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21 Replies to “Michael Stürzenberger gets his life threatened by Afghans in public, possibly in Munich”

    • I want to see evidence that she has a medical problem, if there is no proof of that she needs to be arrested for lying to the police.

  1. The McDonalds in the background has also arabic writings on the front. In Germany.
    I am sorry, but Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Sweden are the first to see rivers of blood on their streets. There will be public beheading of kuffars on the streets of big cities in all these countries. There will be slaves sold on public markets. In about 10 years.

  2. Just watched the story of photographer Schensky, who took 100.000 pictures of his island before WW2. Then the Tommies bombed Helgoland into hell as they did it with every big German city.


    Germans never made such a damage in occupied British territory.

    “Heligoland” is the place, where the German hymn was written. “Heligo” is rooted to heil, whole or holy. Woudl be interesting what the island looks like under the new crescent moon flag of the eurabic califate.

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