The trickle down effect of Postmodern thought into academia

There have been quite a few articles in the past week all aghast at suggestions that math is a white thing and should be deemphasized in schools. It is a serious suggestion by people in positions of academic influence.

Most people are taking this about as seriously as the Saudis granting full citizenship to a large stack of rubber and silicone speak-and-say doll with a remote control instead of a sting on its back, who is about as effective at faking emotion as Meryl Streep.

We take it more or less as a kind of “Hey Martha!” if you remember the movie, Network, or kids at a magic show.

Many people have pointed out the obvious contradictions and seeming hypocrisies in the argument because doing the inversions on the argument shows that she is also saying that non-White people are not as good at math and therefore, not as smart.

While this would be amusing to the Chinese kids who work their way through school doing the math assignments for the White kids in the class, its worth taking a serious look at where this comes from and where it will go.

For those of you that read the book, Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks, linked here to the Audio edition, or those of you who have read Stephen Pinker’s book, The Blank Slate, you will remember that Postmodern, or leftist thought, insists that Aristotelian thought itself, is a tool of white European oppression. (The fact that pretty much all math before Newton was in fact Hindu, up to and including algebra is conveniently ignored)

(*I am willing to be corrected on this, but I believe the zero and these higher mathematics procedures are Hindu in origin and got Arabic titles as they passed through the Middle East on their way to Europe.)

Therefore, as PoMo views math as derivative of Greek thought, it is a method of oppressing women and non-white people.

This is the exact same foundation from which biological science has not only been dismissed, but rendered illegal in Canada and California. Remember the pronouns issue? It is illegal to use a pronoun to refer to someone as what they in fact are based on biological science and evidence if they do not want you to. The line between what we imagine, a line one could say is basically the foundation of religious thought in many ways, and what is demonstrably true through evidence and models with predictive value, has not been erased but reversed.

It is illegal and punishable in Canada and California to use the correct pronoun when referring to someone who imagines they are something else and you do not imagine along with them. At least externally.

There is nothing more absurd about the claim relating to math than this contemporary fact about compelled speech in using pronouns based on the same science and math as the math itself.

If we can accept, which we certainly should not at many levels, that the government can compel us to say and ultimately, as in the new Law Society of Upper Canada rules for lawyers, believe in Postmodern nonsense, then it is no stretch whatsoever to say that math should no longer be taught because its a function of white privilege.

When I first posted the article about the Saudis granting citizenship to a stack of rubber and circuitry I quipped that the real fear is going to jail for referring to it as “it”, since it clearly identifies as a female. Which it is not anymore than if I put a wig on my dog it makes him Beethoven.

Even this seemingly ludicrous example is really barely a single step from where we are now in some places, and the math issue is actually a lateral move, not a forward one for them. There is nothing more bizarre or illogical about it than the pronoun issue. they are parallel results from the same set of axioms.

Stepping out on a ledge here, I would hazard a prediction that we are nearing the last chance we have to understand these issues and fix them by speaking plainly and factually and unashamedly about them in order to normalize the truth again. This must happen.

If we continue to treat this as a kind of Bizarro-world magic show, when the time comes that the inconvenience to us all is too much to bear, the needed solution will damage us profoundly, even as it does to supporters of this kind of horror.

As Mark Twain once famously said, “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

I find talking to people who escaped from the Soviet Union or from behind the Iron Curtain  to be one of the best uses of my time. Ask them about how they were made to think.

The stories about the poverty and hardship are relatively unimportant. Just as they are for contemporary Venezuela except as evidence of the consequence of forcing postmodern thought and methods on a people.

It is WHY these formerly prosperous nations with intelligent and hard working people fell on such hard times that matter. And it was most decidedly because of the forced implementation of one form of postmodernism or another. Marxist, Nazi, Fascist, and whatever state its at now which is likely beyond fascist. Im pretty sure even they knew the difference between men and women.




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  1. My Russki had to memorize complete tracts of Marx and the rest of the canon. Reams of wordy gibberish, that’s just what they did to get through school. No comprehension, no discussion, nothing but feats of memory. Just like memorizing the Koran.

    Your average adult Russian doesn’t have anything like critical thinking skills. They didn’t learn history or even geography. There weren’t many choices – what to eat, what to do, where to live.

    Easy for a Tsar-like ruler to control, especially one who comes from the streets and doesn’t lose touch with his constituency. Knows their weaknesses and plays to them.

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