Geopolitics: An overture to a more recognizable World War: News links 1, Sept. 20, 2017

1. Russian attack helicopter lives up to its name.

(Perhaps they should rename it, the Meter Maid, as it appears to have destroyed several parked civilian vehicles)

2. Chinese and American positions on Venezuela. In this short article, China defends its energy interests in a partnership with Venezuela,

3. Japan Deploys Missile Interceptor Near Recent N. Korea Missile Flyovers.

(That is a great idea if North Korea shoots another missile at that exact same trajectory.)

Japan deploys an anti-missile defense system near recent North Korean missile flyover routes.

The missile interceptor now at a base on southern Hokkaido was brought from another military site on the island about 50 miles north.


Japan’s defense minister said the move is a precaution as part of preparations for a possible emergency.

The relocation comes a week after Pyongyang launched a missile that flew over southern Hokkaido and landed in the Pacific off the island’s east coast.


That test fire also marked the second flyover in less than a month.

(Let’s hope the North Koreans don’t read this and fire the next missile at a location 50 miles North)

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, all who have sent in materials overnight. 

More to come.




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2 Replies to “Geopolitics: An overture to a more recognizable World War: News links 1, Sept. 20, 2017”

  1. The Japanese moving a missile defense unit.

    Japan recent purchased more anti-missile batteries and reloads, this may be misdirection on the part of the Japanese Government with the new position be from newly delivered assets. Remember most Japanese are very patriotic and the papers may be willing participants in spreading disinformation to North Korea.

  2. The Russian attack helicopter.

    If this is the level of training of most Russian pilots the US and Western Europe has nothing to worry about.

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