Geopolitics and leftism: Links 1, Aug. 25, 2017

1. Canada continues its battle against Israeli made products. In this case, wine.

(Hey it turns out the vast majority of antisemitism comes from Islam and the left! Who knew!)

2. Iran’s new army chief says Israel won’t exist in 25 Years

(If memory serves, I’m pretty sure the old army chief said the same thing a few years ago. I am certain I have heard this claim from Iranian leadership regularly over the past 5 years)

3. Highly customized, US flag with a Trump image, burned by Pakistanis who are offended by one thing or another.

(Muslims have a real thing about shoes. They are much more demeaning in Islam than to anyone else.)

4. 1 pig Vs. a dozen Muslims in Germany:

Schwein besucht Muslime auf einer Wiese from on Vimeo.

5. Police chief suggests non-English speaking victims of crime will be given priority with white middle class men at the bottom of the list

(Now that equality before the law is gone, the next phase will be to make sure we never knew it existed)

A senior police officer at the Metropolitan Police has said victims of crime who don’t speak English could be prioritised more during call outs.

Craig Mackey, deputy commissioner for the force, said the Met could decide who receives a face to face visit from the police depending how ‘vulnerable’ they are.

He added the method was an ‘absolutely feasible’ way to help the force cope following cuts to funding.

6. Remember, he is talking about Djinn. Not gin. Gin possesses people for similar reasons though.

7. Venezuela: Snowball flees from Napoleon.

It’s an old story: leftist regimes eat their own. From the Soviet Union and China to North Korea and Cuba. And now this rogues gallery has a new member: Venezuela. There amid violent street protests and severe food shortages, the eat-their-own phenomena recently claimed a high-profile figure – Venezuela’s embattled attorney general Luisa Ortega Díaz. She was an outspoken critic of President Nicolás Maduro – a dangerous position to take in socialist Venezuela. Its jails hold more than 100 political prisoners.

Last week, fearing she was about to be arrested after being sacked, Ortega fled for her life to neighboring Bogotá, Colombia, along with her husband Germán Ferrer – a former Marxist guerrilla and lawmaker in Venezuela’s ruling leftist party. He faced extortion charges. The revolutionary power couple took a boat to Aruba – then flew on a private jet to Colombia where they were offered political asylum. But four days later, for unknown reasons, they took a commercial flight to Brazil where Ortega will no doubt be interviewed by law-enforcement authorities. 

8. 6.5 MILLION views so far on video showing how ANTIFA and the Islamic State are functionally identical.

(Video at link above)

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Miss Piggy, Richard, and lots of new people for comments and ideas and a lot of important links.

There will be at least one more news-links post and hopefully so more videos today, but please do check the Reader’s Links post comments. They continue to be a source of eye-wash.


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5 Replies to “Geopolitics and leftism: Links 1, Aug. 25, 2017”

  1. 1/ Kapo traitors are the most dangerous enemies. They manufacture the most potent lies to incite hatred. Those waiving the Holocaust shroud, sly devils, I’d like to check their stories out: Complete fiction or legacy kapo?

    They’re the ever-available show-Jews the twisted ragheads of Iran trot out as witnesses, the “Jews for the John Birch Society”, the Israelis who work for Berlin-based NGOs funded by the EU devoted to delegitimizing the Jewish State.

    My neice writes for Electric Intifada and such. I only met her a couple of times – what went wrong? – it’s like a knife twisting in my gut.


  2. #1 Canada itself has border disputes, but food label legislation focuses on conflict around Israel.
    Disingenuous terms: controversial (as in, we can’t use history, the Bible, or archaeology to define land that has a history of Jewish use)
    Peace Now is an Israeli organization (with an American partner lobbying in the millions)

  3. Remember, he is talking about Djinn. Not gin.

    Ham it all to dell! And here I was, in the mood for a double-olive Martini!

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