Polish monument was damaged in Vienna. The [special] services are expecting something more serious.

*Important update at bottom*

Original translation by Ava Lon with many thanks!

From this Polish language news site:

Anna Kozi?ska,
Grzegorz ?akomski

A lot of police, a helicopter circling above – that’s how Kahlenberg hill in Vienna looks right now – reports Grzegorz ?akomski, Wirtualna Polska. At night, before the celebrations of the 334th anniversary of the Vienna siege at Kahlenberg, two monuments were damaged. Now the police services are waiting in place for the participants of two demonstrations. They fear that there will be an escalation of hatred.

Judge of the State Tribunal and former Speaker of the Sejm [Polish Parliament] Józef Zych was invited to the celebration of the 334th anniversary of the Vienna succor in Kahlenberg. – It’s terrible what happened – in these words he referred to the destruction of two monuments in Vienna in a conversation with reporter WP [Wirtualna Polska] Grzegorz ?akomski.

The monument of Jan [John] III Sobieski was damaged. It was painted black, and it “shitty” was written on it. Another monument, Ukrainian, has also been profaned. The perpetrators are unknown. Exactly in this spot rallies of two radical groups were planned for today.

It’ll get worse?

In the evening, at 6 pm, there are two demonstrations on the Kahlenberg Hill – leftists and neo-Nazis.

Reason? The issue of welcoming refugees. The ones are for it, others are against it. Both rallies were authorized – first one for 700 people, the second for 200.

The police secured the area, set the barriers and is keeping guard. The Church of St. Joseph is also being protected.

A large number of officers are going to be deployed. They are prepared for fights.

It is critical to understand a couple of things to get the importance of this issue.

Jan III Sobieski was a Polish king, who rode in with an army to save the people of Austria from a Muslim army that had laid siege to the city for many years, and were on the verge of taking Vienna, and then the rest of that entire area of Europe unobstructed after that.

This was on September 11, 1683. The first 911.

It is also the reason for the name of one of the top couple of counter-jihad sites on the internet, Gates of Vienna. Which should be viewed every day.

The destruction of the monument for King Jan is no small thing. It is far more important in terms of its symbolism even than the despicable destruction of historical monuments in the USA by similar groups, as desecration of Jan’s monument is a direct insult to the very existence of Austria, and non-Muslim cultures.

This may be a good time to point out that when President Donald Trump visited Poland recently, it is said that his first official photo to be released from the trip was the following:

The portrait of course, is Jan Sobieski.

The photo above is of sufficient quality that a coffee cup or T shirt can be printed with it.

Please do so, if so inclined.


After some discussion and research by some of our German translators, it appears that the group referred to as “Neo-Nazis” in this article, are in fact Generation-Identitaire, a classical liberal group mostly in France, but now also in Germany and Austria and Italy as well I believe. They are activists, and they do mostly students to illustrate their points involving attempting to stop ships involved in illegal people smuggling, putting banners on roofs and monuments, and NEVER destruction or violence. Their message is a classically liberal one, and they feel that Europeans have the same right to Europe as Africans do, to Africa.

The other group of course, is ANTIFA. ANTIFA is clearly winning the information battlespace if they can get MSM sources to refer to Generation Identitaire as “Neo-Nazis”.

Yesterday, GI announced they were going to the monument tomorrow to de a demo against the Islamification of Europe. Today the monument was vandalized. The math is easy.

More here in German:

And here:

Thank you Egri for the updates as well as sourcing the photos of the factually Nazi group, ANTIFA, blocking the road for a march of Gen Ident to commemorate the battle of Vienna.

More photos here, and Here

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  1. Dare I say, Sobieskiphobia?

    When properly contrasted, Poland’s previous triumph against Islam versus its modern day refusal to accept a modern Muslim vanguard represents an irony thick enough to spread on toast.

    Clearly, the EU has no such capacity to appreciate this sort of self-induced absurdity.

    Pauvre petite.

    • Once again Poland is leading the defense of the West against the Eastern Barbarians, with luck and hard fighting this war will end with another victory for the west.

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