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    • What he didn’t mention in the video is that Japan took on the entire Western world because we were interfering with the Japanese conquest of China. China was losing and it was only the US aid to China that kept Japan from taking all of China during WWII.

      The Japanese Navy has always been on of the worlds best, their current build up started during the Clinton years when they realized that the Clinton administration couldn’t be trusted to defend Japan despite the treaty obligation to do so. It slowed down during the Bush II years but really took off during the Obama years. When we have to take out North Korea we will have the Japanese Navy and Air Force helping control the sea around the combat zone and the air over it. China wants to think it can take on the US but in truth they can’t take on Japan and the Japanese Navy is weaker then ours, it is gaining on us but is still weaker. Considering what the Japanese military has been like through out history I am glad they are on our side in the coming chaos.

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