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    • Mauritania’s ‘total failure’ on slavery

      There is little irony to be found in the fact that Islamic Mauritania was the last country on earth to abolish slavery. After all, Muslim Arabs were the absolute most notorious slavers in (what is probably) all of human history.

      None of which prevents modern-day American Blacks from continuing to lambaste all Whites over colonial-era slavery even as they both ignore (and regularly convert to) Islam, the most egregious slaver of them all.

      Some quick examples: West African Blacks who transited the Atlantic “Middle Passage” to the Americas experienced a 15% mortality rate.

      Those same tribes of West African Blacks who were force-marched across the Sahara to the Arabian Peninsula had a 15% SURVIVAL RATE.

      Awaiting these less fortunate souls was sexual slavery for the women and, not just castration but complete genital amputation for the boys and men. Survival rate estimates range from 40% to a mere 10%.

      Please notice how—unlike America, with its slave-related, descendant population—the Arabian nations have an absolutely ZERO Black underclass. There’s a reason for this.
      See: The last country to abolish slavery is jailing its anti-slavery activists

      From the link: Thirteen anti-slavery campaigners were sentenced for up to 15 years in prison in Mauritania last week, for their role in a protest aimed at denouncing the practice of slavery in the country. The government tribunal found members of the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) guilty of various counts, including attacks against the government, armed assembly and membership of an unrecognized organization.

      Mauritania is the world’s last country to abolish slavery, and the country didn’t make slavery a crime until 2007. The practice reportedly affects up to 20% of the country’s 3.5 million population (pdf, p. 258), most of them from the Haratin ethnic group.

      For centuries, the black Haratins have been caught in a cycle of servitude enforced by the white Moors, who are lighter-skinned descendants of Arab Berbers. Some members of the Haratin group are sometimes born into slavery, and their masters are able to sell them or buy them as gifts. They mostly have no rights, receive little education or pay, and may not inherit property or give testimony in court. There’s also been reports of government collusion with Arab Berbers into intimidating slaves who break free from their masters.

      Organizations like the IRA say the anti-slavery laws are not enough, and have consistently labeled Mauritania as slavery’s last stronghold. The Mauritanian government has consistently refused to register the organization as a non-governmental entity, according to Freedom House.
      What more needs to be said? Almost universally, Islamic countries were among the very last to abolish and outlaw (there is a difference!) slavery. Go figure.

  1. According to a Shin Bet statement, last month’s terror attack on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that killed two Israeli Druze police officers was directly aided by a mosque official tied to the banned “Islamic Movement” — the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Israel.

    Security measures imposed by Israel after the attack sparked weeks of riots and protests, and a Jewish family preparing their Sabbath meal was murdered in their West Bank home.

  2. “Barriers and police and army vehicles have been placed around St. Peter’s Basilica to make it harder for a vehicle to gather speed in an attack such as the one last week in Barcelona, which killed 13 people.”

    What? This is unconscionable and Islamophobic! Pope Francis has declared: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” And that the rights of Muslim migrants override national security concerns. And that every foreigner who knocks on our door is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ,

    • Barriers and police and army vehicles have been placed around St. Peter’s Basilica…

      Yet, Dope Pope Francis insists that “immigrants” are a welcome addition and part of “vibrant”, “enriching” aspects of modern culture. Even as this hypocritical sono-fabitch strengthens Vatican barricades instead of leaving open all doors to Europe’s Catholic churches (including those of the Holy City) as a gesture of authentic trust with respect to these clamoring hordes of criminal, terrorist, rapists.

      Dope Pope Francis deserves a starring role in one of Europe’s soon-to-arrive “necktie parties”.

      Whatever sort of disagreements (or deep admiration) I may have for the Catholic Church can possibly alter my detestation of its current leader. This acquiescing scumbag deserves to be locked up in a well-appointed hotel room with a few dozen of his beloved “immigrants”.

      It can only hoped that one of his cherished “unfortunates” lifts that bastard’s skirt and provides him with a thorough preview of what awaits all European women.

      Sidebar: There is no way to fully explain the profoundly inspiring theological discussions I enjoyed with a Jusuit Father that I met in my global travels.

      None of which can possibly redeem how the Holy See is abandoning its sacred flock to the most barbaric and cruel predators of all time. May Dope Pope Francis rot in everlasting hell.

  3. ‘100 MPs could be killed in potential Westminster terror attack’ – Met police (RT, Aug 27, 2017)

    “London Metropolitan Police could soon introduce extra security measures at the Palace of Westminster after a night-time terror attack simulation revealed serious flaws in the protection of the UK’s parliament building.

    The mock terror attack, conducted last month while the country’s MPs were in recess, saw costumed police use a boat to cross the Thames and access the building via a terrace. They then worked their way through the corridors and into the Commons chamber. The operation took around five minutes to complete.

    Police sources told the Sunday Telegraph that a similar real-life event would end with the slaughter of more than 100 MPs.

    A security review has suggested placing armed guards at the Thames entrances as well as installing a physical barrier in the river to stop boats coming near the building.

    A spokeswoman for the Houses of Parliament said: “While we cannot comment on the specifics of our security, we work closely with the police, security services and others to ensure that our security measures are effective and meet whatever level of security risk Parliament faces.

    “These measures are always, and will continue to be, under constant review.”…”

  4. Every fifth European doesn’t want a Muslim neighbor – survey (RT, Aug 27, 2017)

    “Around a fifth of European citizens do not want to live next door to adherents of the Islamic faith, a fresh survey has revealed.

    The research, which was carried out by Germany’s Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation as part of the Religious Monitor 2017 project, saw 10,000 people interviewed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the UK, which between them are home to some 14 million Muslims.

    “20 percent of citizens questioned say they do not want to have Muslims as neighbors,” Bertelsmann Stiftung said.

    According to the survey, the level of concern over Islam is the highest in Austria (28 percent) and lowest in France (14 percent).

    According to Muslimpress, the same survey revealed that around 31 percent of people in the five countries didn’t want to live near refugees in general, regardless of their religion.

    Bertelsmann Stiftung also addressed discrimination against Muslims in the European labor market in its paper.

    “Everywhere, except in the UK” highly religious Muslims have more difficulty finding a job in accordance with their qualification than less devoted Islam followers, according to the foundation’s findings.

    Muslims were also being paid less, especially in Germany, as they usually occupy low-wage positions, it added.

    “So far, no country in western Europe has found a convincing strategy that addresses both equal opportunity as well as respect for religious diversity,” Yasemin El-Menouar, Islam expert at Bertelsmann Stiftung, said.

    At the same time, other data gathered by Religious Monitor 2017 suggested that Muslims are well-integrated into mainstream society in Europe…”

    • Having lived in Europe, and being familiar with the ‘long memories’ of past political/military entanglements, I find this statistic unbelievably low.

      Hey, I would be surprised if, outside of Germany/France (who had never faced Islamic invasion directly in their past), 20% of the populace were OK with having Muslim neighbours…

      • Corrrection: by ‘in the past’ I should have stated in the last 500 years.

        Because even long memories do have a limit…

  5. “LIVE COVERAGE: DEADLY HOUSTON FLOODS – People Trapped, Rescues Ongoing” – August 27, 2017
    Right Side Broadcasting – Started streaming 10 hours ago

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