EXTRA: A hand grenade was thrown against a police car — exploded on the road

These are original translations by Tania Groth with much thanks.

From these Swedish sources here, and here.

This is how the event occurred yesterday evening. “There is panic throughout the organization”.

Tuesday morning 24Uppsala reported on an explosion that occurred on Monday evening. Some sort of explosive charge was detonated in a parking garage near the police station, damaging several nearby cars.

Earlier this morning, the police announced that a 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in attempted murder and general mayhem.

At 11:10pm last night a loud explosion could be heard in the area of the Uppsala police station. According to sources for 24Uppsala.se, a grenade was thrown against a police car that was driving in the vicinity at the time.

The grenade, however, must have missed the police car and instead detonated on the road, resulting in a pressure wave in the direction of a residential area.

“There is panic throughout the organization right now. We already have several murders and shootings, and now this,” says a police officer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Follow-up summarized from Nettavisen.no:

In this article, the police spokeswoman Lisa Sandervik mentions that it likely is a result of recent events. “Last week we had an action in Gottsunda / Valsätra district (no-go zone), where we now have a situation we must assume is an action in retribution for the police operation in the area,” says Sannervik.

English language Swedish news reporter, Peter Sweden tweets:

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  1. Sweden is already lost, the Swedish police no longer control the streets and Swedish law no longer rules the nation. The Swedes can still save their nation if they government will accept the fact that the Islamic invaders are waging a war of conquest an treat them as an invading army. They won’t do this so the European nations and North America are going to have to liberate Sweden at some future date.

    Yes we will have to liberate all of the European nations that the Islamic Invaders conquer, we have too many friends to allow the Invaders to establish strong beachheads to use to launch attacks against the European nations that manage to remain free.

  2. Hand grenades are not intended to necessarily ‘hit’. The metal fragments spread within the blast radius (±15 metres) are.

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