Despite massive police cutbacks, orders to follow Tommy Robinson around by 2 cops in effect

At this stage, evidence that the UK is no longer a democracy in any meaningful way should not be needed. But some of it is so preposterous it should be seen as a data point of degree rather than whether or not its past the tipping point.

If It was for Tommy’s protection we could salute them. But it clearly is not.

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4 Replies to “Despite massive police cutbacks, orders to follow Tommy Robinson around by 2 cops in effect”

  1. It is sad to think of Britain to slip this far down the path to Dictatorship, with the exception of Switzerland and a couple of the Scandinavian nations democracy is only about 50 to 60 years deep. In Britain it is much deeper and has given birth to several other nations that believe in Democracy and the rule of law all of which are in danger of becoming Dictatorships, less danger then Britain but in some not by much. The news that Britain is wasting some of its precious police assets for round the clock surveillance of Tommy shows that they fear the influence he has, fear it enough to keep a close watch on him and fear it so much they are afraid to arrest him on some drummed up charge. Tommy be very careful you are in the crosshairs, don’t give them any excuse to pull the trigger.

  2. Well on the bright side of things they could have been mozs..Seems to me the officer is on Tommy’s side..Not sure about the other bloke tho..(not a smiler)..

  3. Right now the best hope that Britain and Canada have is how many of the police and military are siding with the people and how many are siding with the government. From the Soccer Fan march a few months ago a large percentage of the vets in Britain are siding with the people.

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