Muslims angered by women eating fruit

As a stand alone video, this will give days of laughter. But the explanation makes it even better.

Yesterday, an Egyptian court sentenced a singer to two years in jail for making a music video where she does the classic suggesting eating of fruits and cakes.

It seems that muslim girls here and there in the West have been imitating the video to drive some of the more orthodox muslim males into apoplexy. If the two combined videos at the top are any indicator, they are wildly successful.

A different aspect of this issue is the mundanity of the song itself. Which explains why they needed sex and controversy to sell it. And you can pretty much always count on muslims and leftists for a solid Streisand effect. But two years in jail for making a very ordinary pop song and an 80s style suggestive video is truly sad. I hope she survives and moves to a country where they would just find her video kind of pointless.

In case anyone thinks this is an isolated incident or an extreme case, please listen to this now ancient NPR report about murdering fruit vendors in Iraq in 2006 just because the bananas were displayed too close to the apples.


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5 Replies to “Muslims angered by women eating fruit”

  1. Why no mention of the significance of the number 69 from these jerks?..Wow two years..What did the band get? They knew the stage was level ’cause drool was coming out of both sides of their mouths..

  2. So a Muslim woman who eats a banana whole is a slut? Or it’s wrong because it looks like sausage and all sausage is supposedly made from pork. I’m confused. Is it a sexy thing or a pork thing? How about the worst possibility–a Sexy Pork thing. One shudders. She should chop it up, he says. Do NOT lick or suck! This is haram. (Well, duh.) Should she use a knife and fork to dine on the phallic banana? This seems even more perverse.

    Confused in an igloo.

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