Vegas: Dear readers: PLEASE check the comments under the Reader’s Links post

As everyone knows, there was/is a horrifying large scale mass shooting and mass casualty event. The last solid number I saw, was rounder off. 50 dead and 200 injured, Which likely means more.

I know less than the comments do at this point. But there are quite a few of those. Please check them at the most recent Reader’s Links post, for today, which was late, and Oct. 1. and now Oct. 2 is up, so please populate that one with new info.

Thank you and please try not to be overwhelmed with the horror. Just find a small problem you can do something about, and do that.

Apparently Milo Y. tweeted out the following:

Also this:


‘The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,’ the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

‘The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,’ Amaq added.


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  1. BREAKING: ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack (express, Oct 2, 2017)

    “ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas attack in which at least 50 people have been killed.

    The group’s Amaq news agency tweeted ISIS was responsible for the worst shooting in US history.

    It claimed the shooter, identified by Vegas police as Stephen Paddock, had converted to Islam “months ago”.

    The terror group’s claims cannot be verified.

    This is a breaking story.

    Please refresh or return for updates…”

    • Coming home from the store about 30 minutes ago the ISIS claim was being reported on WOR radio, a major radio station in NY.
      They gave the caveat that there is no corroborating evidence to the claim.
      I thought to myself that if this is actually true, all hell will break lose.
      After the Pulse nightclub shooting I think Americans will have no sympathy for this man and will not tolerate the all too predictable media spin.
      I will reserve judgement until more information is known but, rest assured the MSM will not uncover the facts. It will be the alternative media that digs into this.

      • You are right, the Propaganda Media will not report the facts on what is behind this attack,

        I have been waiting for a long time for the “backlash” to the terror attacks. This one may be big enough to touch off the “backlash”.

  2. 1 – Milo is wrong Vegas isn’t a gun free zone. Nevada is an open carry state, this means you can carry a handgun openly without a permit.

    Quick summary of Nevada gun laws:

    There is now state preemption for firearm registration. Nevada is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry. NV Constitution Article 1 Section 11NRS 503§165 – Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in or on vehicle on or along public way unlawful; exceptions. Open carry is generally permitted throughout the state.

    Shall issue manse that if you go apply for a concealed carry permit and meet the requirements the permit must be issued. This doesn’t mean that businesses can’t stop you carrying on their premises. Casinos do not allow private carry of weapons in the casino.

    Nevada does allow private ownership of full auto weapons but you have to follow the rules I wrote on earlier.

    • Milo probably got confused because the Casino and the Music festival are gun free zones. This shows just how gun free zones work, although in this case the range would have stopped anyone from returning fire.

  3. The terrible truth that nobody wants to utter is that murdering Infidels is a perfectly normal and logical result of coming to believe in the existence of the god, “Allah”. People don’t understand this. Allah is not nice. Allah is not on your side. Allah doesn’t care what you want or what you think. Allah is extremely vindictive and cruel beyond belief. Allah can follow you into death and torture you for all eternity.

    And Allah commands all believers who want to avoid the agony of hellfire to fight Jihad in His cause and to kill as many Infidels as possible in order that there be “a slaughter in the land”. If you really believe that Allah exists there is no excuse for failing to fight Jihad, and he can see and here you at this very moment as well as read your mind.

    If this killer is just some crazed redneck NRA member shooting country music fans because he got thrown out of the concert or something, I’ll eat my hat.

    We’re going to have to start seriously vetting all Muslims including lie detector tests and deep psychological probing. Some Muslims are totally fine. Some Muslims definitely are not. The ones who are fine should have no problem with vetting, considering the circumstances of recent history. The ones who are not fine need to go to the middle of the Sinai Peninsula right now…

  4. Notes about Justin Kaliebe from a 2013-YT video [gone dead] blurb:

    Justin Kaliebe was a convert to Islam about three years ago and just recently pleaded guilty to planning to join Al Qaeda and commit terrorist plots against the United States of America and go fight in Yemen against the Yemeni government who he thought was siding his country of America. What turns a quiet boy into a murdering terrorist? Islam.
    The NYPD has long had an interest in converts to Islam as part of its efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, saying in a 2007 report that they are “particularly vulnerable” to radicalisation and “have played a prominent role in the majority of terrorist case studies and tend to be the most zealous members of groups.”

    ?Around 2008, the police department stepped up efforts to monitor converts. The department began to look at people who changed their names to ones that sounded Arabic or who came to the US from Muslim countries, according to police documents obtained by the AP. The program was supposed to be part of the search for homegrown terrorists, even though it involved monitoring behavior protected by the First Amendment.

    More on Kaliebe:
    Justin Kaliebe, New York Teen, To Get 30-Year Sentence For Trying To Join Al-Qaeda

    • Found more on Convert-Kid.
      Looks like Islam attracted this bona fide sick kid, from a broken home. He starts hanging around a mosque, dressing weird and eating halal. Iman claims he knows nothing, “He was a serious student of knowledge.”

      Another self-radicalizer. But in 2011 the NYPD was on the job:

      In June, 2011—when Kaliebe was 16—he met the first of two undercover agents. The N.Y.P.D. was paying close attention to Muslim converts, whom it saw as “particularly vulnerable” to radicalization, according to a 2007 report. Converts are the most zealous members of terrorist groups, the report states, because of their “need to prove their religious convictions to their companions.”
      Throughout, Kaliebe expressed his devotion to the cause. When one of the undercover agents asked Kaliebe whom he expected to fight in Yemen, he responded, “I would say, those who are fighting against the Sharia of Allah…whether it’s the US drones or the, their puppets, in the Yemeni army…or, who knows, if American agents or whatever, US Special Forces who they got over there.” When the agent asked Kaliebe whether he was afraid to die, he said, “I wanna… It’s what anyone would want, any believer would want.” At another point, he wrote in an e-mail, “there are no limits to what I’m willing to do when I get there.”

      …Kaliebe’s case is unusual. He’s almost a decade younger than the median age of the homegrown radicals and supporters at the time of their arrest—27. And he’s a native-born Caucasian, which is also rare within this group. Kaliebe, like many other homegrown extremists, had never committed a prior crime.

      The Long Island Jihadist

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