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9 Replies to “Selective enforcement is the primary tool of the tyrant”

  1. The excuse was trotted out that the perpetrators could not be identified. But murderers cannot be identified by their victims. A ludicrous excuse.

  2. If Nikki’s story doesn’t infuriate average folk enough to mobilize them I don’t know what will. Tough woman. And this shit is coming to a neighborhood near you!

  3. That make you think how lucky we are to have the second amendment. The UK, Canada have been disarmed many years ago by those who live in Country club or expensive gated housing. Politicians, actors , anchors all have bodyguards or expensive security systems.
    Citizens like Nikki needs protection but she is responsable for her own . The « one world order » instigated illegal wars in the name of « safety » but let the borders wide open and millions of dangerous, low IQ , Young’s , poors are poring in. What can possibly go wrong?
    Where are our angry white men?

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