      That supposedly, “civilized”, European judges cannot bring themselves to award such malefactors with appropriate prison sentences is a crime in and of itself.

      Perhaps locking up several of these flaccid European judges with their “can-do-no-wrong” immigrant angels might serve to alter this horribly distorted equation.

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