Stunning bit of Italian TV where an Imam and leftist politician is dazed with facts

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Thank you Elle for translating this amazing clip for us.

His ‘peculiar and unexplained’ death becomes more and more easily explained perhaps.

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  1. If anyone knows how he was killed, please tell us. Thank you for telling us about Buonnano. He was an amazing man. Fearless. He knew the truth and wouldn’t shut up.

    • Google translation:

      On the death of Gianluca Buonanno Рlike every time there is a tragic event suddenly Рcould not miss the conspiracy theories of Rosario Marcianò .

      That in a post on Facebook has tried to reconstruct the dynamics that led to yesterday afternoon ‘ car accident in which he lost his life MEP League.

      “Buonanno died hit by a car which, at the scene – said Marciano – there is no trace. Removed? Given its harsh and decisive anti-European positions and anti wild immigration, one suspects that it is not of an accident but murder. ”

      The parallel with Haider

      It draws a disquieting parallel that with the death of Austrian right-wing politician Jorge Haider , who died in a car accident in 2008. Then, many spoke of a conspiracy, tampering with relative of Haider’s car, possibly sabotaged by an anonymous hand killer.

      “In the photo report – says Marciano – note two cars . One of them is the beetle Buonanno, which would have buffered the car in three volumes. On asphalt you notice a curved track left by a third car that seems to get” intentionally “on emergency lane. This third vehicle does not appear in Varese News reportage . ”

      The allegations of Marciano, as usual, have sparked a welter of speculation among commentators, who have already begun to ask why they are not yet shown pictures of the poor Buonanno body. Questions which is legitimate to ask but need – this is an essential point – answers all the more justified.

  2. AfD still 6.2 % in Lower Saxony’s election. Cause it’s part of Germany which is most distanced from “border problems” that other states have. Even Teutoburger Wald is here, where Deutsch/Teuto came from

  3. There is no such thing as a “discussion” with either a communist or a Muslim. It’s always “heads I win, tails you lose” with such people. By refusing to listen to one word that you say they are in effect telling you to either surrender to them or get violent, and they’re counting on you to be too civilized for the latter, so you will choose the former. If someone slaps you across the face and then says, “I did not just slap you across the face”, what are you supposed to do? Then he accuses you of slapping him and all the people who came with him jump up and swear it’s true. What do you do then?

    Observe Israel for a while and see what it’s like trying to live with these people. See how they always negotiate with a machine gun in one hand and a baby in the other. This Italian has figured that out and is going nuts trying to stop it before it’s too late, which it damn near is already. What I’m trying to say is there is no good way to deal with Muslims. For Christ’s sake, they put their own children in front of Israeli bombs so they can cry, “genocide!” and make propaganda when their children die, even after the Jews phone them up and warn them in advance. There is no way to deal with that. The only negotiation that the Muslims will really accept is for us to be all dead and gone and completely forgotten, as if we had never existed in the first place. That’s why they tear down ancient statues, no? Don’t ever count on things working out down the road. That’s not the plan…

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