Youtube has put this video in a limited state, not even allowing comments…

This is important. This video is only, and nothing more, than correcting a MSM slander of the good people of Poland.

Youtube has responded to a video showing proof that the MSM and European Union narrative on Poland’s independence day marches is pure anti-nation-state propaganda, by making it almost impossible to find, and no way to interact with it. Please spread it, and please add your thoughts on it under this video, since Youtube decided not to allow it on their platform.

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10 Replies to “Youtube has put this video in a limited state, not even allowing comments…”

  1. “Why has the western media decided to focus on a handful of white supremacists marching at this year’s Independence Day parade? It is easy to see why left-wing media outlets like the Gazeta (newspaper) Wyborcza and disgruntled Poles who do piecework for the Guardian want to do so: to embarrass the ruling “Law and Justice” party government. But the reasons English-language media have for swallowing their fantasies of jack-booted Poles are less obvious.

    Artur Rosman suggested that Poland is a scapegoat, and that the narrative that Poland is awful makes Americans feel better about their own problems: the disturbing scenes in Charlottesville, for example.

    However, I suspect it is because Poland is different, and non-Poles have a hard time understanding why Poland just does not knuckle under to their ideas about modernity and become more like France. The majority of Poles are Catholics, and therefore Poland is still a very Catholic country: one of the only countries of which this can be said. Poland is pro-life, pro-child and pro-family. Poland has lost her borders too many times to give up control over who gets to cross them. Poland remembers foreign attempts to destroy her physically, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let foreigners destroy her spiritually, either.”

  2. OT- to the person earlier who thinks everyone is an idiot who doesn’t get what Cryptocurrency is–not so fast. There are mathematicians smarter than you, much smarter, who know that writing an algorithm that cannot be exploited has great value. This, as I understand it, is the essence of the beast. It is a fantastic trick which tells numerical truth and little more. There is something to it. Combine it with precious metals and you’ve got the next World Reserve Currency. This may be the best reason for Globalists to go to war.

  3. Things are falling apart for the left, they are losing control of their individual nations and they are seeing the EU collapse in the useless thing it always was. Poland and the other Eastern European nations have no choice but to oppose the unlimited immigration that has enabled the Islamic Invasion in Western Europe. Hopefully when the EU fall it will take the World Court with it.

  4. The heckler’s veto is so unfair. For the heckler to have the power to shut down the performer solely on the basis of whether the heckler personally likes the performer or not gives way too much power to the heckler. Like, who thought that up in the first place? It leaves the performer defenseless in the face of anyone who happens to personally hate them for any reason they can think of. And then add to that the fact that YouTube has an ambient leftwing bias, the heckler’s veto will always be applied in one direction only: left.

    But what YouTube has done is even worse. At least with a normal heckler, the performer has the chance of getting the audience on his side against the heckler, but in Youtubeland, the comment section is disabled leaving the performer completely naked. Keep red-pilling people, folks. This is a fight to the death. If YouTube gets its way there will be only one socialist/Islamist party in power everywhere and the call-to-prayer will be heard from one end of Christendom to the other…

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