Another ramming attack, this time Dublin, Iran begins to demand freedom and more: Links 1, Dec. 29, 2017

1. The direction remains, but the velocity is picking up.

2. Another relative of Huma Abedin headed to jail

A cousin of Huma Abedin who did a half-billion dollar deal with a man known as the “Russian Donald Trump” was convicted of fraud Tuesday, and the judge ordered him jailed immediately, saying he had demonstrated a “disdain for the courts and legal process” and was a flight risk.


Court documents also depict him trying to destroy potential evidence, saying he emailed his brother to “delete all of my emails from the yahoo site,” expressing “concern about them subp[o]ening yahoo at some point,” while concocting other fake documents to show the jury.


Jurors were barred from hearing a recording of a phone call in which Omar Amanat dropped the name of Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, to a government witness, with defense lawyers saying the remark was “irrelevant and unfairly prejudicial,” according to the Associated Press.

3. This may be huge and its implications even larger. MEK, love them or hate them, have orchestrated massive demonstrations AGAINST the Iranian regime and Hizb’allah in the streets of Tehran.

Thousands protest in Iran in anti-government demonstrations

Thousands of Iranians took to the streets throughout the country on Thursday to protest against the deteriorating economic situation. Protesters were filmed shouting anti-government slogans such as “death to the dictator” and “death to Rouhani.”

(This video might be today. Some videos are 2009)

4. Another deadly attack against a Church in Egypt. This time near Cairo.

5. Dublin. A car rams a crowd of children twice.

Car crowdGETTY

A car has hit a child in Blanchardstown, Dublin

One witness said it appeared the car was “driving at pedestrians” before it sped away from the scene.She told a child was struck by the car, which then accelerated away from the scene in the suburb of Blanchardstown.

Michelle O’Reilly said: “A BMW car mounted the path outside Leisureplex and drove at pedestrians down by Starbucks and Dante pizza restaurant, then striking a child, and then sped away from the scene.

(No videos yet. We are on the lookout)

6. A reader, Moa, has been kind enough to find us maps that may be useful in a rational and accurate analysis of the new, “no-go-zones” created by people using acid to attack people in London, making London the acid attack capital of the world.

“Hi Eeyore,
I’ve prepared two maps. One with the London Boroughs shown, and one without. The boroughs clutter up the map, but you can see Tower Hamlets and Newham are ‘ground zero’ for highest risk. My money is you are not in the least surprised by this 🙂

What is interesting is that the attacks are not where the concentration of Muslims is high (which is presumably already Sharia-compliant), but where a high concentration of Muslims borders a low concentration area. I guess that ‘Sharia gradient’ is the enforcement of how Sharia spreads to neighboring areas.

You can also see that in regions where the concentration is zero the region is not a high-risk zone, eg. City of London.  With the media mostly hiding this and the Powers That Be not venturing much outside the City on foot then the Powers can deny what is going on.

ps. I’m not a cartographer, and I’m about as far from London as it is possible to be, but I have been there a few times. I may be a little off in the zone placement vertical scale and I’ve also slightly moved zone locations a little so everything is readable, If any Londoners are worried by this, don’t worry, in a decade the zones will all have grown 🙁 ”

Thank you very much Moa. I agree with you that it makes thee most sense that attacks would border muslim areas. The expression, “Islam has bloody borders” is not new and makes consistent historical sense.



THESE FILES ARE LARGE. Please allow time to get them. Best to go to the links above. Later I will try and get a screen shot of the 2 maps and add them so that they are glanceable. Thank you again Moa!


H/T Sassy, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki, Moa, EB., and all who sent in materials.

Again, it is highly recommended to read the daily Reader’s Links post. There is a ton of geopolitically interesting to critical information there, dealing with Islamic terror to North Korean brinksmanship. The game, as the man said, is afoot.

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  1. If any Londoners are worried by this, don’t worry, in a decade the zones will all have grown 🙁

    They will grow faster then you are saying, if they are active in their attacks moving a block very month or two they will grow much quicker then you are thinking.

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