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4 Replies to “Jihadi in France arrested 8 times, claimed to be 8 people”

  1. The French authorities do not have the will or the desire to do anything about the savage invaders aka illegal immigrants, refugees or migrants. They would rather have their women raped and murdered than to admit that there is a problem with these people. At this point in time the police and everyone else knows the truth- that they are an Islamic occupied country and their conquerors have taken over without any resistance. The remaining French people who are around 20 years from now will look back at this time in their history and wonder what the hell happened.

  2. There is a growing resistance in all European nations, the big question is which ones will succeed and which will fail. Has the socialist social engineering propaganda managed to create a population that would rather live as slaves then live as free people?

  3. Jihadi in France arrested 8 times, claimed to be 8 people

    One word: BIOMETRICS

    If you’re claiming “to be 8 people”, you’d damn well better be suffering from multiple personality disorder.

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