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  1. Left-Wing Politician Guilty of Trafficking 24 Migrants (breitbart, Oct 2, 2017)

    “A Left-wing Swiss politician has been sentenced in court for illegally smuggling 24 African migrants into the country.

    Lisa Bosia Mirra is the founder of a refugee aid organisation and a councilor for the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland – the second largest party in the Swiss parliament and the only left-wing party with representatives in the Swiss Federal Council.

    She was charged with the crime in April, and this Thursday sentenced and find around £7,000, suspended for two years, in a court in Bellinzona.

    The judge claimed that her intentions for committing the crime were good, but stress that she had clearly broken the law.

    Ms. Mirra told the Swiss News Agency that she would appeal the ruling and would not resign from politics while the verdict was not in effect…”

  2. Five Deadly Incidents Along Disputed India-Pakistan Border Occur in One Day (sputniknews, Oct 2, 2017)

    “A series of bloody incidents occurred on Monday along the disputed India-Pakistan border in the province of Jammu and Kashmir, resulting in at least eight deaths. Tensions between the rival neighbors continue to intensify over the restive province and its contested border.

    A dispute between Indian and Pakistani troops across the Line of Control left two Indian children, a 10-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, dead. Both sides accused the other of an unprovoked violation of the oft-broken border ceasefire.

    The two youths were killed by “unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms, automatics and mortars” from Pakistan, according to Colonel NN Joshi of the Indian military. The incident occurred in Poonch in southwest Jammu and Kashmir.

    The Pakistan Foreign Ministry fired back that India had violated the ceasefire five times in the last 12 days, killing 11 civilians and injuring 37 others.

    Elsewhere in Kashmir, the Indian Army reported that they killed five militants in shootouts just miles from the border between Kashmir and Pakistan. The violence occurred in Tangdhar and Torna in the wee hours of the morning, when the separatists attempted to enter the towns under the cover of night. Indian forces spotted them and opened fire.

    Three alleged terrorists were killed in Tangdhar and two more in Torna, according to Indian military spokesman Col Rajesh Kalia. The identity and affiliation of the slain militants is unknown.

    Indian police reported that in Pulwama in the south of the province, an Indian police constable was killed after alleged terrorists opened fire on him. And in Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir’s west, Indian police reported that an alleged terrorist hurled a grenade at Kashmiri police officers, injuring two.

    With at least eight killed across five separate incidents, the border skirmishes between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir show no signs of abating. Various estimates of the death toll from the last year suggest between 160 and 260 people have been killed in the violence over the disputed region…”

  3. Saudi Arabia carries out 100th execution this year (middleeasteye, Oct 2, 2017)

    “A Saudi inmate was executed on Monday in Riyadh, the official SPA news agency reported, taking to 100 the number of people put to death in the kingdom so far this year.

    The man was sentenced to death for murdering another Saudi man and an appeals court upheld the ruling, SPA said without elaborating.

    Amnesty International condemned what it called Saudi Arabia’s “execution spree”…”

  4. No technical obstacles left for US to extradite Gülen: Turkish justice minister (hurriyetdailynews, Oct 2, 2017)

    “There are no obstacles left for the United States to extradite the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen to Turkey, Turkish Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül has said, stressing that all files were sent to Washington.

    “All processes in accordance with international and extradition agreements were completed. No technical or document-related obstacles are left for the U.S. to extradite Gülen,” Gül told journalists during a reception organized for the Turkish parliament’s opening on Oct. 1, adding that the ministry is following the issue.

    The extradition of Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) leader Gülen, widely believed to have been behind the July 15, 2016, failed coup attempt, has been an issue of major tension between Ankara and Washington, with Turkey demanding his extradition for many months…”

  5. Five arrested after ‘homemade bomb’ found in Paris (france24, Oct 3, 2017)

    “The Paris prosecutor has opened an anti-terror investigation after the discovery at the weekend of a homemade bomb at a building in Paris and five people have been arrested, sources close to the case said Monday.

    Police discovered two cylinders of gas in the hall of a building in the city’s 16th arrondissement and two others on the sidewalk. They also found a mobile phone linked to the cylinders, which appeared to be “a device to ignite” the explosive, the sources said.

    A local resident alerted police after finding two of the gas cylinders around 4:30 am (0230 GMT) on Saturday, a source close to the probe said.

    According to another source, four of the suspects were being held in custody Monday night.

    The terrorist threat remains high in France which has been hit with a series of jihadist attacks since January 2015.

    The latest attack was on Sunday in Marseille when a knifeman stabbed two women to death at the main train station shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”). He was shot and killed by soldiers.

    The stabbings bring to 241 the number of people killed in jihadist attacks in France.”

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