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11 Replies to “One must appreciate the clarity”

    • Thanks! The comments at that article are a lot of fun!

      Not to mention revealing. Clearly certain conversations need to happen and a degree of honesty that we may not even be capable of as a species also needs to happen.

      Personally I blame nearly all our problems on Birth Control pills. This was a power over ourselves that evolution simply could not have equipped us for. The results are obvious and probably indelicate for me to describe, and possibly even illegal, now that biological sciences are illegal where they contradict postmodern thought. (Pronoun laws are only one example, along with systemic enforced racism referred to as ‘affirmative action’)

      But there is no other invention beyond agriculture and animal husbandry that has had as much effect on our species as easy safe cheap and reliable prevention of contraception. It is the single main reason for the total reformatting of our concepts of sex as primarily recreational and the undoing of concepts of responsibility and even maturity.

      We are not even close to the full effects of this invention yet but one possibility is certainly extinction, either in the way people normally think of it, or in the more Darwinian way, meaning Homo Sapien Sapien vanishes and gives way to something new.

      Like Homo Technicum Hedonismus or something like that.

      (Latin scholars may need to have the concept of a joke explained to them. Mia Maxima Culpa)

      • I turned my guest bedroom into a museum with photos of friends who left me after I discovered Vladtepes. It’s your fault, Vlad! (My wife keeps hanging up her own picture in there and I keep giving it back.)

  1. I got about half way through — that’s enough. So, women in Islam are “prisoners” and “captives” always subject to the “orders” from their husbands or guardians, says this imam.

    That’s strange—for I’ve heard it said (Linda Sarsour comes to mind) that Muhammad was the first feminist. Obviously “feminism” means different things to different people.

    I suppose the usual excuses will come forward: these words are taken out of context, the good imam is not a native English speaker and he chose the wrong terms, all these teachings are to protect the woman, provide for her, and keep her from having to interact with the outside world.

    Give me a break, please.

  2. Between the « feminist vagina hat and Islam » live the liberal who dream to have sex with a robot. Then you will be call racist if you buy a white robot. Be ready for big lawsuit by BLM.
    It is to funny… or very scary.

  3. After all these years you’d think that liberals would start to get the message about Islam, but they’re not. This video does not get played on the mainstream media and nice people don’t go to extreme far-right neo Nazi sites like Vlad Tepes. It’s a lock. Not one of the leftists I used to count as friends has any idea that Islam holds such views toward women, and if I dared to say anything it would immediately be countered by “There are plenty of violent passages in the Bible if you cherry pick them.” Most liberals are going to go to their graves thinking that Islam is a basically peaceful religion with a small handful of extremists who are justifiably angry over the Israeli occupation of Israel. It’s what they want to believe and it’s what they damn well will believe…

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