History real, and imagined: Links 1, September 17, 17

1. The perspective of a lot of Polish people. And the coarse facts of th history are undeniably correct.

2. This was posted to Twitter today but it doesn’t look like it was shot recently unless the weather in NY is a lot colder than Ontario.

3. British Airways terror fears: Plane held on Paris tarmac & evacuated after ‘DIRECT THREAT’

Armed police and fire vehicles have reportedly surrounded the Airbus A320 following reports of a “direct threat” while the flight has been evacuated at the Charles De Gaulle airport. 


Passengers were evacuated at around 8pm this morning and ordered to move “single file” onto the runway. 

Passengers tweeted their ordeal from the tarmac. 

James Anderson tweeted: “On British Airways flight BA0303, currently being held on tarmac at Paris due to security threat, surrounded by police and fire vehicles.

“Apparently an individual has made a direct threat to this aircraft. We will all be led off the aircraft & baggage searched in due course.”

The solution is simple. Strip all passengers, and freeze dry them before each flight, rehydrating and thawing them at the other end in the most humiliating way possible. That makes more sense than just stopping Islam from enjoying special status to be free of the same security measures as everyone else just because they are principle threat.

4. Black Pigeon explains the real template Youtube uses to suppress some people and videos and not others. It does not appear to be the stated ones.

5. Spain: Historical revisionism at Alicante Museum whitewashes Islam/demonizes Spaniards in medieval history section…….

Please click over to Tundra Tabloids to read about the Postmodern rewrite of Spanish history they are peddling now in parts of Spain, to conform with the narrative.

6. BREAKING NEWS: Two American female tourists in their early twenties are rushed to hospital after having acid thrown in their face outside Marseille train station while two more suffer burns

Four American tourists have suffered an acid attack – two in their faces – outside a Marseille train station this morning, according to reports.

La Provence reports that the four victims in their early twenties were sprayed with hydrochloric acid by an unknown attacker.

They were travelling with two others between Marseilles and Paris when the incident is said to have occurred.

7. Sept. 17: FISTS OF FURY Kim Jong-un threatens to turn US into ‘sea of flames’ with surprise attack and boasts America’s fate is in his hands after latest missile launch

TYRANT dictator Kim Jong-un has taunted Donald Trump boasting “America’s fate is in hands of North Korea” by vowing to turn US into a “sea of flames”.


The threat came just a day after the North carried out yet another successful ballistic missile over Japan claiming America is now in “mortal fear” after proving it has the military power to strike US territory.

Thank you Richard, M., EB., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna,MissPiggy, Johnny U., M., and so many more who sent in materials. 

There is a chance we may be able to somewhat ‘catch up’ with the Islamic and leftist horror that makes its way across my screen today, So please stay tuned.



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  1. 1 – When I was in Germany in the late 60s we had Polish Labor Service people working on the site, they were ,men who had escaped from Nazi Germany and fought in the Free Polish Army, a couple of them fought in Operation Market Garden (A Bridge To Far). They didn’t dare go back to Poland, the commies had already sentenced them to death.Brave men that most of us didn’t know enough about to realize what heroes they were.

    2 – In the US the Islamic Invaders haven’t gained as much ground as in Europe and probably Canada. But we aren’t far behind,

    4 – I urge you to read the JE Dyer article in today’s readers comments, it is about this subject.

    5 – *%&*%%$&%&^ people who are putting the slave chains on their own arms and legs.

    6 – I haven’t seen any thing about this attack in the US news media, either they are covering for the Moslems or think that internal politics are more important.

    7 – The US is going to have to take Kim out, the problems we are having are 1) moving the assets into location before the attack. 2) Getting our allies on board. It is probably South Korea that is the hold up. 3) Rebuilding our military enough so that Iran, China and Russia will set out the war.

  2. 4. Black Pigeon explains the real template Youtube uses to suppress some people and videos and not others. It does not appear to be the stated ones.

    It is this sort of selective enforcement (e.g., demonetizing reports about child rapes in Europe while (c)rapper XXXTentacion’s music video that shows a Caucasian boy being lynched heads towards one million views) that will provide legal ammunition for a class action suit against YouTube and Google.

    The American public cannot tolerate (or survive) this overt promotion of racism and political censorship. Sadly, the cost of launching an alternative video platform like YouTube would be astronomical.

    • I don’t know if that is an unintended consequence of the planned inflation of Keynesian economics or one of the intended goals. Not that it matters the intended inflation has raised the cost of starting new businesses, especially tech industries has increased to the point where the established tech industries know that it is all but impossible to an effective competitor to threaten their businees.

  3. Mike Pompeo: North Korea Likely to Sell Nuclear Technology to Other States

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo told Fox News on Monday, Sept. 11, that it would be “fair to say” that North Korea would share advancements in its nuclear weapon capabilities with other states.

    “As North Korea continues to improve its ability to do longer range missiles, and to put nuclear weapons on those missiles, it is very unlikely that, if they get that capability, that they wouldn’t share it with lots of folk,” he said.

    Iran, which has been designated a state sponsor of terrorism since 1984 for harboring and aiding terrorist groups, would likely be in line to buy that technology, he said.

    On Thursday, North Korea was reported to have fired a missile over Japan that landed about 1,240 miles off the coast of the island of Hokkaido near Cape Erimo. This is the second such launch over Japan, a U.S. ally, and follows closely on the heels of a Sept. 3 nuclear test that produced a magnitude-6.3 earthquake near the border with China.

    When asked if China, North Korea’s largest ally and trading partner, was doing more to rein in its reclusive communist neighbor, he said it was “but we know there’s still more that they could do.”

    Of all the threats facing the United States right now, what keeps Pompeo up at night, he said, are the threats from North Korea.

    “We have a place that is now on the cusp of having the capacity we’d hope they’d never have with a leader who makes decisions, at the very least, in a very, very tight circle, in which we have limited access,” he said.

    He said they think they know what North Korea’s capabilities are, but what leader Kim Jong Un’s intent is in building up his nuclear arsenal is a harder code to crack.

    “The intent has just proven an incredibly difficult intelligence problem,” he said. “We think Kim Jong Un wants these weapons for protecting his regime and then, ultimately, the reunification of the peninsula. But there’s still a lot that the intelligence community needs to learn.”
    [Hat Tip: GoV]

    This is one of the largest concerns of all. A rogue state like North Korea has everything to gain from proliferating nuclear weapons and missile technology. By further dispersing this military technology, it destabilizes the West and places an ever greater strain on its economies.

    Almost as bad is the potential for North Korea to blackmail the south when it comes to “reunification of the peninsula”. This would be a catastrophic outcome and lead to near-genocide of political and ideological foes in the south.

    Perhaps this second point is the one that will motivate Seoul to finally get off of the pot. Sadly, for South Korea, it is a Hobson’s choice. Risk millions of deaths in a conventional offensive or do nothing and permit the extinction of an entire nation. There is no guaranteed win.

    However, there are totally assured losses, if not a total loss in the future, should Pyongyang be given free rein in this situation.

    I will close by restating that one of the only “happy” (i.e., low-risk) endings here is using economic blackmail against Communist China that forces them to squash Psycho Fat Boy. While that would not conclude in a beneficial reunion of the peninsula, it would eliminate the deaths of American and South Korean troops. It would also foist the cost of such a campaign directly onto Red China’s back where it most certainly belongs.

    • Maybe the whole NK thing is China wanted to create a limited war to make an excuse for monetary regime change.

      One context in which this makes particular sense is if Beijing knows that it is on the verge of economic collapse and wants to financially cripple the USA with respect to making America spend billions more on an East Asian conflict.

      Once Red China fails, the house of BRICs comes tumbling down. So, time may be short.

        • We can live without China. China cannot live without the USA.

          Their whole house of cards will collapse in months or, even, weeks.

            • May it come to pass speedily, in our days ….amen”

              Thank you for your worthy prayers, yucki. May this year’s (soon-to-arrive) High Holy Days see you inscribed with wellness and good fortune for the seasons to come.

              • Thank-you, Norse!
                And back at ya!

                Fasting will be a lot easier than staying offline. Fellow worshippers might go into withdrawal. There’ll probably be long lines for the restrooms – those needing a quick hit of iPhone.

                Ah, well. Builds character, I suppose.

          • Very true, China is on the verge of economic collapse and it is highly unlikely that anything can be done to prevent this collapse. Do they (and Russia) want to further cripple the US before or during the collapse? YES. Will a limited war in Korea be enough? NO.

            A limited war in Korea stands a good chance of triggering the collapse (it is coming anyway so they may have decided to gamble with a war triggering the collapse) and forcing us to spend Billions in the war will hurt us. But as you say we can live without China, and we can and will survive spending the money to eliminate North Korea. China on the other hand probably won’t survive the collapse no matter what we or they do. I have been thinking on the lines of China wanting us tied down in Korea giving them a chance to invade some place like Taiwan or Singapore to loot the treasure hoping to get enough to let their government survive the war.

            This is the point that everyone must consider, will the current government of China survive?They have seen what happened to the Soviet Union and probably have plans for the Chinese Communist Party to survive the war while maintaining control of the nation. This is going to be very tricky for them to pull off but their situation is desperate and they are probably willing to take big chances to maintain their control of China.

            OT: Internet Provider having some kind of trouble service was off for about 6 hours yesterday and about 2 and a half today. Hope I am not knocked off line tomorrow.

  4. A limited war in Korea stands a good chance of triggering the collapse (it is coming anyway so they may have decided to gamble with a war triggering the collapse) and forcing us to spend Billions in the war will hurt us. But as you say we can live without China, and we can and will survive spending the money to eliminate North Korea.

    Thank you, Richard.

    Yes, America might just barely survive—if only thanks to the Fed’s well-oiled printing presses and their capacity for counterfeiting printing up sufficient amounts of fiat currency necessary to kick our own financial can down the road (to eventual economic hell).

    China on the other hand probably won’t survive the collapse no matter what we or they do.

    If their Centrally Planned Economy doesn’t get them, there’s a host of other Sino-made disasters awaiting these Commie rat bastards. It is truly sad that the Chinese people must be dragged down this road to hell. For instance:

    Corruption: Endemic graft and bribery has shredded the Middle Kingdom’s ability to withstand any possible transition over to a truly legitimate Capitalist Free Market system with even the slightest semblance of smoothness. However much the Mainland has pretended to embrace decontrolled, “Free Enterprise”, it is a ruse and sham of yuge proportions.

    Infrastructure Catastrophes: The aforementioned corruption simultaneously drives foundational collapse by eroding any reliability of even the most critical large-scale projects. Please see the 2012 article: China’s bridges and dams crumble under corruption.

    Currency Manipulation: Much like with America, the single-most crucial Chinese demographic (i.e., their Middle Class), is being hurt the very worst by Beijing’s clumsy, command economy methods. I would wager that just enough of the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army’s) officer corps are within that same income bracket to where, given enough downward economic pressure, these semi-influential echelons might sow their own seeds of discontent amongst the ranks. See: Chinese Currency Manipulation Puts Stranglehold on Middle Class.

    Water Poverty: As in 90% of their ground water is non-potable. The speed with which they are draining their deep-aquifers only exacerbates the urgency of this looming calamity. Desertification and dozens of square miles of failing croplands (EVERY YEAR) merely tie a big red ribbon on this glistening, steaming mess.

    Population Imbalance: It’s not just their gender-gap (the world’s absolute WORST, even more lopsided than India’s hideous disparity), but also an age issue—resulting from the One-Family-One-Child policy—which ensures that the Chinese people will get old long before they ever get rich. Far more damaging (if that’s even imaginable) is the ripple effect of how spawning generations of only-children has merely served to saturate Red China with a BILLION children whose relatively invariant personality type utterly cripples any hopes of bringing forth a new generation of innovative, creative or inspired (much less independent) thinkers. They can kiss off any hope of weaning themselves away from institutionalized intellectual property theft, routine patent violations, and incessant copyright infringement that enrages the global community while prolonging the very WORST sort of copycat, economic addiction. All of which paints a grim picture of this world’s largest population ending their half-century-long crime wave.

    The World’s Largest Medically-Caused AIDS Epidemic: Look up the term, “Blood Heads”. As in, Henan province is home to an HIV/AIDS epidemic of staggering proportions. In a country where high-quality condoms cost a week’s wages and only 20% of the population even comprehends what “safe sex” actually means, the rapid migration of these infected peasants into major urban centers presages a plague of unprecedented proportions.

    Need I go on?

    I have been thinking on the lines of China wanting us tied down in Korea giving them a chance to invade some place like Taiwan or Singapore to loot the treasure hoping to get enough to let their government survive the war.

    As I have mentioned before, Taiwan already has informed Bejing that one PLA boot on their turf will see a swarm of cruise missiles launched into the face of Three Gorges’ Dam. Some 70 million people—plus some of Red China’s finest arable land—will be sluiced away like the Sierra foothills during California’s gold rush.

    Yes, you are right that Beijing’s Mandarins cream themselves in bed at night drooling over the prospect of expropriating TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation)—with more daily wafer starts than Intel, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Micron combined—but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. After all, how well will all of those Class A10 clean rooms function after a couple of nuclear strikes?

    Communist China is thoroughly screwed, blued, and tattooed. All that America requires is a leader who is sufficiently distanced from the Transnational money-changers to where truly independent decisions might be taken (in our fecking dreams!!!). As in, one who is willing to read Beijing the Riot Act, and MEAN it!.

    Any failure to do so (an onus that Trump in no way deserves) will see the USA face another asymmetrical threat—atop that of Islam’s barbaric, cretinous predation—which, unanswered, will threaten to topple America’s once-productive global hegemony.

    Worst of all is how so many disloyal, domestic multinational US corporations already have tainted our country’s once (relatively) decent reputation. Repairing all of this decades-long damage is something I would not wish upon anyone—least of all Hillary, who (as we well enough know) would make a dog’s breakfast out of this entire situation before the devil could even get his shoes on.

    • Where there is Marxist of any variety there is massive corruption,the left in their quest to achieve total control over the world h as created the distopia they scream is coming. We use to have Corporate leaders who were patriots and who capable of thinking beyond the next quarterly earnings report. Now we have (for the most part) we have J.R. Ewing clones. No matter what we do the left has changed the world (for the worse) and we are stuck with trying to clean up the mess.

      The Economic collapse is coming no matter what happens, just as WWIII is going to go kinetic no matter what we do. Yes the US will survive and if we have the right President when it happens with luck will manage to get (at least partially) our economic house in order. The tax reform that Donald Trump wants is a good first step (if it is permanent) and if we can get the gift and inheritance taxes repealed. Our current tax code was created (to a large extent) by the left to destroy the middle class and make more people dependent on the government. Last night on FOX there was talk about the next push that the left is going to make. They are pushing for every person in the US getting a guaranteed annual income somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000, they have been pushing for this goal ever since they started the minimum wage. As the minimum wage increases more and more of the working class will end up being replaced by automation and with the current advances in computers this will include many office workers probably including some accountants.

      Given the lefts record on divisive politics as soon as the guaranteed income is approved they will start pushing for it to change to a multi level system based on your training. This will probably result in a very class ridden society with very limited advancement from one class to another.

      See my post on the 9/18/17 readers posts by the woman talking about the projected advancements in cyber tech.

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